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Moore, I. D.
Moore, Ian D.
Moore, J. D
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Australia. Department of the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories
Bell, M. B.
Beven, Keith
Beven, Keith J.
Gagnon, H. P.
Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
National Cooperative Highway Research Program
National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board
United States. Federal Highway Administration
Water Research Foundation of Australia
Analysis of tunnels in shaly rock considering three-dimensional stress effects on swelling
Analytical Theory for Buried Tube Postbuckling
Axial Response of Tapered Piles in Cohesive Frictional Ground
Behaviour of elevated concrete silos filled with saturated solids
Biaxial Testing to Investigate Soil-Pipe Interaction of Buried Fiber-Reinforced Cement Pipe
Buckling strength of flexible cylinders with nonuniform elastic support
Design and Implementation of Repairs to Corrugated Steel Plate Culverts
design of a laboratory facility for evaluating the structural response of small-diameter buried pipes, The
Drilling Fluid Considerations in Design of Engineered Horizontal Directional Drilling Installations
East-west solar scans at 10-cm wavelength taken at the Algonquin Radio Observatory, January 1974 to December 1979
Effects of drainage projects on surface runoff from small depressional watersheds in the north central region, 1979:
Elastic Buckling of Buried Flexible Tubes\=A Review of Theory and Experiment
Elastic buckling strength of buried flexible culverts
Elastic stability of buried elliptical tubes.
Elastic stability of shallow buried tubes.
Evaluation of Local Bending in Profile-Wall Polyethylene Pipes
Evaluation of Simplified Design Methods for Buried Thermoplastic Pipe
Experimental investigation of pull loads and borehole pressures during horizontal directional drilling installations
Finite element analysis of viscoelastic solids responding to periodic disturbances.
Geomembrane strain observed in large-scale testing of protection layers
Ground failure around buried tubes
Hydrological processes
Hysteresis Sliding Friction of Rubber\=Finite Element Analysis
Influence of rib stiffeners on the buckling strength of elastically supported tubes.
Installed Geometry of Cast-in-Place Polymer Sewer Liners
Investigation and Assessment of Long-Span Corrugated Steel Plate Culverts
Laboratory Investigation of Local Bending in Profiled Thermoplastic Pipes
Local strain in corrugated pipe: Experimental measurements to test a numerical model
Local strain on a leachate collection pipe
Long-term monitoring of SIDD Type IV installations
Material Characterization of Components and Assembled Behavior of a Composite Liner for Rehabilitation of Cast Iron Pressure Pipes
Modelling the fate of chemicals in the environment
New techniques for modelling reservoir-dam and foundation-dam interaction
Nonlinear mechanical response of high density polyethylene. Part I: experimental investigation and model evaluation
Nonlinear Predictions for HDPE Pipe Response Under Parallel Plate Loading
numerical investigation into the behavior of ground-supported concrete silos filled with saturated solids, A
Numerical modeling of tight fitting flexible liner in damaged sewer under earth loads
Parametric Study for Buckling of Liners: Effect of Liner Geometry and Imperfections
performance of a laboratory facility for evaluating the structural response of small-diameter buried pipes., The
Response of a polyvinyl chloride water pipe when transverse to an underlying pipe replaced by pipe bursting
Response of Buried Cylinders to Surface Loads
Response to overburden pressure of an HDPE pipe pulled in place by pipe bursting
Simplified theory for the behaviour of buried flexible cylinders under the influence of uniform hoop compression.
Spurious bifurcation modes for cohesive solids under uniform stress.
Stability of loosely fitted liners used to rehabilitate rigid pipes
Static response of deeply buried elliptical tubes
Substructuring technique in nonlinear analysis of brick masonry subjected to concentrated load.
Terrain analysis and distributed modelling in hydrology, c1992:
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Flexible Circular Culverts
Three-dimensional dynamic response of lined tunnels due to incident seismic waves
Three-dimensional elastic finite element study of the skid resistance of grooved pavement.
Three-dimensional ground displacements from static pipe bursting in stiff clay
Three-Dimensional Response of Buried Pipes under Circular Surface Loading
Three-dimensional response of elastic tubes.
Transient response of reservoir-dam-soil systems to earthquakes
Two dimensional transient fundamental solution due to suddenly applied load in a half-space
Two-level iterative FEM technique for rigorous solution of non-linear interaction problems under large deformations
Updated test and design methods for thermoplastic drainage pipe
Use of Cavity Expansion Theory to Predict Ground Displacement during Pipe Bursting
Use of Continuum Buckling Theory for Evaluation of Buried Plastic Pipe Stability
Vibration of thick elastic and viscoelastic tubes. I: harmonic response
Vibration of thick elastic and viscoelastic tubes. II: response to patch loading
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