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Gibson, J.
Gibson (John)
Gibson, John (engr)
John Gibson (cartografo e incisore inglese)
John Gibson (Engels cartograaf)
John Gibson (englischer Kartografe)
John Gibson (English cartographer and engraver)
Джон Гибсон
verksam 1750-1792
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Cartographic material
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Anderson, David L.
Barns, Sandra
Beegle, Kathleen
Boe-Gibson, Geua
Bowen, Emanuel (169.-1767)
Bowen, Emanuel (m. 1767)
Cameron, Michael
Cameron, Michael P.
Cao, Kay
Chung, Chul
Daldy, Bridget
De Weerdt, Joachim
Deng, Xiangzheng
Doan, Tinh
Doan, Tinh T.
Doan, Tinh Thanh
Evans, Lewis (1700?-1756)
Fatai, Osaiasi Koliniusi
Francis Longe Collection (Library of Congress)
Friedman, Jed
Gibson, J.
Gibson, J.K.
Gibson, John
Gibson, John (see also from)
Gibson, John K
Gibson, Susan Olivia and John
Harris, R.I.D.
Harris, Richard I D
Hector, Chris
Hillman, Jimmye S.
Holmes, Mark
Huang, Jikun
Huang, Qiuqiong
John, Gibson
Josling, Timothy E.
Kim, Bonggeun
Kim, Bongguen
Le, Trinh
Li, Chao
Ma, Hengyun
Mckenzie, David
Morton, Melanie
Mulgrave, Constantine John Phipps Baron, 1744-1792
Newbery, Francis -1780
Oxley, Les
Patabendige, Ananda
Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles (1688-1766)
Rohorua, Halahingano
Rozelle, S.
Rozelle, Scott
Salmon, 1679-1767
Salmon, Thomas
Sayer, Robert (1724?-1794)
Scobie, Grant
Scobie, Grant M
Scrimgeour, Frank G.
Smith, Aaron D.
Sorel, Lewis (17..-17.)
Sullivan, Karen A.
Tressler, John
Uchida, Emi
University of Waikato / Waikato Management School / Department of Economics
University of Waikato / Waikato Management School / Pacific Island New Zealand Migration Study
Watane, Carolyn
Weerdt, Joachim De
Woodroofe, Thomas (17..-18..? navigateur)
Zia, Bilal
1 carte d'Afrique
1re carte de Suisse
1re carte des sept Provinces-Unies des Païs-Bas
Accounting for selectivity and duration-dependent heterogeneity when estimating the impact of emigration on incomes and poverty in sending areas
accurate map of North America describing. .. the British, Spanish and French dominions..., exhibiting the present seat of Wav... also all the West India islands..., An
accurate map of the British Empire in Nth. America as settled by the Preliminaries in 1762, An
accurate map of the West Indies with the adjacent coast, An
appendage to the maps of the Orenburgh expedition n° 1 & the provinces in Siberia n°2 as taken by the Russians in 1747
Are Kiwis saving enough for retirement? Evidence from SOFIE
Australia's Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme (PSWPS): Development Impacts in the First Two Years
authors routs from London as for as Zarityen back through Russia Germany and Holland., The
Can We Trust Cluster-Corrected Standard Errors? An Application of Spatial Autocorrelation with Exact Locations Known
Carte de Norwége & 2e. de Suéde
China's energy economy: A survey of the literature
China's energy economy: Technical change, factor demand and interfactor/interfuel substitution
China’s Energy Situation and Its Implications in the New Millennium
cohort analysis of household income, consumption and saving, A
[Colonial America]
Correlation versus causation and the apparent external benefits of education
Cost- and Income-based Measures of Human Capital
CPI bias and real living standards in Russia during the transition
CPI Mismeasurements and Their Impacts on Economic Management in Korea
Decomposing ethnic differences in the incidence of employer-provided training in New Zealand
Development Impact of a Best Practice Seasonal Worker Policy: New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme, The
Development Impacts of Seasonal and Temporary Migration: A Review of Evidence from the Pacific and Southeast Asia
Distributional Impact of KiwiSaver Incentives, The
