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Anderson Sutton, Richard
Sutton, R. A.
Sutton, R. Anderson
Sutton, Richard Anderson
Sutton, Richard Anderson (performing art/toonkunst)
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Masyarakat Seni Pertunjukan Indonesia (MSPI) (Bandung)
Northern Illinois University. Center for Southeast Asian studies (DeKalb)
Seminar Seni Pertunjukan Global, Globalisasi Seni Pertunjukan ((1999) : Tirtagangga-Karangasem)
University of Hawaii
Alumni-in-Residence Fellowship: Traditions of Gamelan Music in Java
Asia/Indonesia. In _Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples
Buginese Music and Cultural Pluralism in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Calling back the spirit : music, dance, and cultural politics in lowland South Sulawesi
Central and East Java
Change and Ambiguity: Gamelan Music and Regional Identity in Yogyakarta, In _Aesthetic Tradition and Cultural Transition in Java and Bali
Change and ambiguity : gamelan style and regional identity in Yogyakarta.
Commercial Cassette Recordings of Traditional Music in Java: Implications for Performers and Scholars
Concept and Treatment in Javanese Gamelan Music, with Reference to the Gambang
Creative Process and Colonial Legacy: Issues in the History and Aesthetics of Langendriya, Javanese Dance-Opera.
Crystallization of a Marginal Tradition: Music in Banyumas, West Central Java, The
Do Javanese Musicians Really Improvise? In the Course of Performance: Studies in the World of Improvisation_, edited by Bruno Nettl
Drumming in Okinawan Classical Music: A Catalogue of Gestures
From Ritual Enactment to Stage Entertainment: Andi Nurhani Sapada and the Aestheticization of South Sulawesi's Music and Dance 1940s-1970s.
Global atau lokal? : kemasan musik pada televisi Indonesia
Graduate School Summer Research Support (for research on Korean fusion music)
Humor, mischief, and aesthetics in Javanese gamelan music
Identity and Individuality in an Ensemble Tradition: The Female Vocalist in Java. In _Women and Music in Cross-Cultural Perspective_
In Search of Korean "Feeling" in Korean Fusion Music: The Role of Rhythm
Individual Variation in Javanese Gamelan Performance
Interpreting electronic sound technology in the contemporary Javanese soundscape
Javanese gambang and its music, The
Korea's Experimental Fusion Music
Korean Fusion Music on the World Stage: Perspectives on the Aesthetics of Hybridity
Korean Music in Hawaii
Lives of a Genre: History and Creative Process in Javanese Langen Driyan (Dance-Opera)
Local, Global, or National? Popular Music on Indonesian Television
Makassarese Music and Artistic Pluralism in South Sulawesi, Indonesia: Strategies of Accommodation and Resistance
Media, Performance, and Identity in World Perspective
Music, Islam, and the commercial media in contemporary Indonesia
Music of Indonesia. Aspects of Indonesian Cultures
Musical genre and hybridity in Indonesia : Simponi Kecapi and Campur Sari
Musical Pluralism and Regional Identity in Contemporary Java
Musical Pluralism in Java: Three Local Traditions
New Cultural Forces in Javanese Music: Media, Government, and the Blurring of Regional Styles
New Theory for Traditional Music in Banyumas, West Central Java
Notes toward a grammar of variation in Javanese gender playing
Okinawan Music Overseas: A Hawaiian Home
Performance and Power on the Periphery: Music, Dance, and the Representation of Culture in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Performing Arts and Cultural Politics in South Sulawesi
Performing Arts and the Representation of Culture in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Perjalanan sejarah dari upacara ritual menuju seni pertunjukan dengan warna estetika musik dan seni tari Sulawesi Selatan : 1940an - 1970an
Perspectives on the politics of performing arts in South Sulawesi
Popularizing the Indigenous or Indigenizing the Popular? Television, Video and Fusion Music in Indonesia
"Reform Arts"? Performance Live and Mediated in Post-Soeharto Indonesia
Reform Arts? Performance Live and Mediated in Post-Soeharto Indonesia
Regional Music Traditions in Java: Banyumas Style and Aesthetic
Semang and Seblang: Thoughts on Music, Dance, and the Realm of the Sacred in Central and East Java. In _Performance in Java and Bali: Studies of narrative, theatre, music, and dance
Studi kesenian Jawa di Amerika Serikat
Traditional Korean Music Workshop for Overseas Musicologists
Traditions of Gamelan Music in Java: Musical Pluralism and Regional Identity
Variation and composition in Java
Variation in Central Javanese Gamelan Music: Dynamics of a Steady State
Who is the Pesindhen? Notes on the Female Singing Tradition in Java
Workshop on Korean Traditional Music for Overseas Musicologists
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Reproduction of typescript
Label mounted on t.p.: Distributed by American Gamelan Institute, Box 9911, Oakland, CA 94613
Thesis (M. A.)--University of Hawaii, 1975