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Fang, Liu
Liu, Fang
Liu Fang (Canadian musician)
Liu Fang (Chinees muzikante)
Liu Fang (chinesische Musikerin)
Liu Fang (kinesisk musiker)
Liu Fang (musicista cinese)
Lyu Fan
Лю Фан
ليۋ فان
หลิว ฟาง
리우 팡
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Alla (1946-...)
Honorat, Cinzia
Kawai, Noriko
Maguire, Janet
Mancuso, Giovanni
Mancuso, Serena
Placeres, Carlos
Sabbagh, Farhan (1948-)
Sissoko, Ballake (1967-...)
Sissoko, Ballake (1967-.)
Venice Cello Ensemble
Xu-Ran, Ye (1936-)
All the pretty horses
ambush (5 min 28 s)
Ambush, The
ancient tunes from Yingzhou (4 min 58 s)
Ancient Tunes from Yingzhou, The
Arrurú mi niña
autumn moon in the palace of a Han emperor (6 min 29 s)
Bamboo house (4 min 26 s)
bateau dragon (The Dragon Boat), Le
Brise dans une pluie de flocons (Light Wind in a Cloud of Falling Snow-Flakes)
chanson d'amour de Kanding (Kangding Love-Song), Une
Chanting of the Tiema (5 min 52 s)
Chinese traditional pipa music [Enr. son.] dépl. (née à Kumming, dans la province de Yunnan, république populaire de Chine ; premier pipa de l'orchestre de musique chinoise de Kumming ; vit actuellement au Canada)
Close your eyes
Dance of the Yi People, The
dance of Yi people (6 min 01 s)
Dao Chui Lian (3 min 12 s)
Desjardins concerts
Dodo la planète do dream songs night songs
Dream songs, night songs from China to Senegal
Drume négrita
Embroidering of a golden tapestry (2 min 45 s)
Fantasia on reform (9 min 24 s)
Fleur de jasmin (Jasmine Flower)
Flower Festival, The
Flying Snow Decorating the Green
Freedom flowers (2 min 30 s)
Friends from Afar, anchor your stay (3 min 33 s)
Give you a rose (1 min 42 s)
Great Wave Washes the Beach, The
Great waves clean out sands (5 min 36 s)
Guangling fantasia (3 min 29 s)
Hautes montagnes et eaux ruisselantes (High Mountains and Rippling Waters)
High mountain and flowing water (6 min)
High Mountain and Flowing Water (Gao Shan Liu Shui)
king chu doffs his Armour (11 min 31 s)
King Chu Doffs His Armour (Ba Wang Xie Jia), The
la nanita nana, A
Lotus émergeant de l'eau Emerging lotus
Lotus emerging on the water's surface (3 min 11 s)
love for the Wei River (8 min 12 s)
Love of the Wei River, The
Lune d'automne sur lac calme (Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake)
Lune d'automne sur le palais de l'empereur des Han (Autumn Moon Over the Han Imperial Palace)
Mei Hua
Melody From a Bamboo House
Mist chamber music
moon is high (12 min 37 s), The
Moon Is High (Yuer Gao), The
moonlit night on the Xunyang river (10 min 40 s)
Moonlit Night On the Xunyang River (Xun Yang Yue Ye), A
Musique arabe et chinoise Arabic and Chinese music
Musique classique chinoise pour le luth pipa Chinese classical pipa music from the ancient to the recent
New variation of Tang dynasty Liu-Yao dance (6 min 35 s)
New Variation of Tang Dynasty Liuyao Dance
night of bonfire fest (5 min 40 s)
Night scene of Red River (3 min 53 s)
On a theme of an air to dance (5 min 31 s)
On te bercera
On the Theme of an Air to Dance
Papa à la rivière, do do ti-chéri
Petit enfant
Pink lotus (6 min 32 s)
poule blanche
Première rencontre (Primary Meeting)
Promenade au pays des rêves (A Walk in the Country Of Dreams)
red point (2 min 13 s)
Red River
Rêves multicolores
roi de Chu se défait de son armure (The King Chu Doffs His Armour), Le
Romance of the Red River Valley, The
Seagulls Playing In Cold Water (Han Ya Xi Shui)
Seagulls playing in water (6 min 04 s)
Serenity (5 min 24 s)
Sog of fishermen on a home-bound boat during sunset (3 min 57 s)
Sogni d'oro
son de soie, p2006:, Le
son de soie Silk sound, Le
Songs from the other side of the border (11 min 54 s)
Songs from the Other Side of the Border (Sai Shang Qu)
Songs of Zhaojun (8 min 48 s)
Soul of Pipa 1, The
Soul of Pipa 2, The
Spring rain (6 min 54 s)
Sunny spring and white snow (3 min 04 s)
Sunny Spring and White Snow (Yang Chun Bai Xue)
Swirl snow decorating the evergreen (5 min 21 s)
Swirl Snow Decorating the Evergreen (Fei Hua Dian Cui)
Tapisserie brodée d'or (Gold-Embroidered Tapestry)
Three variations of plum blossom (5 min 11 s)
Washing song
Zhongguo pi pa yin yue ming qu xin shang
Contributed to or performed: 
Al Ud al Andalusi
Arabic and Chinese music
Chanting of Tie-Ma
Dragon Boat Festival
I'o Vl Bene
Jasmine Fower
Night of Bonfire, The
Rough Guide to the Music of China, The
Shepherd Maid
Spring on Tianshan Mountain, The
TFF Rudolstadt 2006