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Author of Maynooth, the Crown (and the country)
Bishop of Lincoln
Christopher Wordsworth
Christopher Wordsworth (Bishop of Lincoln)
Lincoln (Bishop of,)
Lord Bishop of Lincoln
Maynooth, the Crown (and the country, Author of,)
Wordsworth, C.
Wordsworth, Chr.
Wordsworth, Christopher,
Wordsworth, Christopher, (bp. of Lincoln,)
Wordsworth, Christopher, (vesc. di Lincoln,)
Wordsworth, Cristoforo,
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Bishop (1868-1885 : Wordsworth) (see also from)
Fritzsche, Adolf Theodor Hermann (1818-1878)
Godfrey, Fréderic
O'Mahony, Thaddeus
Plouviez, Charles
Regnault, Élias (1801-1868))
Théocrite (0300-0250 av. J.-C.))
Thom, Alexander (1801-1879)
Thom, Sarah
Wordsworth, John (1805-1839)
Wordsworth, William (1770-1850))
Apocalypse, The
Athens and Attica: journal of a residence there.
charge of the archdeacon of Dorset delivered to the clergy and chruchwardens at his visitation in June 1874, 1874:, A
Christian institutes...
Church of Ireland, The : Her history and claims : four sermons preached before the University of Cambridge
Church of Rome, or, The Babylon of the Apocalypse. Three lectures, The
correspondence of Richard Bentley, The
Diary in France, mainly on topics concerning education and the church.
dottrina di Sant'Ippolito intorno alla supremazia romana ed alla fallibilità dei papi, 1870:, La
early wordswothian milieu, The
Grèce pittoresque et historique..., La
Greece: pictorial, descriptive, and historical.
holy year; or, hymns for Sundays and holidays throughout the year and for other occasions., The
Hymns Persian & English, 1996 ;
Inscriptiones pompeianæ; or, specimens and facmilies of ancient inscriptions discovered on the walls of buildings at Pompeii.
inspiration of the Bible: five lectures, The
Journal of a tour in Italy : with reflections on the present condition and prospects of religion in that country
[Kritik von: Theocritus von B. Fabricius] [Cantabrigiae 1844]
Lectures on the Apocalypse critical, expository, and practical, delivered before the University of Cambridge
manner of the coronation of King Charles the First of England, The : at Westminster, 2 Feb., 1626
Maynooth, the crown, and the country.
MdU/G-K files
Memoirs of William Wordsworth, poet-laureate, D. C. L.
New testament of our lord and saviour jesus christ : in the original greek
Notice of an inscription found at Athens in 1833, and sent to Mr. Hamilton
Occasional sermons preached in Westminster Abbey.
On sisterhoods and vows
On the canon of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, and on the apocrypha : eleven discourses, preached before the University of Cambridge : being the Hulsean lectures for the year 1847
On the revised version of the New Testament : an address read at the Lincoln Diocesan Conference, October 21, 1881
On the sale of church patronage and Simony
Public Worship Regulation Act, 1877:
réforme catholique congrès de Cologne, La : lettre de Mgr l'évèque de Lincoln au clergé et aux fidèles de son diocèse à l'occasion de sa visite au congrès des vieux-catholiques de Cologne.
Remarks on M. Bunsen's work on St. Hippolytus
review of the Maynooth endowment bill ... 1845:, A
Salutatio reciproca episcopi Lincolniensis ad Veteres Catholicos.
Scholae academicae : some account of studies at the English universities in the eighteenth century
Sequel to Letters to M. Gondon ...
Six letters from Greece
Some letters of the Wordsworth family now first published
Songs of thankfulness and praise
St. Edmund
St. Hippolytus and the church of Rome in the earlier part of the third century.
St. Patrick, his life and times.
Theocriti Idyllia
Theocritus : codicum manuscriptorum ope
Theophilus Anglicanus : or, Instruction for the young student, concerning the church and the Anglican branch of it
Theophilus Anglicanus ou de l'Eglise catholique et de sa branche anglicane ...