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Wilde, W.
Wilde (W. R.)
Wilde, W. R. (Sir)
Wilde, William
Wilde, William R.
Wilde, William R. (Sir)
Wilde, William Robert
Wilde, William Robert (Sir)
Wilde, William Robert W.
Wilde (William Robert Wills)
Wilde, William Robert Wills (Sir)
William Wilde (Brits chirurg (-1876))
William Wilde (chirurgo e oculista irlandese)
William Wilde (Irish surgeon and writer)
Ουίλιαμ Ουάιλντ (Ιρλανδός ανθρωπολόγος και πατέρας του Όσκαρ Ουάιλντ)
Уильям Уайльд
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Haselberg, Ernst von
Hernández González, Manuel (1960-)
Kennedy, John Pitt (1796-1879)
Montjoye, Irene
Museum of the Royal Irish Academy
Royal Irish academy
Royal Irish Academy (Dublin). Museum
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Wilde, Jane Francesca (1826-1896))
Wilde, Lady (1821-1896)
Wilde, W. R. (1815-1876)
Wilde, William Robert (1815-1876)
Wilde, William Robert Wills (1815-1876)
Account of a manuscript of Dr. Willoughby's written in 1690, on the climate and diseases of Ireland.
Ancient legends, mystic charms, and superstitions of Ireland
Australian poets & their works : a reader's guide
Austria, its literary, scientific, and medical institutions
beauties of the Boyne and its tributary, the Blackwater., The
causes and treatment of Otorrhoea, The
closing years of Dean Swift's life;, The : with an appendix, containing several of his poems hitherto unpublished, and some remarks on Stella.
Contributions to ophthalmic surgery
Contributions to the history of medicine in Ireland
Copy letter from James Henthorn Todd to Sir William Wilde
Description of the Tonymore crannoge on the property of Lord Farnham, in the county of Cavan.
descriptive catalogue of the antiquities of stone, earthen, and vegetable materials, in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy ..., A
essay on the malformations and congenital diseases of the organs of sight, An
Ethnology of the ancient Irish
I.iv.2. Correspondence of John Pitt Kennedy concerning Ireland's difficulties
inquiry into the time of the introduction and the general use of the potato in Ireland, and its various failures since that period. Also, a notice of the substance called bog butter., An
Ireland-past and present.
Irish popular superstitions
Letter from [Gerald] Fitzgibbon to [William Robert] Wilde, accepting to take the second part of his catalogue
Letter from Sir William Robert Wilde, to George Francis Mulvany, recommending a painting for the National Gallery
Letter from Sir William Robert Wilde, to "Mr. Collins", expressing disappointment that the previous days debate has not been well publicised in the press
Lough Corrib : its shores and islands ; with notices of Lough Mask
Medico-legal observations upon the case of Amos Greenwood : tried at the Liverpool Assizes, December, 1857, for the wilful murder of Mary Johnson, and sentenced to penal servitude for life.
Memoir of Gabriel Beranger, and his labours in the cause of Irish art and antiquities, from 1760 to 1780
Narración de un viaje a Tenerife, 2004
Narrative of a voyage to Madeira, Teneriffe and along the shores of the Mediterranean, including a visit to Algiers, Egypt, Palestine, Tyre, Rhodes, Telmessus, Cyprus and Greece With observations on the present state and prospects of Egypt and Palestine, and on the climate, natural history, antiquities, etc, of the countries visited
Observations on the epidemic ophthalmia which has prevailed in the workhouses, and schools, of the tipperary and athlone unions
Oscar Wildes Vater über Metternichs Österreich William Wilde - ein irischer Augenarzt über Biedermeier und Vormärz in Wien
Practical observations on aural surgery and the nature and treatment of diseases of the ear
Praktische Bemerkungen über Ohren-Heilkunde und die Natur und Behandlung der Krankheiten des Ohres
proposal relative to the Nelson testimonial., A
Report on the progress of ophthalmic surgery for the year 1847
Transcriptions by C.G. Doran of two collections of letters
Victorian doctor : being the life of Sir William Wilde