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Douglas, Jacobus
Douglas, James
Douglas, James (médecin)
Douglasius, Jacobus
Douglass, Jacobo
Douglass, Jacobus
Douglass (M.)
Dovglass, Jacobus
James Douglas (arts)
James Douglas (britischer Anatom und Chirurg)
James Douglas (physician)
Джеймс Дуглас
جیمز داگلاس
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Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried (1697-1770)
Douglas, James (1675-1742))
Holmberg, Börje
Poole, Matthew (1624-1679)
Potuliet, Gerard
Sayes, William
Schreiber, Johann Friedrich (1705-1760))
Schreiber, Johann Friedrich de Koenigsberg (médecin)
Strahan, George (16..-17..; libraire))
Sylvestre, Peter
Wishoff, Coenraad (Leiden)
Account of the blood vessels and nerves
Advertisement occasion'd by some passages in sir R. Manningham's diary lately publish'd. By J. Douglas, M.D.
Arbor Yemensis fructum cofè ferens or, a description and history of the coffee tree. By Dr. James Douglas, Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London: And Fellow of the Royal Society
Bibliographiae anatomicae specimen... cura et studio Jacobi Douglas,... Editio secunda... [Edidit Adrianus Peleryn Chrouet.]
Bibliographiae anatomicae specimen sive catalogus omnium pene auctorum qui ab Hippocrate ad Harvaeum rem anatomicam ex professo, vel obiter, scriptis illustrarunt. Opera singulorum, & inventa juxta temporum seriem complectens
Catalogus editionum Quinti Horatii Flacci, ab ann. 1476. ad ann. 1739. Quæ in bibliotheca Jacobi Douglas, colleg. medicor. Londinens. Socii Honorarii et S.R.S. Adservantur.
Descriptio comparata mvscvlorvm corporis hvmani et qvadrvpedis; eorum inuentores; ortus; progressus; insertiones; actiones; ac differentias exhibens. Cui adcesserunt: Historia mvscvlorvm, feminae singvlarivm; tabvla, explicans mvscvlorvm nomina; plurimique necessarii indices.
Descriptio peritonaei nec non portiunculae membranae cellularis ...
Description of the Guernsey lilly. The 2nd edition... by James Douglas,...
Description of the peritoneum, and of that part of the membranea cellularis which lies on its outside, with an account of the true situation of all the abdominal viscera, in respect of these two membranes, by Dr James Douglas,...
first ode of Horace, copied from a MS. in my Collection of the Editions of his Works, written, as is supposed, about Two hundred Years before Printing, The
Historia musculorum, feminae singularium
Historiæ lateralis ad extrahendum calculum sectionis appendix; sive Cystotomia Cheseldeniana, ... quam Anglice conscriptam Latino donavit P. Condoidi.
History of the lateral operation or, an account of the method of extracting a stone ... first attempted by frere jacques in france, and afterwards successfully perform'd by professor rau in holland. with a postscript concerning the introduction and improvement of this method here in london. by james douglas, m.d
Index materiæ medicæ: or, A catalogue of simple medicines that are sit to be used in the practice of physick and surgery : Containing I. The officinal name of each in Latin, with the accent and genitive case. II. A short botanical description fo the species that is commonly used. III. The name in Greek and English. IV. The part that is most in use. V. The names of the dispensatory, or shop preparations and compositions. To which are added two tables, in the first the simple medicines are reduced under general heads. And, in the second, they are classed according to theri principal vertues.
Jacobi Douglasii,... Descriptio peritonei et membranae cellularis, una cum recensione veri situs omnium viscerum abdominis quantum ad has membranas attinet, ex anglico latine versa et annotationibus aucta ab Elia Friderico Heistero,...
James Douglas on English pronunciation, c. 1740
Lateralis operationis historia, seu descriptio methodi calculum extrahendi... : accedit de ejusdem methodi apud Londinenses introductione, & progressu
Myographiæ comparatæ specimen or, a comparative description of all the muscles in a man and in a quadruped. ... By James Douglas, M.D
Nine anatomical figures, representing the external parts, muscles, and bones of the human body: the out-lines taken from the figures of vesalius and bidloo, under the direction of the Late Dr. James Douglas
Nouvelle manière de faire l'opération de la taille
Puritan Bookshelf.
supplement to the description of the coffee-tree, lately published by Dr. Douglas. Containing, I. The History of the Use of Coffee in Asia and in Europe. II. Of the Use of Coffee in the Western Parts of Europe. III. Of the Coffee-Trade. IV. Of the Choice of Coffee. V. Whether the Arabians use any Art to prevent the Growth of the Coffee-Plant in other Countries, A
Tabulae anatomico-pathologicae ineditae XXIX