Do Lower Expected Wage Benefits Explain Ethnic Age Gaps in Job-Related Training? Evidence from New Zealand
Do Research Assessment Exercises Raise the Returns to Publication Quality? Evidence from the New Zealand Market for Academic Economists
Do Returns to Schooling Go Up During Transition? The Not So Contrary Case of Vietnam
Do roads lead to grassland degradation or restoration? A case study in Inner Mongolia, China
Do the Urban Poor Face Higher Food Prices? Evidence from Vietnam
Does Measurement Error Explain a Paradox About Household Size and Food Demand? Evidence from Variation in Household Survey Methods
economic consequences of"brain drain"of the best and brightest: microeconomic evidence from five countries, The
Effect of Infrastructure Access and Quality on Non-farm Employment and Income in Rural Indonesia, The
Effect of Infrastructure Access and Quality on Non-Farm Enterprises in Rural Indonesia, The
effect of reporting errors on the cross-country relationship between inequality and crime, The
effects of price on household demand for food and calories in poor countries: are our databases giving reliable estimates?, The
Efficient remittance services for development in the Pacific
Eight questions about brain drain
Empirical Evaluation of Poverty Mapping Methodology: Explicitly Spatial versus Implicitly Spatial Approach, An
Equity Concern and the Political Economy of Protection in New Zealand.
exact maps of the course of the great river Volga, from the survey made by order of the russian court, agreeable to the set of maps publish'd in St. Petersburg in 1745
general map of Saxony and Bohemia, with the adjacent countries, including all Silesia, 1760- :, A
general map of the middle British colonies in America: Viz. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pensilvania, New-Jersey, New-York, Connecticut and Rhode-Island: Of Aquanishuonigy the country of the confederate Indians comprehending Aquanishuonigy proper, their places of residence, Ohio and Thuchsochruntie their deer hunting countries, Couchsachrage and Skaniadarade their beaver hunting countries, of the Lakes Erie, Ontario and Champlain, and of part of New France: Wherein is also shewn the antient and present seats of the Indian nations;, A
Gradual reforms and the emergence of energy market in China: Evidence from tests for convergence of energy prices
Heterogeneous Credit Impacts of Healthcare Spending of the Poor in Peri-urban Areas, Vietnam: Quantile Treatment Effects Estimation
Household Credit to the Poor and its Impact on Child Schooling in Peri-urban Areas, Vietnam
Household Energy Demand and the Equity and Efficiency Aspects of Subsidy Reform in Indonesia
Household Saving Behaviour in New Zealand: A Cohort Analysis
Household Saving Behaviour in New Zealand: Why do Cohorts Behave Differently?
Household Wealth and Saving in New Zealand: Evidence from the Longitudinal Survey of Family, Income and Employment
Housing in the Household Portfolio and Implications for Retirement Saving: Some Initial Finding from SOFIE
How Cost Elastic are Remittances? Estimates from Tongan Migrants in New Zealand
How Does High-Skilled Emigration Affect Small Countries: Microeconomic Evidence from Tonga
How Elastic is Calorie Demand? Parametric, Nonparametric, and Semiparametric Results for Urban Papua New Guinea
How important is selection ? Experimental versus non-experimental measuresBRof the income gains from migration
How Important Is Selection? Experimental vs. Non-Experimental Measures of the Income Gains from Migration
How Important is Selection? Experimental vs Non-experimental Measures of the Income Gains of Migration
How Much New Saving will KiwiSaver Produce?
How Pro-Poor is the Selection of Seasonal Migrant Workers from Tonga under New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Program?
How pro-poor is the selection of seasonal migrant workers from Tonga under New Zealand's recognized seasonal employer program ?
