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Crawford, John
Crawfurd, John
John Crawfurd (British historian)
John Crawfurd (Brits taalkundige (1783-1868))
John Crawfurd (politico e diplomatico scozzese)
John Crawfurd (schottischer Orientalist und Ethnologe)
Кроуфорд, Джон
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Language material
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Berland, H. (co-author)
Clift, -----
Colburn, Henry (éditeur; co-author)
Commercial Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Gordon, Peter
Hǭphrasamut Wachirayān
Hubbard, A.H. (Batavia)
Jackson (lieutenant; co-author)
Jobard (co-author)
Loosjes Pz, Adriaan (wed., Haarlem)
Lynn, Thomas
Lynn, Thomas (co-author)
Marchal, François Joseph Ferdinand (1780-1858)
Marre, Aristide (co-author)
Murray, Hugh (1779-1846)
Nata Kusuma, fl (1816)
Raffles, Thomas Stamford
Raffles, Thomas Stamford (co-author)
Walker, John (junior; co-author)
Wallace, William
Wyatt, David K. (1937-2006)
Wyatt, David K. (co-author)
Wyatt, David Kent (1937-2006)
An Historical and descriptive account of China... by Hugh Murray,... John Crawfurd,... Peter Gordon,... captain Thomas Lynn, William Wallace,... and Gilbert Burnett,... 2d edition
Ansicht von dem gegenwärtigen Zustande und den künftigen Aussichten des f*. -
China and its trade : a paper read ... to the Philosophical and Literary Society of Leeds ... 17th November, 1858.
Chinese monopoly examined
Commercial pamphlets.
Crawfurd papers, a collection of official records relating to the mission of Dr. John Crawfurd sent to Siam by the government of India in the year 1821., The
De l'Arithmétique dans l'Archipel Indien, extrait du grand ouvrage de John Crawfurd intitulé : Histoire de l'Archipel Indien, traduit... par Aristide Marre,...
Description géographique, historique et commerciale de Java et des autres îles de l'archipel indien, par MM. Raffles,... et John Crawfurd,... contenant des détails sur les moeurs, les arts, les langues, les religions et les usages des habitans de cette partie du monde, ouvrage traduit de l'anglais par M. Marchal,... orné de gravures et de cartes...
Description of fossil remains
Descriptive Dictionary of the Indian islands and adjacent countries, by John Crawfurd,..., A
grammar and dictionary of the Malay language, A : with a preliminary dissertation.
Grammar and dictionary of the Malay language, with a preliminary dissertation, by John Crawfurd,..., A
H. Berland. Les Papiers
Historical account of China..., A
historical and descriptive account of China; its ancient and modern history, language, literature, religion, government, industry, manners, and social state; intercourse with Europe from the earliest ages; missions and embassies to the imperial court; British and foreign commerce; directions to navigators; state of mathematics and astronomy; survey of its geography, geology, botany, and zoology., An
History of the Indian Archipelago... by John Crawfurd,...
History of the Indian Archipelago : containing an account of the manners, arts, languages, religions, institutions and commerce of its inhabitants
indische archipel
inquiry into some of the principal monopolies of the East India Company, An
inscription from the Kawi or Ancient Javanese Language, taken from a Stone found in the District of Surabaya on Java, An
Journal of an embassy from the governer-general of India to the Court of Ava, in the year 1827, by John Crawfurd,... with an appendix containing a description of fossil remains, by professor Buckland and Mr. Clift
Journal of an embassy from the governor-general of India to the courts of Siam and Cochin China, exhibiting a view of the actual state of those kingdoms, by John Crawfurd,... 2d edition...
l'arithmétique dans l'archipel indien extrait du grand ouvrage de John Crawfurd, intitulé: "Histoire de l'archipel indien., De
Letters from British settlers in the interior of India, descriptive of their own condition, and that of the native inhabitants under the government of the East India company. With notes.
Map of the Kingdoms of Siam and Cochin China
newspaper stamp and the newspaper postage, The
Notes on the settlement or colonization of British subjects in India with an appendix of proofs and illustrations
On the origin and progress of written language
Plan of Aïe-Haï-Oïe Barbour
Plan of the Town of Singapore by lieut. Jackson
Plan of the Town of Singapour by Lieutt. Jackson. 1000 yards [=Om. 032 ; 1 : 31 700 environ]
plurality of the races of man a discourse, The
Sketch of the town of Bangkok by a Native. Scale of Miles 2 [=Om. 036 ; 1 : 9 000 environ]
Tagebuch der Gesandtschaft an die Höfe von ... Siam und Cochin-China. -
Taxes on knowledge : a financial and historical view of the taxes which impede the education of the people
view of the present state and future prospects of the free trade and colonisation of India., A