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Eugene Bertram Krupa
Eugenius Krupa
Gene Krupa
Gene Krupa (Amerikaans drummer (1909-1973))
Gene Krupa (amerikanischer Jazz- und Bigband-Schlagzeuger)
Gene Krupa (amerikansk bandleder)
Gene Krupa (amerykański perkusista jazzowy, kompozytor)
Gene Krupa (batterista statunitense)
Gene Krupa (batteur américain)
Gene Krupa (Drummer, Composer, Bandleader)
Krupa, Bertram Eugène
Krupa, Eugene
Krupa, Eugène Bertram
Krupa, Eugeniusz
Krupa, Gene,
Крупа, Джин
ג'ין קרופה
جین کروپا
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Anelli, Tony (co-performer)
Auld, Georgie (co-performer)
Basie, Count (1904-1984)
Basie, Count (co-performer)
Beck, Al (co-performer)
Benny Goodman quartet (see also from)
Benny Goodman trio (see also from)
Bernstein, Artie (co-performer)
Berry, Leon "Chu" (co-performer)
Biondi, Ray (co-performer)
Brassfield, Don (co-performer)
CBS disques SA France
Chicago Rhythm Kings (isMemberOf)
Chicago rhythm kings (1928)
Chicago rhythm kings (1928) 1928 (see also from)
Christian, Charlie (co-performer)
Condon, Eddie (co-performer)
Conigliaro, Joe (co-performer)
Covington, Warren (co-performer)
Crosby, Israel (co-performer)
Eldridge, Roy (1911-1989)
Eldridge, Roy (co-performer)
Elmer, Carl (co-performer)
Fagerquist, Don (co-performer)
Feeman, Benny (co-performer)
Francis Bacon Library former owner
Gene Krupa and his All star swing band
Gene Krupa and His Chicagoans Affiliation (see also from)
Gene Krupa and his orchestra
Gene Krupa and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Gene Krupa and his orchestra (see also from)
Gene Krupa and His Orchestra Affiliation (see also from)
Gene Krupa and His Swinging Big Band Affiliation (see also from)
Gene Krupa Big Band (isMemberOf)
Gene Krupa Jazz Trio Affiliation (see also from)
Gene Krupa Sextet Affiliation (see also from)
Gene Krupa Trio (isMemberOf)
Gene Krupa Trio Affiliation (see also from)
Gene Krupa y su Orquesta
Gene Krupa's Chicago Jazz Band (isMemberOf)
Gene Krupa's Swing Band
Gene Krupa's swing band (see also from)
Gene Krupa's Swing Band Affiliation (see also from)
Gene Krupa’s Swing Band (isMemberOf)
Goodman, Benny (1909-1986)
Goodman, Benny (co-performer)
Goodman, Harry (co-performer)
Grassi, John (co-performer)
Hall, Edmond (co-performer)
Hampton, Lionel (1908-2002)
Hampton, Lionel (co-performer)
Hanlon, Allen (co-performer)
Henderson, Fletcher (co-performer)
Jaeger, Harry (co-performer)
Jones, Hank (co-performer)
Kelliher, Jay (co-performer)
Kittig, Rex (co-performer)
Krupa Hampton Wilson Quartet Affiliation (see also from)
Lannigan, Jim (co-performer)
Lee, Peggy (co-performer)
Mangano, Mickey (co-performer)
Mc Kenzie and Condon's Chicagoans
Mc Kenzie and Condon's Chicagoans (see also from)
McKenzie, Red (co-performer)
Mezzrow, Mezz (co-performer)
Migliore, Jimmy (co-performer)
Mihelich, Ed (co-performer)
Morgan, Tom (co-performer)
Mound City Blue Blowers
Mound City Blue Blowers (see also from)
Munoz, Bob (co-performer)
Murphy, Norman (co-performer)
Musiker, Sam (co-performer)
Napoleon, Teddy (co-performer)
Newcomb, Clyde (co-performer)
O'Day, Anita (1919-2006)
Pederson, Pullman "Tommy" (co-performer)
Pemberton, Bill
Peterson, Oscar (1925-2007)
Phillips, Greg (co-performer)
Raskin, Milt (co-performer)