How reliable are household expenditures as a proxy for permanent income? Implications for the income–nutrition relationship
How Widespread are Non-linear Crowding Out Out Effects? The Response of Private Transfers to Income in Four Developing Countries
How widespread are nonlinear crowding out effects? The response of private transfers to income in four developing countries
Identifying the poor for efficient targeting: Results for papua new guinea
Ie Carte de Pologne
Illustration of the Average Time Measure of Poverty, An
impact of financial literacy training for migrants, The
impact of growth and distribution on poverty in Papua New Guinea, The
Impacts of Household Credit on Education and Healthcare Spending by the Poor in Peri-urban Areas in Vietnam
Impacts of International Migration on Remaining Household Members: Omnibus Results from a Migration Lottery Program, The
impacts of international migration on remaining household members, The : omnibus results from a migration lottery program
Improving Estimates of Inequality and Poverty from Urban China's Household Income and Expenditure Survey
Is Computing Different? Comparing the Determinants of Computer-Related and Other Subject Matter Training in New Zealand
Is it Better to be a Boy? A Disaggregated Outlay Equivalent Analysis of Gender Bias in Papua New Guinea
journal of a voyage undertaken by order of His present Majesty, for making discoveries towards the North Pole, by the Hon. Commodore Phipps, and Captain Lutwidge, The : In His Majesty's Sloops Racehorse And Carcase. To which is prefixed, an account of the several voyages undertaken for the discovery of a north-east passage to China and Japan.
land of milk and honey with streets paved with gold, A : do emigrants have over-optimistic expectations about incomes abroad ?
land of milk and honey with streets paved with gold: Do emigrants have over-optimistic expectations about incomes abroad?, A
Literacy and Intrahousehold Externalities
Map of the New Governments of East & West Florida, A
map of the routs of the Russian embassy toPersia in 1746, also of Mr. George Thompson 's journey on the East and the author's travels on the South coast of the Caspian sea, with Mr. Van Mierop's journey to Mesched, A
map of the western parts of the colony of Virginia, A
Mapping poverty in rural China: how much does the environment matter?
Measurement Error and the Effect of Inequality on Experienced versus Reported Crime
Measurement Error in Long-term Retrospective Recall Surveys Of Earnings
Measurement Error in Recall Surveys and the Relationship between Household Size and Food Demand
Measures of human capital: A review of the literature
Measuring chronic poverty without a panel
Methods of household consumption measurement through surveys : experimental results from Tanzania
microeconomic determinants of emigration and return migration of the best and brightest: Evidence from the Pacific, The
microeconomic determinants of emigration and return migration of the best and brightest, The : evidence from the Pacific
Migration and mental health : evidence from a natural experiment
Miserable Migrants? Natural Experiment Evidence on International Migration and Objective and Subjective Well-Being
Moving to opportunity, leaving behind what? Evaluating the initial effects of a migration policy on incomes and poverty in source areas
Natural Experiment Evidence on the Effect of Migration on Blood Pressure and Hypertension
Natural Experiment Evidence on Whether Selection Bias Overstates the Gains from Migration
new & accurate map of the Kingdom Prussia and Polish Prussia, A : from the Sieur Robert's atlas with improvements
new and accurate chart of the coast of Africa, from cape Blanco to the river Sierra Leon, with the navigation of the rivers Gambia, Snegal etc the rocks, sands, soundings, setting of the tides and time of high water onthat coast, A
new and accurate map of Sweden and Norway, mellan 1750 och 1792:, A
new and accurate map of the isles of Guadaloupe, Marie-Galante &c. from the best authorities, A
New and Correct Plan of the Cities and suburbs of London & Westminster & borough of Southwark with the Country adjacent, the New Buildings, Roads &c to the Year 1763
Non-Classical Measurement Error in Long-Term Retrospective Recall Surveys
Nutrient Demand Elasticities with Noisy Measures of Household Resources
[Okolice Grodkowa]
[Okolice Kamiennej Góry]
[Okolice Legnicy]
[Okolice Wrocławia]
Papua New Guinea Household Survey, The
plain chart of the Caspian sea according to the observations of Capt. John Elton, author of Elton's Quadrant & Thomas Woodroofe master of the British ship, Impress of Russia,who navigated this sea three years, A
plan of the city of Louisbourg with its fortifications, A
plants of the eastern coast of Lake Huron., The
Policy reform and labour demand in branches of Sri Lankan manufacturing industry
Poverty and Access to Roads in Papua New Guinea
Preliminary Impacts of a New Seasonal Work Program on Rural Household Incomes in the Pacific
Première carte de la Judée ou Terre Sainte divisée en ses douze tribus
Première Carte de la Turquie européenne
Pressure cookers or pressure valves: Do roads lead to deforestation in China?
