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Neuhaus, R.
Neuhaus, R. J.
Neuhaus, Richard
Neuhaus, Richard J.
Neuhaus, Richard John
Ricardus Ioannes Neuhaus
Richard John Neuhaus (Amerikaans televisiepresentator (1936-2009))
Richard John Neuhaus (Canadian-American Christian writer)
Richard John Neuhaus (US-amerikanischer Priester, Theologe, Ökumeniker und Autor)
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Berger, Peter L. (1929-)
Berger, Peter Ludwig (1929-...)
Berger, Peter Ludwig (1929-)
Center on Religion & Society (New York, N.Y.)
Chabrajska, Dorota
Derr, Thomas Sieger (1931-)
Keller, Timothy J. (1950-)
Novak, Michael (1933-....))
Stallsworth, Paul T.
Szlachta, Bogdan (1959- ))
Weigel, George (1951-)
Wightman, Richard Fox
Wydawnictwo Polskiej Prowincji Dominikanów "W drodze"
Against the world for the world : the Hartford appeal and the future of American religion
America against itself : moral vision and the public order
American and Catholic : the new debate
American apostasy : the triumph of "other" gospels
American Babylon : notes of a Christian exile
Appointment in Rome : the Church in America awakening
As I lay dying : meditations upon returning
Aspiring to freedom : commentaries on John Paul II's encyclical The Social concerns of the Church : with the complete text of the encyclical
Augustine today
Believable futures of American Protestantism, The
Believing today : Jew and Christian in conversation
Bible, politics, and democracy, The : essays
Biblical interpretation in crisis : the Ratzinger conference on Bible and church
Biznes i Ewangelia : wyzwanie dla chrześcijanina-kapitalisty
Catholic matters : confusion, controversy, and the splendor of truth
Catholic moment, The : the paradox of the Church in the postmodern world
Catholicism, liberalism, and communitarianism : the Catholic intellectual tradition and the Moral Foundations of Democracy
chosen people in an almost chosen nation: Jews and Judaism in America, The
Christian faith & public policy, thinking and acting in the courage of uncertainty
Christianity and politics : Catholic and Protestant perspectives
Confession, conflict, and community
Death on a friday afternoon
Democracy and the renewal of public education : essays
Dispensations : the future of South Africa as South Africans see it
Doing well and doing good
end of democracy? the celebrated First Things debate, with arguments pro and con. and, The anatomy of a controversy, by Richard John Neuhaus, The
Ende der Neuzeit
Environmental ethics and Christian humanism
eternal pity, The : reflections on dying
Evangelicals and Catholics together : toward a common mission
Freedom for ministry
Guaranteeing the good life : medicine and the return of eugenics
In defense of people: ecology and the seduction of radicalism
Jedenaście tez o uniwersytecie chrześcijańskim
Law and the ordering of our life together : essays
Lo splendore della verità : perché sono diventato cattolico (e sono felice di esserlo)
Movement and revolution
Naked public square religion and democracy in america
new order of religious freedom, A
Piety and politics : evangelicals and fundamentalists confront the world
Pluralism and paralysis in American society
Pontificate of Benedict XVI its premises and promises, The
Preferential option for the poor, The : essays
Prorok z Nowego Jorku : wybór publicystyki i wywiadów
Public square. Selections
Reinhold Niebuhr today : essays
Rozdział w historii Kościoła
second one thousand years, The : ten people who defined a millennium
silent subject, The : reflections on the unborn in American culture
Śmierć w piątek po południu : ostatnie słowa Jezusa z krzyża
story of an encounter by
structure of freedom, The : correlations, causes, and cautions
Theological education and moral formation
Time toward home : the american experiment as revelation
To empower people from state to civil society
To empower people : the role of meditating structures in public policy
ultime parole di Gesù dalla croce, Le
Unsecular America essays
verdad, La
Virtue, public and private : essays by James H. Billington ... [et al.] ; edited and with a foreword by Richard John Neuhaus.
vulnerability of the naked square, The
Welfare reformed : a compassionate approach
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