Reuss, Allan (co-performer)
Rich, Buddy
Schwartz, Jack (co-performer)
Searman, Ben (co-performer)
Smith, Johnny (co-performer)
Smith, Paul (co-performer)
Smith, Willie (1897-1973)
Snyder, Terry (co-performer)
Spanier, Muggsy (co-performer)
Springer, Joe (co-performer)
Stacy, Jess (co-performer)
Sullivan, Joe (co-performer)
Taylor, Dick (co-performer)
Teschemacher, Frank (co-performer)
The Benny Goodman Quartet (isMemberOf)
The Benny Goodman Sextet (isMemberOf)
The Benny Goodman Trio (isMemberOf)
The Charleston chasers
The Gene Krupa Sextet (isMemberOf)
The Rhythmakers
The Rhythmakers (see also from)
Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
Triscari, Ray (co-performer)
Wagner, Babe (co-performer)
Williams, Cootie (co-performer)
Wilson, Teddy (1912-1986)
Wilson, Teddy (co-performer)
Wise, Buddy (co-performer)
Young, Lester (1909-1959)
10 Ritchie Drive
1936 1937
200 of the best songs from ragtime & early jazz, 1997:
After you've gone
Ain't Nowhere
All by Myself
All Those Wonderful Years
Along The Navajo Trail
And Then I Looked at You
Are These Really Mine
Aren't You Kind of Glad We Did
As Long as I Live
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
Badgers Party
Ball of Fire
Bambina Mia
Barrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street
Basin street blues
Begin the Beguine
Big Bands: Gene Krupa
Big Noise from Winnetka
Bird House
Birds of a Feather
Bloozy Woozy
Blue Lou
Blue Moon
Blue Rhythm Fantasy
Blues Krieg
Blues Of Isreal
Body and Soul
Bolero at the Savoy
Bonaparte's Retreat
Boogie, Ballads and Be-Bop
Boogie Blues
Bop Boogie
Buggle Call Rag
Bugle Call Rag (Panaphonic remix)
By the River Sainte Marie
By the River Ste. Marie
Calling Dr. Gillespie
Capital Idea
Change Your Mind
China Boy
Chiquita Banana
Chronological Classics: Gene Krupa 1952-1953, The
Chronological Classics: Gene Krupa 1953-1954, The
Classic Tracks, The
Compact Jazz: Gene Krupa
Coronation Hop
Cry and You Cry Alone
Dark Eyes
Dear Old Southland
Deep in the Blues
Dejavu Retro Gold Collection (disc 2)
Dekada swingu.
Deliver Me to Tennessee
(Did You Ever Get) That Feeling in the Moonlight
Disc Jockey jump
Disk Jockey Jump
Do Not Want To Be Loved (By Anyone Else But You), I
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
Do You Want to Jump Children
Don't Be That Way Gene Krupa
Don't Take Your Love From Me
Down Argentina Way
Dreams Are a Dime a Dozen
drum battle, The
Drum Boogie
Drumboogie, Part 1
Drumboogie, Part 2
Drummer Boy, The
Drummer man
Drummer's Band, The
Drummin' man
Drums Drums Drums
Duke Ellington Medley: Mood Indigo / Prelude to a Kiss / Solitude / In a Sentimental Mood / Sophisticated Lady
Ellington Medley
Fare, Three Well, Annie Laurie
Feeling High and Happy
Fine's Idea
Fish Market
Flying home
Fool Am I
Fool I Am
Full Dress Hop
Fun and Fancy Free
Gene Krupa Live at the New School
Gene Krupa Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements The Complete Studio Recordings
Gene Krupa Story, The
Gene’s Blues
Gene's Boogie
Gene's Solo Flight
Georgia on My Mind
Giants of the Big Band Era
Grandfather's Clock
Green Eyes
Gypsy Mood
Harlem on Parade
Harmonica Shu Boogie
Harriet (A Western Novelty Song)
He's Funny That Way
He's Gone
Hear Music, I
Hear You Screaming, I
Here's love in your eye (3 min 02 s)
Hey, Look Me Over!