Prices and Unit Values in Poverty Measurement and Tax Reform Analysis
Private Transfers and the Crowding Out Hypothesis: Semiparametric and Threshold Regression Evidence from Four Developing Countries
Public Sector Pay Premium and Compensating Differentials in the New Zealand Labour Market, The
public sector pay premium, compensating differentials and unions: propensity score matching evidence from Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States, The
Quality, Quantity and Nutritional Impact of Rice Price Changes in Vietnam
Quality, Quantity, and Nutritional Impacts of Rice Price Changes in Vietnam
Reaching Far into the Woods: Impact of Roads on Forest Structure in China
Research productivity in New Zealand university economics departments: Comment and update
Return to schooling in Vietnam during economic transition: Does return to schooling in Vietnam reach its peak?
Return to schooling in Vietnam during economic transition: Does the return reach its peak?
returns to schooling in vietnam during economic transition: does rate of returns to schooling reach its peak?, The
Rice Self-Sufficiency in Papua New Guinea
rising public sector pay premium in the New Zealand labour market, The
Rising Regional Inequality in China: Fact or Artefact?
Saving for Retirement: New Evidence for New Zealand
Scientific Mobility and Knowledge Networks in High Emigration Countries: Evidence from the Pacific
Sheepskin effects and the returns to education in New Zealand: Do they differ by ethnic groups?
Spatial autocorrelation and non-farm rural enterprises in Indonesia
Spatial Correlation in Household Choices in Rural Indonesia
Spatial Price Differences and Inequality in China: Housing Market Evidence
Subsidies, selectivity and the returns to education in urban Papua New Guinea
Substitution possibilities and determinants of energy intensity for China
survey of China's renewable energy economy, A
Testing for boy-girl discrimination with household expenditure data: results for Papua New Guinea
Testing for Energy Market Integration in China
Testing the Infrequent Purchases Model Using Direct Measurement of Hidden Consumption from Food Stocks
Time to Vote?
Trade Liberalisation and Plant Exit in New Zealand Manufacturing.
Unit Value Biases in Meat Demand in Indonesia
Unit Value Biases in Price Elasticities of Demand for Meat in Indonesia
Unobservable family effects and the apparent external benefits of education
Using Engel curves to estimate CPI bias in a small, open, inflation-targeting economy
Using Engel Curves to Measure CPI Bias for Indonesia
Using Global Positioning Systems in Household Surveys for Better Economics and Better Policy
Using Panel Data to Exactly Estimate Income Under-Reporting by the Self Employed
Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) in Household Surveys For Better Economics and Better Policy
Value of Life and Measuring the Benefits of Landmine Clearance in Cambodia
value of statistical life and cost–benefit evaluations of landmine clearance in Cambodia, The
Value of Statistical Life and the Economics of Landmine Clearance in Developing Countries, The
Wealth and saving in New Zealand: evidence from the longitudinal survey of family, income and employment
What determines credit participation and credit constraints of the poor in peri-urban areas, Vietnam?
What does variation in survey design reveal about the nature of measurement errors in household consumption ?
What explains the wealth gap between immigrants and the New Zealand born?
What happens to diet and child health when migration splits households? Evidence from a migration lottery program
Which Households Are Most Distant from Health Centers in Rural China? Evidence from a GIS Network Analysis
Which Journal Rankings Best Explain Academic Salaries? Evidence from the University of California
Why Do Big Firms Pay Higher Wages? Evidence from an International Database
Why Does the Engel Method Work? Food Demand, Economies of Size and Household Survey Methods.
Why is income inequality so low in China compared to other countries?: The effect of household survey methods
Why is job security lower for Maori and pacific island workers? The role of employer-provided training
Women’s Retirement Incomes in New Zealand: A Household Bargaining Approach