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M. P, Matthew Poole
Matthew Poole
Matthew Poole (English minister)
MP, Matthew Poole
P, M.
P, Matthew Poole
Pole, Matthaeus
Pole, Mattheus
Pole, Matthew
Polus, ..
Polus, Matthaeus
Pool, Matthaeus
Pool, Matthew
Pool, Matthys
Poole, M.
Poole, Matthew
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Computer file
Language material
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Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
Gill, John (1697-1771)
Hammond, Henry (1605-1660)
Honert, Johan van den T.H. zoon, 1693-1758
Leusden, Jan (1624-1699)
Leusden, Johannes (1624-1699)
Loveringh, Jacobus (Amsterdam)
Lowth, Robert (1710-1787)
Patrick, Simon (1626-1707)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Tirion, Isaak (Amsterdam)
Weede, consul
Weede, Guilielmus van
Wells, Edward (1667-1727)
Whitby, Daniel (1638-1726)
Wust, Balthasar Christoph
advertisement. - [1674?], An
Annotations upon the Holy Bible wherein the sacred text is inserted, and various readings annex'd... Vol. I, by the late Reverend... M. Matthew Poole [Vol. II, being a continuation of Mr Pool's ["sic"] worke by certain judicious and learned divines]
Annotations upon the Holy Bible: wherein the sacred text is inserted, and various readings annexed; together with the parallel Scriptures. The more difficult terms in each verse are explained; seeming contradictions reconciled; questions and doubts resolved; and the whole text opened
Appendix by way of reflection upon Captain Robert Everards Epistle, and account of his conversion and submission to the Romish Church; and Mr. Cressy's Exomologesis
Blow at the root of the Romish Church
Byvoegsel uit de verklaring der Psalmen van den heer H. Hammond, nevens eenige weinige andere aanmerkingen
Dialogue between a Popish priest and an English Protestant
geloofs-belydenis der Roomsche Kerke wedersproken ..., De
letter from a London minister to the Lord Fleetwood. -, A
model for the maintaining of students. - 1648 [i.e. 1658], A
Mr. M. Poole, his late sayings ..., 1679:
Quo warranto; or, A moderate enquiry into the vvarrantablenesse of the preaching of gifted and unordained persons : Where also some other questions are discussed: viz. concerning ministerial relation, election, ordination. Being a vindication of the late Jus divinum ministerii evangelici, so far as concerns those points; from the exceptions of Mr. John Martin, Mr. Sam. Petto, Mr. Frederick Woodal: ministers in Suffolk, in their late book, intituled The preacher sent
Synopsis criticorum aliorumque Sacrae Scripturae interpretum et commentatorum
Uitbreiding en verklaring van Salomons drie boeken, genoemd de Spreuken, de Prediker en het Hooglied.
Verklaring der algemeene brieven van de apostelen Jakobus, Petrus, Joannes en Judas.
Verklaring van de boeken van Jozua, van de Rechteren, en van Ruth : uit de Engelsche verklaringen van de heeren Patrik, Polus, Wels, en andere voorname Engelsche godgeleerden, vertaald en in eene voegzame orde geschikt
Verklaring van de geheele Heilige Schrift. N.T. Epistles, Pauline. Selection
Verklaring van de Handelingen der apostelen en van den Brief van den apostel Paulus aan de Romeinen.
Verklaring van de profeetsyen van Jesaia.
Verklaring van het Oude Testament
Verklaring van Mozes tweede boek, genoemd Exodus.
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