High on a Windy Hill
Hodge Podge
Honeysuckle rose
Hop, Skip and Jump
hope Gabriel likes my music (3 min 02 s), I
Hot Drums
How About The Mess
How ’Bout That Mess
How Deep Is the Ocean
How High the Moon (live)
I'd Know You Anywhere
I’ll Never Be the Same
I'll Never Been the Same
I'll Never Make the Same Mistake Again
I'll Remember Suzanne
I'm a Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas)
I'm Coming, Virginia
I'm Gonna Clap My Hands
I've got my love to keep me warm (2 min 54 s)
If my heart could only talk (3 min 02 s)
If You Were the Only Girl in the World
In Concert
In the Moon Mist
Indispensable Benny Goodman
Instrumental Mr. Krupa, The
Isle of capri (3 min 11 s)
Isn't That Just Like Love?
It All Comes Back to Me Now
It Is A Good Day
It Is Up To You
It'll Never Be The Same
It Might Have Been a Different Story
It's a Good Day
It's Up to You
It's Watcha Do With Watcha Got
Jazz ball
Jazz en verve
Jazz Masters: Gene Krupa
Jazz me blues
Jeepers Creepers
Jeppers Creepers
Jersey Bounce
Jingle Bells
John's Other Wife
Jungle drums (2 min 28 s)
Jungle Madness
Just You, Just Me
Keep ’em Flying
King Porter Stomp
know that you know, I
Krupa and Rich
Lady’s in Love With You, The
Lady sings the blues (3 min 43 s)
Last Round Up, The
Leave Up Leap
Leave us leap
Lemon Drop
Let Me Off Uptown (1939-1945)
Let Me Off Uptown (feat. Anita O'Day & Roy Eldridge)
Let's Get Away from it All
Like the Fella Once Said
Lime house Blues
Limehoue Blues
Limehouse blues
Lonesome Road
Love for Sale
Love Is in My Heart
Love's in My Heart
Lover ([Alternate Take)
Lyonaise Potatoes and Some Pork Chops
Lyonaise Potatoes and Some Port Chops
Mack the knife
Madam Swings It, The
Man I Love, The
May Be Wrong, I
Meddle My Minor
Message (06 s)
Mood that'Im in (2 min 58 s)
Moon on the Ruined Castle
Moon Over Burma
Mulligan Stew
"Murder" He Says
Murder, Her Says
Murdy Purdy
must have that man (2 min 52 s), I
Mutiny in the parlor (2 min 59 s)
My Blue Heaven
My Ideal
My last affair (3 min 07 s)
My melancholy baby
My Old Flame
Never Felt Better, Never Had Less
Night and Day
Night in Tunisia
No Name Jive
No Name Jove
Nobody knows (4 min 50 s)
Nobody's Sweetheart
Not So Quietly Please
Oh! They're Making Me All Over in the Army
Old Black Joe
Old Devil Moon
Old Folks at Home
Ole Devil Moon
Opening Remarks
Opus No. 1
Opus One
Otto, Make That Riff Staccato
Out of Nowhere
Out You Go
Payin' Them Dues Blues
Pennies from heaven (3 min 15 s)
Petit Fleur
Please Don't Play Number 6 Tonight
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Please keep me in your dreams (2 min 18 s)
Polydore Vergil and Francis Bacon ; two views of Henry VII and history
Prisoner of Love
Quadromania Jazz Edition: Gene Krupa: Drummin' Man
Quiet and Roll ’em
quintessential Billie Holiday
Red Nichols
Rhythm Jam
Rockin’ Chair
Rocking Chair
Royal Garden blues
Runnin' wild
Same Old Blues
Say 'Si Si'
Second Helping Blues
Sentimental and melancholy (2 min 37 s)
September Song
Sergeant Was Shy, The
Sheik of Araby, The
Shoe shine swing (2 min 57 s)
Should Care, I
Should Have Kept On Dreaming, I
Side by Side
Sing sing sing (4 min 48 s)
Sing Sing Sing (Truth and Soul remix)
Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)
Small combos
Smooth One, A
Some Day Soon
Some of These Days
Somebody loves me
Sometimes I’m Happy
St. James Infirmary
St Louis blues
Star Burst (Closing Theme)
Star Burst (Opening Theme)
Star Burst (Theme Bridge 1)
Star Burst (Theme Bridge 2)
Star Dust
Stompin' at the Ginza
Stompin' at the Savoy
Stomping At The Savoy
Swedish Schnapps
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Lorraine
Swing et jazz classique
Swing Is Here
Symphony in riffs (2 min 52 s)
Take the "a" Train
Tea for two
Teach Me, Teach Me, Baby
Thanks for the "boogie" ride
That Drummers' Band
That's Drummer's Band
That's life I guess (3 min 02 s)
That's What You Think
There Is No Breeze (To Cool The Flame Of Love)
There's a house in harmem for sale (2 min 48 s)
There's no two ways about it (3 min)
These foolish things (3 min 23 s)
They Didn't Believe Me
This Can't Be Love
This Time the Dream's on Me
This year's kisses (3 min 08 s)
Three little words
To Be Or No To Be-Bop
Tokyo Express
Top hat, white tie and tails (3 min 47 s)
Tutti Frutti
Tuxedo Junction
Ultimate Anita O'Day selected by Alan Paul of Manhattan Transfer
Up and Atom
Up Stepped the Moon
Very Thought of You, The
Vibraphone blues (3 min 20 s)
Violets for Your Furs
Wabash stomp (3 min 08 s)
Walked In, I
Walls Keep Talking, The
Watch the Birdie
Way of All Flesh, The
What Is This Thing Called Love
What's This?
When You Awake
Where or When
Who loves you (3 min 11 s)
Who's Rhythm
Who's sorry now (3 min 05 s)
Why was I born (2 min 49 s)
Wings on My Shoes
Wire brush stomp (2 min 13 s)
Wire Bush Stomp
Wonderful, 's
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, The
Yardbird Suite
Yes, My Darling Daughter
Yes, Yes, Honey
You Are the One
You Be You
You Danced With Dynamite
You Forget About Me
You Forgot About Me
You Go to My Head
You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again
You showed me the way (2 min 58 s)
You Turned the Tables on Me
Contributed to or performed: 
'Murder' He Says
(Back Home Again in) Indiana
(Back Home Again in) Indiana (II)
(Did You Ever Get) That Feeling in the Moonlight
10 Ritchie Drive
100 Hits: Jazz Greats
100 Jazz Greats
100 Jazz Masters
16 All Time Jazz Sessions Vol 7
20th Century Noise: A Millennial Soundtrack
25 Great Jazz Performances
25 Jazz Greats, Volume 1
25 Memories of the 40's Vol. 1
25 Memories of the 40's Vol. 4
50 Finest Jazz
70 Oz of Big Band
75 All Time Jazz Sessions
A-Z Encyclopedia of Jazz, The
After You've Gone
All by Myself
American Big Bands
American Pop: An Audio History - From Minstrels to Mojo: On Record, 1893-1946
Anthology of Scat Singing, Volume 3 - 1933-1941
April in Paris
Babe Takes a Bow, The
Ball of Fire
Bandstand Heros
Bebop Era, The
Begin the Beguine
Bernie's Tune
Bernie’s Tune
Best of Big Band Swing
Best Of Big Bands
Best of Boogie Woogie, The
Best of Both Worlds, The
Best of Broadway: The '30s, The
Best of Swing 2
Best of the Big Bands
Big Band Bash
Big Band Best, Volume 2
Big Band Blast! The Classic Originals
Big Band Blues
Big Band Collection, The
Big Band Jamboree
Big Band Jazz
Big Band Jump: The Great Swing Band Anthology
Big Band Music - The Sound of the Fabulous Forties
Big Band Remixed and Reinvented
Big Band Selection, Volume 4, The
Big Band Sound, The
Big Band Stars and Stripes
Big Band Swing (disc 1)
Big Bands & Classic Jazz 2
Big Bands, Volume 1, The
Big Bands, Volume 3
Blue Lou
Blue Moon
Blue Rhythm Fantasy
Body and Soul
Bog Noise from Winnetka
Bolero At the Savoy
Boog It
Boogie Blues
Boogie Woogie
Born to Swing
