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Iohannes Ogilbius
John Ogilby
John Ogilby (Scottish academic)
John Ogilby (Tanzmeister, Schauspieldirektor, Übersetzer, Dichter, Buchhändler, Verleger, Drucker, königlicher Zeremonienmeister und Kosmograph)
Ogelby, John
Ogilby, Geograph
Ogilby, J.
Ogilby, John
Ogilby, John (English author, printer, and engraver, 1600-1676)
Ogilby, John (Mr)
ogilby, Juan
Ogilvius, Johannes
Ogilvius, John
Oglivie, John
オギルビー, ジョン
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Bowen, Emanuel -1767
Bowles, Thomas (16..-1767))
Desnos, Louis-Charles (co-author)
Ésope (co-author)
Goyer, Pieter de (16..-1655)
Harley, Brian (co-author)
Hollar, Václav (co-author)
Hollar, Wenceslaus (1607-1677)
Homère (co-author)
Hyde, Ralph
Knowles, Ronald
Knowles, Ronald (co-author)
Lombart, Pierre (1612-1682)
Montanus, Arnoldus (1625?-1683)
Montanus, Arnoldus (co-author)
Morgan, William (d. 1690)
Morgan, William (éditeur à Londre; co-author)
Nieuhof, Johan
Nieuhof, Johan (co-author)
Ogilby, John (1600-1676)
Owen, John of the Middle Temple
Senex, John (co-author)
State University of New York at Binghamton. Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies
Virgile (0070-0019 av. J.-C.)
Virgile (co-author)
Wilkinson, Robert m (ca. 1825)
島田, 孝右 (1942-)
15, 2013
A to Z of Restoration London, The : (the City of London, 1676)
Africa, being an accurate description of the regions of Aegypt, Barbary, Lybia and Billedulgerid... collected and translated from most authentick authors and augmented with later observations... by John Ogilby,...
America, being a latest and most accurate description of the New World, containing the original of the inhabitants and the remarkable voyages thither, the conquest of the vast empires of Mexico and Peru and other large provinces and territories, with the several European plantations... by John Ogilby,...
An actual survey of all the principal roads of England and Wales
An Embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces to the grand Tartar Cham, emperor of China... The 2d edition
Appendix or special remarks taken at large out of Athanasius Kircher his Antiquities of China
Asia, the first part. Being an accurate description of Persia, and the several provinces thereof. The vast empire of the Great Mogol, and other parts of India ...
Atlas Chinensis; being a second part of a relation of remarkable passages in two embassies from the East-India Company of the United Provinces ...
Atlas chinensis", being a second part of relation of remarkable passages in two embassies from the East-India Company of the United Provinces to the vice-roy Singlamong and general Taising Li Pou and to Kong Hi, emperor of China and East-Tartary... Collected... by Arnoldus Montanus. English'd... by John Ogilby,..., "
Atlas japanensis", being remarkable addresses by way of embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces to the Emperor of Japan, containing a description of their several territories... with the character of the ancient and modern Japaners. Collected out of their several writings and journals by Arnoldus Montanus. English'd... by John Ogilby,..., "
Britannia depicta", or Ogilby improv'd, being a correct coppy of Mr Ogilby's actual survey of all the directs and principal cross roads in England and Wales... by Ing. Owen,..., "
Britannia depicta, or, Ogilby improv'd : being a correct coppy [sic] of Mr. Ogilby's actual survey of all ye direct & principal cross roads in England and Wales : wherein are exactly delineated & engraven, all ye cities, towns, villages, churches, seats &c. scituate on or near the roads ... with suitable remarks on all places of note drawn from the best historians and antiquaries by Ino. Owen ... : lastly particular & collect maps of all ye counties of South Britain, with a summary description of each county ... by Eman. Bowen, engraver.
Britannia, or the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, actually survey, with a geographical and historical description of the principal roads... by John Ogilby,...
Directions for placeing the whole-sheet prints in Japan
embassays to the emperours of Japan
embassy from the East-India company of the United provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham, emperor of China, deliver'd by their excellencies, Peter de Goyer and Jacob de Keyzer, at his imperial city of Peking., An
English atlas, tome the first
Entertainment... of Charles II, in his passage through the city of London to his coronation... by John Ogilby, The
entertainment of His Most Excellent Majestie Charles II in his passage through the city of London to his coronation, The
Fables of Aesop, paraphras'd in verse... and illustrated with annotations by John Ogilby,..., The
fables of Æsop, The : paraphras'd in verse
Gezantschap der Neerlandtsche Oost-Indische Compagnie aan den grooten Tartarischen Cham, den tegenwoordigen keizer van China.
Homer, his Odysses translated... and illustrated with annotations by John Ogilby,...
Itineraire // De Toutes Les Routes // de L'Angleterre // revuës Corrigées augmentées, & réduites [estampe]
John Ogilby. Britannia. London, 1675
Large and accurate map of the city of London, A
London &c. actually surveyed
Nouvel Atlas d'Angleterre, divisé en ses 52 comtés, avec toutes les routes levées topographiquement par ordre de S. M. Britannique et les plans des villes et ports de ce royaume
Novi Belgii, quod nunc Novi Jorck vocatur, Novæ [que] Angliæ & partis Virginiæ : accuratissima et novissima delineatio.
Novissima et accuratissima Jamaicæ descriptio
Novissima et acuratissima Barbados descriptio
Ogilby improv'd
Ogilby's and Morgan's Pocket-book of the roads, with their computed and measured distances... by William Morgan,... The 10th edition
Pocket book of the roads
Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera per Johannem Ogilvium edita...
[Publius Virgilius Maro. Translated, adorn'd with Sculpture, and illustrated with Annotations]
road from London to Southampton, The
Roads out of London; being photographic reprints extracted from Ogilby's "Britannia", 1675, with so much of his text as relates to them
roads through England delineated or, Ogilby's survey revised, improved, and reduced to a size portable for the pocket by John Senex F,R,S ... distinctly laid down on one hundred & one copper plates., The
Traveller's pocket-book, or Ogilby and Morgan's book of the roads... The 8th edition..., The
Virgil Publii Vergilii Maronis opera, 1663: