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B, R.
B, Richard Bernard
Barnard, John
Barnard, Richard
Barnardus, Richardus
Barnerd, Richard
Bernard, Rich
Bernard, Richard
Bernard, Richard (Master)
Bernhard, Richard
R. B
R. B, Richard Bernard
Richard Bernard
Richard Bernard (English clergyman)
Ричард Бернард
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Bernard, John
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Legat, John -1620
Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress)
Meer, Hubertus van der -1680
Pavier, Thomas (d. 1625)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Someren, Joannes van (Amsterdam)
Vucht, Nicolaas van (Utrecht)
anatomie of the service book, The : dedicated to the High Court of Parliament : wherein is remonstrated the unlawfulnesse of it, and that by five severall arguments, namely from the name of it, the rise, the matter, the manner, and the evill effects of it : whereunto is added some motives, by all which we clearly evince the necessitie of the removeall of it : lastly we have answered such objections as are commonly made in the behalfe of it
article of Christ's descension into Hell. -, The
Bible battells. -, The
Christian advertisements and counsels of peace
Christian see to the conscience, or a treatise of the nature ... -
common catechisme. -, The
Fabulae comici facetissimi et elegantissimi poetae Terentii omnes Anglicae factae
faithfull shepherd, The : wholy in a manner transposed, and made anew, and very much inlarged both with precepts and examples, to further young diuines in the studie of diuinitie : with The shepherds practise in the end
Gerichtlicher Proceß, Der wider die Sünde in dem Richthauß deß menschlichen Hertzens, ordentlich geführet wird. -, Ein
guide to grand-iury men, A : diuided into two bookes : in the first, is the authors best aduice to them what to doe, before they bring in a billa vera in cases of witchcraft, with a Christian direction to such as are too much giuen vpon euery crosse to thinke themselues bewitched : in the second, is a treatise touching witches good and bad, how they may be knowne, euicted, condemned, with many particulars tending thereunto
Guide to grand jurymen
Isle of man, or, the legal proceeding in man-shire against sinne wherein by way of a continued allegory the chief malefactors disturbing both church and common-wealth are detected and attached, with their arraignment and judicial tryal according to the laws of england : the spiritual use thereof with an apology for the manner of handling, most necessary to be first read for direction in the right use of the allegory throughout, is added in the end
Looke beyond Luther, or, An answere to that question, so often and so insultingly proposed by our aduersaries, asking vs; Where this our religion was before Luthers time? : whereto are added sound props to beare vp honest-hearted Protestants, that they fall not from their saving-faith
menschen-eilandt, ofte reghtsvorderingh tegens de sonde in 't raad-huis van 's menschen herte ..., Het
Ruth's recompence, or, A commentary upon the book of Ruth delivered in several sermons : the brief sum whereof is now published for the benefit of the church of God
seaven golden candlesticks. -, The
Short view of the prælaticall Church of England
sinners safetie, if heere hee looke for assurance, 1609:, The
Terence in English. -
Thesaurus Biblicus seu promptuarium sacrum, whereunto are added all the marginall readings, with the words of the text, and many words in the text expounded by the text, all alphabetically set downe throughout the Bible.
Vide ultra Lutherum. Ofte Eenen antwoort op de vraghe, soo dickmaels en soo smadelijck door onse weder-partijders ons voorghestelt. Vragende: Waer de gereformeerde religie gheweest is voor de tijden van Lutherus? : Waer by ghevoeght sijn eenighe goede hulp-middelen, om de vroome protestanten en belijders te verstercken ...