Buddy's Blues
Buddy’s Blues
By the River St. Marie
Café Jazz 2
Cafe Moods
Calling Dr. Gillespie
Caro Emerald Presents: Drum Rolls & Heart Breaks
Chickery Chick
Classic Jazz: The Forties
Cole Porter Songbook
Compact Jazz: Best of the Big Bands
Compact Jazz: Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich
Complete Capitol Recordings of Gene Krupa & Harry James, The
Complete Jazz at the Philharmonic on Verve 1944-1949, The
Cool Jazz
Cool Swing
Dark Eyes
Deep in the Blues
Delicious Hot Jazz - Volume 1
Disc Jockey Jump
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
Don't Be That Way
Down Argentina Way
Drum Battle, The
Drum Boogie
Drummer Man
Drummin' Man
Drummin’ Man
Edward Hopper and the Music of New York
Electro Swing Republic
Encyclopedia of Jazz, The
Engine Room: A History of Jazz Drumming From Storyville to 52nd Street, The
Essential Big Bands, The
Fare Thee Well, Annie Laurie
Fascinatin' Rhythm
Feelin' Fancy
Flying Home
Found a New Baby, I
From Latin to Jazz Dance, Volume 2
Full Dress Hop
Gene Krupa Story Finale, The
Gene Krupa Story, The
Gene's Boogie
Gene’s Blues
Georgia on My Mind
GI Jukebox, Volume 3
Giant Jazz Hits
Giants of Jazz
Giants of Swing
Gitanes Jazz - Big Band
Golden Legends: Big Band Legends
Grandfather's Clock
Great Vocalists of the Big Band Era
Green Eyes
Guard Sessions
Hear Music, I
History of Jazz: 100 Jazz Hits as Featured in the Celebrated TV Series, The
History of Pop Radio, Vol. 6: 1935-1936, The
History of Pop Radio: 1920-1951, The
Hit Parade!: Favorite Themes from America’s Swing Era
Hollywood's Best: The Thirties
Hooray for Hollywood
Hooray for Hollywood (From "Hollywood Hotel")
Hooray for Hollywood (from Hollywood Hotel)
Hope Gabriel Likes My Music, I
How 'Bout That Mess?
How ’Bout That Mess
How About That Mess?
How High the Moon
How High the Moon?
I'd Know You Anywhere
I'll Never Be the Same
I'm Just Wild About Harry
I've Got the World on a String
In the Middle of May
In the Mood, Vol. 2
Introduction - Guard Session 42
Introduction - Guard Session 43
Introduction - Guard Session 44
Isn't That Just Like Love?
It All Comes Back to Me Now
It Don't Mean a Thing
It Don't Mean A Thing (20 Big Band Classics)
It’s Swing Time
It’s Swingtime by Media
Jazz & Latin American Songs: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, México
Jazz At The Philharmonic: Best Of The 1940s Concerts
Jazz Divas: Gold
Jazz en Verve, Volume 1: Swing & Jazz Classique
Jazz Favourites
Jazz Greats
Jazz Greats (disc 1)
Jazz Greats (disc 2)
Jazz Greats (disc 3)
Jazz Greats (Three Disc Box)
Jazz Greats, Volume 53: Big Band Voices
Jazz Hits, Volume 3
Jazz Legends 97
Jazz Master Files
Jazz Masterpieces
Jazz of the 1930s: Greatest Hits
Jazz on Film … Biopics
Jazz Station (disc 2)
Jazz Swing
Jazz Swing: 28 Jazz Performances From the Swing-Era
Jazz Years - History of Jazz Box set, The
Jazz-Club Mainstream: Big Bands
Jeep Jockey Jump / Mainstem / Sing Sing Sing
Jeepers Creepers
Juke Joint Jive: Go Daddy Go
Jumpin' at the Woodside
Jumpin' Jive and Swing Favorites
Jungle Madness
Just a Little Bit of North Carolina
Just in Time
Keep 'Em Flying
Ken Burns Jazz: The Story of America's Music
Kick It
King Porter Stomp
Kings of Swing
Kings of Swing, Volume 1
Kings of Swing, Volume 2
Kings of Swing, Volume 3
Kings of Swing, Volume 4
Knock Me a Kiss
Know That You Know, I
Krupa and Rich
