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Kevin Puts
Kevin Puts (American composer)
Kevin Puts (Amerikaans componist)
Kevin Puts (amerikanischer Komponist)
Kevin Puts (compositeur américain)
Puts, Kevin
Puts, Kevin Matthew
Putz, Kevin
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Hiltzik, Scott (1962-....))
Johnson, Craig Hella
Kernis, Aaron Jay (1960-....))
Lauridsen, Morten (1943-....))
Library of Congress. Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation
Shaw Wylie, Ruth (1916-1989))
Thomas, Michael Tilson- (1944-..))
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Airs, cello, piano
Airs, clarinet, piano
Airs, flute, piano
Airs, violin, piano
Alternating Current: I. Energico
Alternating Current: II. Deliberato
Alternating Current: III. Electric
And legions will rise
Arias Violon, piano
Concertos, clarinet, string orchestra
Concertos, flute, orchestra
Concertos, marimba, orchestra
Concertos, oboe, string ensemble
Concertos, percussion, orchestra
Concertos, violin, orchestra
Credo: I. The Violin Guru of Katonah -
Credo: II. Infrastructure -
Credo: III. Intermezzo: Learning to Dance -
Credo: IV. Infrastructure (cont'd) -
Credo: V. Credo
Einstein on Mercer Street: Part 1
Einstein on Mercer Street: Part 2
Einstein on Mercer Street: Part 3
Élégie Cuivres
Elegy, violins (2), viola, cello
Flute Concerto: I. With great sincerity and affection; flexible, with motion
Flute Concerto: II. Andante
Flute Concerto: III. Very fast, with tremendous energy
Hymn to the sun
If I were a swan
Inspiring Beethoven
Lento assai : for string quartet
Lento assai, violins (2), viola, cello
Living frescoes
Millennium canons
Minimalist rag
Mountain scenes
Nocturnes, piano, clarinet, violin
Of all the moons
Ritual protocol [SR] p2001:
River of light
River's Rush
Rounds for Robin
Silent night
Sinfonien Nr. 1
Sinfonien Nr. 4
Sound the bells ! [Enregistrement sonore] : American premières for brass ; the Bay brass. Harmonia mundi USA HMU 807556
Symphonies, no. 1
Symphonies, no. 2
Symphonies, no. 3
Symphony no. 2
Symphony no. 3 "Vespertine": I. Through the Warmthest Cord
Symphony no. 3 "Vespertine": II. I Have a Recurrent Dream
Symphony no. 3 "Vespertine": III. It's Not Meant to Be a Strife
Symphony no. 4 "From Mission San Juan": I. Prelude: Mission San Juan Bautista, ca. 1800
Symphony no. 4 "From Mission San Juan": II. Arriquetpon (diary of Francisco Arroyo de la Cuesta, 1818)
Symphony no. 4 "From Mission San Juan": III. Interlude
Symphony no. 4 "From Mission San Juan": IV. Healing Song
To Touch the Sky: I. Annunciation
To Touch the Sky: II. Unbreakable
To Touch the Sky: III. The Fruit of Silence
To Touch the Sky: IV. Falling Snow
To Touch the Sky: V. At Castle Wood
To Touch the Sky: VI. Epitaph
To Touch the Sky: VII. Who has seen the wind?
To Touch the Sky: VIII. With my two arms
To Touch the Sky: XI. Most noble evergreen
Trio variations
Violin Concerto: I. Meditation
Violin Concerto: II. Caprice
Contributed to or performed: 
Kevin Puts: Credo / Antonin Dvorák: American
Symphony no. 2 / Flute Concerto / River's Rush
To Touch the Sky / If I Were a Swan / Symphony no. 4 "From Mission San Juan"