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Angeloni, Battista (Pseudonym)
Author of the Four letters to the people of England
Author of The marriage act a novel
Four letters to the people of England, Author of
John Shebbeare
John Shebbeare (British satirist)
Shabbear, ..
Shabbear, John
Shebbeare, J.
Shebbeare, John
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Angeloni, Batista (pseud. van John Shebbeare, 1709-1788.)
Angeloni, Batista (see also from)
Bew, John (17..-1793)
Bibliothèque nationale du Québec
Compagnie, de (Rotterdam)
Genet, Edme Jacques (m. 1781)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Le Blanc, Jean Bernard (1707-1781)
Le Geyt, Philippe (1635-1716))
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Shebbeare, John (1709-1788))
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Answer to a pamphlet call'd, the Conduct of the ministry impartially examined, An : in which it is proved that neither imbecillity nor ignorance in the m--r have been the causes of the present unhappy situation of this nation
Answer to a pamphlet, called, A second letter to the people in which the subsidiary system is fairly stated, and amply considered., An
answer to the printed speech of Edmund Burke, Esq; spoken in the House of Commons, April 19, 1774. In which his knowledge in polity, legislature, humankind, ... is candidly examined; ... Addressed to the people, An
answer to the queries, contained in a letter to Dr. Shebbeare, printed in the Public Ledger, August 10. Together with animadversions on two speeches in defence of the printers of a paper, subscribed a South Briton. The first pronounced by the Right Hon. Thomas Townshend, ... The second by the Right Learned Counsellor Lee, ... By J. Shebbeare, ..., An
appendix to The occasional critic in which the remarks on that performance in the critical and monthly Reviews are examined., An
authentic narrative of the oppressions of the islanders of Jersey. To which is prefixed a succinct history of the military actions, constitution, laws, customs, and commerce of that island., An
candid enquiry into the merits of Doctor Cadogan's Dissertation on the gout In which the cause of the disease - the method of cure - ... are fully considered, and fairly exposed to view. With an appendix, in which is contained a certain cure for the gout, &c., A
defence of the prerogative royal as it was exerted in His Majesty's proclamation for the prohibiting the exportation of corn, A : in which it is proved that this authority ever has been, is, and must be essential to the constitution, and inseperable from the rights and liberties of the subject.
essay on the origin, progress and establishment of national society; in which the principles of government, the definitions of psysical, moral, civil, and religious liberty, contained in Dr. Price's observations, &c. are fairly examined and fully refuted : together with a justification of the legislature, in reducing America to obedience by force. To which is added an appendix on the excellent and admirable in Mr. Burke's second printed speech of the 22d of march, 1775... By J. Shebbeare, M. D.
Farther animadversions on the conduct of a late noble commander at the battle of Thonhausen : in reply to a pamphlet intitled An answer to a letter to a late noble commander, &c., to which is annexed an answer to a pamphlet intitled Colonel Fitzroy's letter considered so far as it relates to the author of the letters, &c.
fifth letter, by the author of Four former letters to the people of England, A : In which some new lights are thrown on particular affairs; and contains an answer to a court pamphlet, intitled, The conduct of the ministry impartially examined. Also, a letter, shewing the reasons of the misconduct and miscarriages of the Navy.
history of the excellence and decline of the constitution, religion, laws, manners and genius, of the Sumatrans And of the restoration thereof in the reign of Amurath the Third., The
Letter 8
letter to His Grace the D--- of N----e, on the duty he owes himself, his king, his country, and his God, at this important moment., A
Letter to the people of England, on the present situation
Letters on the English nation. Selections
Letters which have passed between John Beard, Esq; manager of the Covent-Garden Theatre, and John Shebbeare, M.D
Lydia, of belaegde en beledigde maer standvaste en zegepralende deugd.
Lydia, or filial piety. -
marriage act A novel. In which the ruin of female honour, the contempt of the clergy, the destruction of private and public liberty, with other fatal consequences, are considered; in a series of interesting adventures., The
new analysis of the Bristol waters together with the cause of the diabetes and hectic. And their cure, as it results from those waters, experimentally consider'd. ... By John Shebbeare., A
occasional critic or, the decrees of the Scotch tribunal in the Critical Review rejudged. In which the learning, philosophy, science, taste, ... of the gentlemen authors of that work, are placed in a true light., The
Patriote anglois, ou Réflexions sur les Hostilités que la France reproche à l'Angleterre, Et sur la Réponse de nos Ministres au dernier Mémoire de Sa M. T.C., Le
peuple instruit ou Les alliances dans lesquelles les ministres de la Grande-Bretagne ont engagé la nation, & l'emploi qu'ils ont fait de ses escadres & de ses armées depuis le commencement des troubles sur l'Ohio, jusqu'à la perte de Minorque, considérés dans une quatriéme lettre au peuple d'Angleterre, Le
pole-cat or, Charles Jennings, the renegado school-master, of Parson's Green, detected. In a letter to Thomas S----n, Esq., The
Ursachen des unglücklichen Erfolges des gegenwärtigen Krieges mit Fra*. -, Die