L’Histoire du jazz vocal - The Story of Vocal Jazz: 1911–1940
Laid Back Jazz Vol.2
Leave Us Leap
Led Zeppelin's Jukebox
Left My Heart in San Francisco, I
Legendary Stars of the 20th Century, The
Legends of Jazz
Let Me Off Uptown
Let's Dance With
Let's Dance, Volume 2
Let's Dance: 24 Swinging Favourites of the Big Band Era Vol. 1
Let's Swing
Like the Fella Once Said
Lindy Essentials, Volume 18
Lindy Essentials, Volume 27
Lindy Essentials, Volume 28
Lindy Essentials, Volume 29
Lindy Hop Jamboree, Part 5, Groovin'
Lindy Hop Jamboree, Part 7: Jumpin'
Love Is in My Heart
Madam Swimgs It, The
Man I Love, The
Manhattan Transfer
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Jazz 4 You, Volume 1
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Swing Out Jazz
Monster, The
Moon Over Burma
Moonlight Serenade: Die größten Big Bands
More Fabulous Swing
Murdy Purdy
Music of WWII, Vol. 4, The
Mutiny in the Parlor [1939-02-29]
My Ideal
Narrative - Guard Session 41
Narrative - Guard Session 43
Narrative - Guard Session 44
Never Felt Better
Never Felt Better, Never Had Less
Never Knew, I
New Zealand at War: Songs From the Era
Night and Day
No Name Jive
Oh, Lady, Be Good!
Old Black Joe
On The Alamo
Op. No. 1: Opus No. One
Opus No.1
Opus One
Pass the Bounce
Pennies From Heaven
plus grands moments du Jazz, Les
Pre Historie 1950, Volume 2, De
Quiet and Roll 'em
Real Jazz
Really the Blues? A Blues History 1893-1959 Volume1 (Of 4) (1893-1929)
Remember Pearl Harbor
Rhythm Jam
Roberta: Yesterdays
Rock a Shacka, Volume 3
Rockin' Chair
Royal Garden Blues
Selection of Boogie Woogie
Sentimental Journey
September Song
Sergent Was Shy, The
Should Have Kept on Dreaming, I
Side by Side
Simply Swing
Sing When You're Swinging
Sing, Sing, Sing
Sing, Sing, Sing, Parts I & II
Slow Down
Smooth Jazz: Collector’s Edition
Sometimes I'm Happy
Sophisticated Lady
Spiritual Jazz
Stompin' at the Savoy
Stop! The Red Light's On
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweetheart, Honey, Darlin', Dear
Sweethearts on Parade
Swing Christmas..., A
Swing Collection
Swing Era: Swingtime
Swing Is Here
Swing Is The Thing
Swing Out
Swing Time
Swing Time for Dancing
Swing-Raritäten, Volume 1
Swing! Greatest Hits
Swingin’ Talkin’ Verve
Swingtime (disc 2)
Symphony in Riffs
Tea for Two
Thanks for the Boogie Ride
That Drummer's Band
That Swing Thing
That's Bebop
That's New York, Man!
That's What You Think
There Is No Breeze (to Cool the Flame of Love)
There'll Be Some Changes Made
Toast to Big Bands
Too Many Girls: I'd Like to Recognize the Tune
Treasury Of Golden Band Era, Vol.1, Disk C
Treasury of Golden Band Era, Vol.1, Disk D
Tutti Frutti
Tuxedo Junction
Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 36: Big Band, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, The
Ultimate Jazz Collection (1927-1949), The
Up an Atom
Verve Jazz Box
Verve Records & Rockstar Games Present LA Noire Remixed
Verve Story: 1944-1994, The
Very Best of the Big Band Era, The
Violets for Your Furs
Walls Keep Talking, The
Warner Bros. 75 Years Entertaining the World: Film Music
Watch the Birdie
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
What's This
Whatcha Know Joe
Wie man mit Jazz die Herzen der Frauen gewinnt
Wire Brush Stomp
World of Big Band, The
Yes My Darling Daughter
Yes, My Darling Daughter
Thesis (M.A.)--Columbia University, 1966