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Flower, W... H..
Flower, William H.
Flower, William Henry
Flower, William Henry (Sir)
Gualterius Henricus Flower
William Henry Flower (Brits militair arts (1831-1899))
William Henry Flower (englischer Arzt und Zoologe)
William Henry Flower (English comparative anatomist and surgeon)
William Henry Flower (zoologo e chirurgo britannico)
Флауэр, Уильям Генри
ויליאם הנרי פלואר
ویلیام هنری فلاور
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Bowdler Sharpe, Richard (1847-1909))
British Museum (London) Natural History Affiliation (see also from)
Dejerine, Jules (1849-1917)
Duprat, A. du Brésil
Eschricht, Daniel Frederik
Eschricht, Daniel Friedrich (1798-1863)
Gadow, Hans
Garson, John George
Lilljeborg, Wilhelm
Lydekker, Richard
Reinhardt, J. (1816-1882)
Reinhardt, Johannes (1816-1882)
Reinhardt, Johannes Theodor
Sharpe, Richard Bowdler (1847-1909)
Spencer, Herbert (1820-1903)
Address delivered at the anniversary meeting of the Anthropological institute of Great Britain and Ireland
Atlas schématique du système nerveux origines, ramifications, anastomoses des nerfs, leur distribution dans les muscles et la peau
Catalogue of the Plataleæ, Herodiones, Steganopodes, Pygopodes, Alcæ, and Impennes in the collection of the British Museum
Creatures of other days
Description of the skeleton of Inia geoffrensis and of the skull of Pontoporia blainvillii, with remarks on the systematic position of these animals in the order Cetacea
Description of the skeleton of the chinese white dolphin (Delphinus sinenesis, Osbeck)
Description of Two Skeletons of Akkas, a pygmy race from central Africa
Diagrams of the nerves of the human body; exhibiting their origin, divisions and connections, with their distribution to the various regions of the cutaneous surface and to all the muscles
Einleitung in die Osteologie der Säugethiere
Essays on museums and other subjects connected with natural history, by sir William Henry Flower,...
Fashion in deformity, as illustrated in the customs of barbarous and civilised races.
General guide to the British Museum (natural history), Cromwell road. London [by W. H. Flower]
horse; a study in natural history, The
Illustrations of th mode of preserving the dead in Darnley Island and in South Australia
Introduction to the osteology of the mammalia being the substance of the course of lectures delivered at the royal college of surgeons of england in 1870
Introduction to the osteology of the mammalia, by William Henry Flower,... 3rd edition revised with the assistance of Hans Gadow,...
introduction to the study of mammals living and extinct
List of the specimens of Cetacea in the Zoological department of the British museum.
Native races of the Pacific Ocean, The
Notes on four specimens of the common fin-whale (Physalus antiquorum, Gray; Balœnoptera musculus, auct.) stranded on the south coast of England.
Notes on the visceral anatomy of Hyomoschus aquaticus.
On palaeontological evidence of gradual modification of animal forms.
On the affinities and probable habits of the extinct Australian marsupial, Thylacoleo carnifex (Owen).
On the anatomy of the Proteles, Proteles cristatus
On the brain of the Javan loris (Stenops javanicus, Illig.)
On the correspondence between the parts composing the shoulder and the pelvic girdle of the Mammalia.
On the cranial characters of the Natives of the fiji Islands
On the development and succession of the teeth, in the armadillos (Dasypodidae).
On the occurrence of the ringed or marbled seal (Phoca hispida) on the coast of Norfolk
On the Osteology and Affinities of the Natives of the Andaman Islands
On the osteology of the cachalot or sperm-whale (P̲h̲y̲s̲e̲t̲e̲r̲ m̲a̲c̲r̲o̲c̲e̲p̲h̲a̲l̲u̲s̲)
On the probable identity of the fin-whales described as Balœnoptera carolinœ, Malm, and Physalus sibbaldii, Gray
On the recent ziphioid whales, with a description of the skeleton of Berardius arnouxi.
On the structure and affinities of musk-deer (Moschus moschiferus, Linn.)
On the value of the characters of the base of the cranium in the classification of the order Carnivora, and on the systematic position of Bassaris and other disputed forms.
Owen, Richard (1804-1892) (DNB00)
pygmy races of men, The
Recent memoirs on the Cetacea
Remarks on the homologies and notation of the teeth of the Mammalia.