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Daniel Featley
Daniel Featley (English translator)
Fairclough, Daniel
Featlaeus, Daniel
Featley, Daniel
Featly, Daniel
Featly, Daniel (Doctor)
Featly, Doctor
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Language material
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Bourne, Nicolas (Londen)
Crakanthorpe, Richard (co-author)
Diodati, Jean (co-author)
Flesher, Miles (I, Londen)
Harris, Robert (co-author)
Herbert, Guillaume (co-author)
Humphrey, Laurence (1525 or 1526-1589)
Jacques (I; roi d'Angleterre; co-author)
Jewel, John (1522-1571)
Jewel, John (co-author)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Royston, Richard (Londen)
Ancilla pietatis, or the Hand-maid to private devotion... by Daniel Featley,... The seventh edition...
Annotations [by J. Diodati and others] upon all the books of the Old and New Testament... 3d... edition... [by W. Gouge, Th. Gataker, W. Downame, Ley, J. Reading, Pemerton and D. Featly.]
Case for the spectacles, or a Defence of "Via tuta, the safe way", by sir Humphrey Lynde,... in answer to a book written by J. R. called "A Paire of spectacles", together with a treatise intituled Stricturae in Lyndomastygem... and a sermon preached at his funerall, at Cobham, June 14th, 1636. By Daniel Featley,..., A
Clavis mystica, a key opening divers difficult and mysterious texts of Holy Scripture, handled in seventy sermons,... by Daniel Featley,...
Cygnea cantio", or Learned decisions and most prudent and pious directions for students in divinitie, delivered by our late soveraigne... King James, at White-Hall, a few weekes before his death. [By D. Featley.], "
Dippers dipt, or the Anabaptists duck'd and plung'd over head and eares at a disputation in Southwark... by Daniel Featley,..., The
Dippers dipt, or, the anabaptists duck'd and plung'd over head and ears, at a disputation in southwark also a large and full discourse of their 1. originall, 2. severall sorts, 3. peculiar errours, 4. high attempts against the state, 5. capitall punishments
discription of the severall sorts of Anabaptists with there manner of rebaptizing
gentle lash, or The vindication of Dr. Featley, a knowne champion of the Protestant religion. Also seven articles exhibited against him. With his answer thereunto. Together with the said doctor his manifesto and challenge ..., The
Grand sacrilege of the church of Rome in taking away the sacred cup from the laiety at the Lords table... together with two conferences, the former at Paris with D. Smith,... the later at London with M. Everard,... by Dan. Featly,..., The
Katabaptistai kataptustoi
La Malette de David, où sont contenues trente-deux excellentes prières... recueillies des oeuvres du sieur Featley,... et mises en français par G. Herbert
La malette de David, où sont enclos trente-deux excellentes prieres, pour servir au chrestien, comme autant de pierres polies, tirées du clair ruisseau de l'Escriture, pour aterrer Goliath, & tous ses autres ennemis
La Malette de David, où sous encloses toutes les prières de la semaine et pour les plus célèbres fêtes de l'annéé...
Orationes synodicæ: or Severall speeches delivered before this assembly of divines
Pedum pastorale, seu Conciones duae ad Johan. 21., V. 15-18, ad clerum oxoniensem habitae, prior a Daniele Featley, posterior a Roberto Harris
Philip's memento mori: or, the passing-bell. A sermon preach'd in Mercers Chappel, at the funeral of Mr. Bennet, ... By Daniel Featley, D.D.
Romish fisher caught and held in his owne net, or a True relation of the protestant conference and popish difference... by Daniel Featly,... An Appendix to the Fishers net, together with a description of the Romish wheele or circle, by Daniel Featly,... - A True relation of that which passed in a conference, at the end of Pater-noster-rowe, called Amen, touching transubstantiation, April 18, 1623. - A Conference by writing betweene D. Featly,... and M. Sweet,... touching the ground and last resolution of faith, or the wheele of popery turned round, The
Spongia, or, Articles exhibited by certaine semi-separatists
Treatise of the fift general councel held at Constantinople, anno 553... by Rich. Crakanthorp,... opus posthumum, published... by his brother Geo. Crakanthorp (with preface by D. Featley), A
warning for England, especially for London: in the famous history of the frantick Anabaptists ...
work of the very learned and Reuerend Father in God Iohn Ievvell, not long since bishop of Sarisbvrie., The
Works of the very learned and reverend father in God John Jewell,... newly set forth with some amendment of divers quotations and a briefe discourse of his life [by D. Featley], The