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Christoph Schaffrath (compositeur allemand)
Christoph Schaffrath (compositore tedesco)
Christoph Schaffrath (deutscher Komponist, Cembalist und Musiktheoretiker)
Christoph Schaffrath (Duits componist (1709-1763))
Christoph Schaffrath (German composer)
Christoph Schaffrath (tysk komponist)
Christoph Schaffrath (tysk kompositör)
Šafrat, A.
Šafrat, Kristof
Schaffrath, Chr
Schaffrath, Christoforo
Schaffrath, Christoph
Schaffrath, Cristoforo
Schaffrath, Cristoph
Schaffrath, Johann Christoph
Schafrat, Christoph
Schafrath, Christoph
Shafrat, A.
Shafrat, Kristof
Шаффрат, Кристоф
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Related names: 
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Koppenwallner, Angela
Liedtke, Ulrike (1958-)
Mader, Wolfgang
O'Loghlin, Michael
Ruf, Hugo (1925-1999)
Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767))
Thalheim, Armin (1944-)
Zadow, Leonore von
Zahn, Grete
ata in C major [music].
Chamber music. Selections
Concerto in B-Flat for cembalo and strings
Concertos, flute, string orchestra, E minor
Concertos, harpsichord, string orchestra, B♭ major
Concertos, harpsichord, string orchestra, E♭ major
Dovehouse Editions, Canada
Duets, bassoon, harpsichord, F minor
Duets, bassoon, harpsichord, G minor
Duets, cello, continuo, C major
Duets, harpsichords, A minor
Duets, harpsichords, C major
Duets, oboe, harpsichord, B♭ major
Duets, viole da gamba (2), D minor
Duets, violin, harpsichord, B♭ minor
Duets, violin, harpsichord, op. 1. No. 4
Duetto 4 für Altblockflöte u. obligates Cembalo
Duetto für zwei Violen da gamba ...
Duetto g-moll [Enregistrement sonore]
Duetto in D minor for two bass viols
Duetto IV
Duetto Si♭ maggiore : Oboe (Flauto traverso, Violino) & Cembalo obbligato
Duos Basson, clavecin Sol mineur
Duos Claviers (2) La mineur
Duos Fagott Cembalo CSWV F 18 f-Moll
Duos Fagott Cembalo CSWV F 23 g-Moll
Duos, Ob Cemb B-Dur
Duos Vagb 1 2 CSWV F 8
Duos Vagb Bc CSWV F 29
Duos, Vc Hf C-Dur
Duos Violes de gambe Ré mineur
Duos Vl Bc CSWV F 12
Duos Vl Bc CSWV F 14
Duos Vl Bc CSWV F 28
Duos Vl Bc CSWV F 5
Duos Vl Bc CSWV F 7
Duos, Vl Cemb op. 1, 4
German recital for bassoon and harp
Konzert e-Moll für Flöte, 2 Violinen und Basso continuo
Konzert Es-Dur für Cembalo und Streicher
Konzerte, Fl Orch e-Moll
Konzerte Kl Orch CSWV C 41
Konzerte Kl Orch CSWV C 63
Konzerte, Kl Orch Es-Dur
Musique de chambre de Berlin
Ouvertüre A-dur
Ouvertüren A-Dur
Ouvertüren CSWV A 2
Ouvertüren CSWV A 9
Ouvertüren d-Moll
Overtures, string orchestra, A major
Overtures, string orchestra, A minor
Quartets, flute, violin, viola, continuo, no. 1, C major
Quartets, flute, violin, viola, continuo, no. 2, A minor
Quartette Ob 1 2 Vl Bc CSWV D 6
Sei duetti opus 1
Sinfonien CSWV Bm 16
Sinfonien Nr. 13
Solos, cello, continuo, G major
Solos Fl Bc CSWV G 4
Solos, flute, continuo, D major
Solos Vagb Bc CSWV G 5
Sonata D-Dur für Flauto traverso und Basso continuo
Sonata : G-Dur, für Viola da Gamba und Cembalo obbligato
Sonatas, flute, continuo, D major
Sonatas, flute, continuo, G minor
Sonatas, flute, strings, continuo, C major
Sonatas, harpsichord, op. 2
Sonatas, oboe, continuo, D minor
Sonatas, strings, continuo, no. 2, A major
Sonatas, viola da gamba, harpsichord, A major
Sonatas, viola da gamba, harpsichord, G major
Sonaten, Fl 1 2 Bc (1763) Sonate A-Dur
Sonaten, Fl 1 2 Bc (1763) Sonate D-Dur
Sonaten, Fl 1 2 Bc (1763) Sonate d-Moll
Sonaten, Vc Bc G-Dur
Sonates pour viole & autres instruments
String orchestra music. Selections
Symphonies, string orchestra, no. 13, G minor
trésor des pianistes., Le
Trio, C dur, für 3 Violinen, c1939.
Trio F-Dur für Viola, Violoncello und B.c.
Trio sonatas, bassoon, violin, continuo, B♭ major
Trio sonatas, flute, cello, continuo, D major
Trio sonatas, flute, violin, continuo, G major
Trio sonatas, flutes, continuo, B minor
Trio sonatas, flutes, continuo, D minor
Trio sonatas, oboe, violin, continuo, G minor
Trio sonatas, viola, cello, continuo, F major
Trios Fl 1 2 Bc CSWV Em 27
Trios Fl Vl Bc CSWV E 15
Trios Va Vc Bc CSWV E 12
VI sonates pour le clavessin : oeuvre II
Zwei Duette C-Dur, a-Moll ; für zwei Cembali