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C, J.
C, Josiah Child
Child, Josiah
Child, Josiah (Sir)
Child, Josiah (Sir, Bart)
Child, Josias (Sir)
Child, Sir Josiah
Child, Sir Josiah (bart)
J. C
J. C, Josiah Child
Josiah Child
Josiah Child (econoom uit Koninkrijk Engeland (1630-1699))
Josiah Child (englischer Kaufmann und Ökonom)
Josiah Child (English merchant and politician)
Same hand
チャイルド, ジョサイヤ
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Butel-Dumont, Georges-Marie (1725-1788))
Changuion, François (Amsterdam)
Culpeper, Thomas
Delatour, Louis-François (Paris)
Gournay, Jacques-Claude-Marie Vincent de (1712-1759)
Gournay, Vincent de (co-author)
Machiavelli, Niccolò (1469-1527)
Meyssonnier, Simone (co-author)
Néaulme, Jean (1694-1780))
Papillon, Thomas (1623-1702))
Vincent de Gournay, Jacques Marie Claude (1712-1759))
Witt, Johan de (1625-1672)
Discourse about trade. Chapter 5.
East-India-trade a most profitable trade to the kingdom and best secured and improved in a company and a joint-stock, The : represented in a letter written upon the occasion of two letters lately published, insinuating the contrary.
Essay on the state of England.
essay on wool. -, An
great honour and advantage of the East-India trade to the kingdom asserted, The
Letter from a lawyer of the Inner Temple to his friend in the country concerning the East-India stock and the project of uniting the new and old companies., A
method concerning the relief and employment of the poor humbly offer'd to the consideration of the King and both houses of Parliament in the following tract, A
New Discourse of trade... by sir Josiah Child,... To which is added a small Treatise against usury, by the same author. The fifth edition, A
New Discourse of trade, wherein is recommended several weighty points relating to Companies of merchants, the act of navigation, naturalization of strangers and our woollen manufactures, the ballance of trade... by sir Josiah Child. The second edition, A
Recueil contenant: Réglemens des établissemens de charité du canton de Berne. Rapport de l'Institut des indigens de Hambourg. Instructions pour la junte d'hospice et de réfuge de Barcelone. Législation anglaise concernant les pauvres infirmes, les valides et les vagabonds. Institution de bienfaisance, en faveur des artisans de Berlin et de Potsdam. Publié par ordre du Ministre de l'Intérieur.
Riddarens Josiah Childs Tankar om reversers transporterande frân en til en annan utdragne utur dess Tal om handel, och öfversatte af engelskan til det allmännas tjänst vid Riksdagen år 1756.
Select dissertations on colonies and plantations By those celebrated authors, Sir Josiah Child, Charles D'Avenant, ... and Mr. William Wood. Wherein the nature of plantations, ... are seriously considered. And a plan proposed, which may settle the unhappy differences between Great Britain and America.
Select tracts relating to colonies. : Consisting of I. An essay on plantations. By Sir Francis Bacon ... II. Some passages taken out of the History of Florence, &c. III. A treatise. By John DeWitt ... IV. The benefit of plantations or colonies. By William Penn. V. A discourse concerning plantations. By Sir Josiah Child.
Selected works : 1668-1697
Short addition to the observations concerning trade and interest of money
Sir Josiah Child's proposals for the relief and employment of the poor
Supplement, 1689, to a former treatise concerning the East-India trade, printed 1681.
traités sur le commerce de Josiah Child, 1983:
Traités sur le commerce de Josiah Child avec les remarques inédites de Vincent de Gournay
Traités sur le commerce et sur les avantages qui résultent de la diminution de l'intérêt de l'argent...
Traités sur le commerce et sur les avantages qui résultent de la réduction de l'interest de l'argent
Traités sur le commerce et sur les avantages qui résultent de la réduction de línterest de lárgent
treatise wherein is demonstrated ... 1681:, A