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Brassey Halhed, Nathaniel
Halhead, Nathaniel Brassey
Halhed, Nathaniel Brassey
Nathaniel Brassey Halhed (British orientalist and philologist)
Халхед, Натаниэль Бресси
ন্যাথানিয়েল ব্র্যাসি হ্যালহেড
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Debrett, John (17..-1822)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Ràm Gopaul Neeàyàlunkàr
Robinet, Jean-Baptiste-René (1735-1820)
Robinet, Jean-Baptiste-René (1735-1820))
Rosslyn, Alexander Wedderburn (1733-1805; Earl of))
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley (1751-1816)
Williams, Thomas (1755-1839))
Wraxall, Nathaniel William (1751-1831)
calculation on the commencement of the millennium, A : and a short reply to Dr. Horne's pamphlet entituled Sound argument, dictated by common sense : together with cursory observations on the Age of credulity
code of Gentoo laws, or, Ordinations of the pundits, A : from a Persian translation, made from the original, written in the Shanscrit language.
code of Gentoo laws, or Ordinations of the Pundits, from a Persian translation made from the original, written in the Shanscrit language, A
code of Gentoo laws, or Ordinations of the pundits part 1, A : part 2
Coup-d'oeil sur l'état politique de la Grande-Bretagne, au commencement de l'année 1787. Traduit de l'anglois sur la sixieme édition
Erotica: The elegies of Propertius;
Further defence of the mission of Richard brothers; in which is given the verdict of the Jury empannelled to judge of his sanity, March 27, 1795 : Also a calculation on the commencement of the millennium. By Nathaniel Brassey Halhed, M.P.
Grammar of the Bengal language, A
Halhed's letters to Sheridan : 1770 - 71.
Imitations of some of the epigrams of Martial. Part IV
letter to Governor Johnstone, &c. &c. on Indian affairs, A
Letter to Nathaniel Brassey Halhead, Esquire, containing some remarks on his preface to the Code of Gentoo laws, lately published
letter to the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke, on the subject of his late charges against the Governor-General of Bengal., A
letters of Detector on the reports of the Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to consider how the British possessions in the East-Indies may be held and governed with the greatest security and advantage to this country, and how the happiness of the natives may be best promoted., The
Liberty and equality: a sermon, or essay
love epistles of Aristænetus:, The
Mr. Halhed's essay on the slain lamb of the Revelations And observations on Mr. Brothers's present confinement.
Réglemens des brames
Short review of the political state of Great-Britain, A
speech of Nathaniel Brassey Halhed, Esq. delivered in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, March 31, 1795 respecting the confinement of Mr. Brothers, the prophet., The
Testimony of the authenticity of the prophecies of Richard Brothers, and of his mission to recall the Jews
Two letters to the Right Honourable Lord Loughborough, Lord High Chancellor of England, on the present confinement of Richard Brothers in a private mad-house