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Arnold (Samuel)
Arnold, Samuel (Dr)
Samuel Arnold
Samuel Arnold (britisk komponist)
Samuel Arnold (Brits componist (1740-1802))
Samuel Arnold (brittisk kompositör)
Samuel Arnold (compositeur britannique)
Samuel Arnold (englischer Komponist)
Samuel Arnold (English composer and organist)
ساموئل آرنولد (آهنگساز بریتانیایی)
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Colman, George (1732-1794)
Dashwood, Henry Sir
Francis Longe Collection (Library of Congress)
Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)
Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759)
Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809)
Hodson, Laurence W.
Hudson, Laurence W.
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Longman & Broderip
Morton, Thomas (1764?-1838)
O'Keeffe, John (1747-1833)
Toms (ca. 1779))
Wesley, Samuel (1766-1837)
White, William (1571-1634)
Agreeable surprise. Bustle and stir.
agreeable surprise., The : A comic opera, in two acts. By Mr. O'Keefe. The music composed by Dr. Arnold.
Anthem for Easter.
Anthem. For the coronation of George IId. Composed in the year 1727. By G. F. Handel
Battle of Hexam.
Blessed be God (Chorus)
Cantata IV
Canzonets, voice, piano, op. 12. Elegy
Castle of Andalusia. Flow thou regal purple stream
Castle of Andalusia. Hardy sailor
castle of Andalusia Op. 20
Cathedral music: ...
children in the wood
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Come hope thou queen of endless smiles
day that gave great Anna birth (Chorus) (6 v., 3 instr.)
dead alive; a comic opera., The
Dead alive. Libretto. English [from old catalog]
Dead Alive. See a Nymph so brisk
Eight lessons for the harpsichord or piano forte : opera VII
Elegy on the death of Mr. Shenstone
Elegy "When young life's journey I began"
Gavotta (2 instr.)
Hark! the herald angels sing
Hear o thou shepherd
If 'tis joy to wound a lover
Inkle and Yarico. O say simple maid
Kings [bis] shall be thy nursing fathers (5 v., 9 instr. et b. c.)
Kings daughters were among
Let God arise
Maid of the Mill: Act III: "Hist, hist! I hear my mother call", The
Mi Glyway Dyner Lais
Mountaineers. Bewailing
Mountaineers. Libretto.
My hear is inditing
O sing unto God (Duetto) (2 v., 4 instr. et b. c.)
Obi Op. 48
Obi, or, Three-finger'd Jack
Omnipotence A sacred oratorio. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market. Set to music by Mr. Handel.
Our Lord is risen from the dead [from old catalog]
Ouverture del Matrimonio secretto
ouvertures Op. 8
Overture (3 instr. et b. c.)
Overtures, op. 8
Peeping Tom of Coventry. Rush-light
Pinkie house
Polly: Act I: Air 1: Noel Hills: ‘He that weds’ (Ducat)
Polly: Act I: Air 10: Bury Fair: ‘How can you be so teazing?’ (Ducat, Polly)
Polly: Act I: Air 11: March in ‘Scipio’: ‘Brave boys prepare’ (Ducat, Mrs Ducat)
Polly: Act I: Air 12: Jig-It-O’Foot: ‘Better to doubt all that’s doing’ (Damaris)
Polly: Act I: Air 13: Dr Arnold: ‘Aboard after misses most husbands will roam’ (Mrs Ducat)
Polly: Act I: Air 14: Tweedside: ‘The stag, when chas’d’ (Polly)
Polly: Act I: Air 2: Polwart on the Green: ‘Observe the statesman’s ways’ (Trapes)
Polly: Act I: Air 3: Dr Arnold: ‘She who hath felt a real pain by Cupid’s dart’ (Polly)
Polly: Act I: Air 4: Dr Arnold: ‘Farewell, farewell, farewell, all hope of bliss!’ (Polly)
Polly: Act I: Air 5: Dr Arnold: ‘Despair is all folly’ (Trapes)
Polly: Act I: Air 6: Old Orpheus Tickl’d: ‘When billows come breaking on the strand’ (Ducat)
Polly: Act I: Air 7: Christ-Church Bells: ‘When a woman jealous grows’ (Ducat, Mrs Ducat)
Polly: Act I: Air 8: Cheshire-Rounds: ‘When kings by their huffing’ (Damaris)
Polly: Act I: Air 9: Johnny Fa’: ‘The crow or daw’ (Polly)
Polly: Act II: Air 1: La Villanella: ‘Why did you spare him’ (Polly)
Polly: Act II: Air 10: Dr Arnold: ‘We never blame the forward swain’ (Jenny, Polly)
Polly: Act II: Air 11: Dr Arnold: ‘The body of the brave may be taken’ (Cawwawkee)
Polly: Act II: Air 12: Excuse Me: ‘Honour calls me’ (Morano)
Polly: Act II: Air 13: Ruben: ‘Honour plays’ (Jenny)
Polly: Act II: Air 14: The Marlborough: ‘We the sword of valour’ (Morano)
Polly: Act II: Air 2: La Cavalliere: ‘Patriots at first declare’ (Culverin)
Polly: Act II: Air 3: Minuet: ‘Cheer up my lads’ (Culverin)
Polly: Act II: Air 4: Dr Arnold: ‘Shall I not be bold when honour calls’ (Morano, Jenny)
Polly: Act II: Air 5: Peggy’s Mill: ‘When gold is in hand’ (Jenny)
Polly: Act II: Air 6: Dr Arnold: ‘Woman’s like the flatt’ring ocean’ (Vanderbluff)
Polly: Act II: Air 7: The Boatman: ‘Tho’ different passions rage by turns’ (Morano)
Polly: Act II: Air 8: Hunt the Squirrel: ‘The world is always jarring’ (Polly)
Polly: Act II: Air 9: Dr Arnold: ‘In love and life the present use’ (Jenny)
Polly: Act II: Dead March
Polly: Act III: Air 1: ‘The sportsmen keep hawks’ (Polly)
Polly: Act III: Air 2: O Saw Ye My Father: ‘Love with beauty is flying’ (Cawwawkee)
Polly: Act III: Air 3: Prince Eugene’s March: ‘When the tyger roams’ (Morano)
Polly: Act III: Air 4: Kate of Aberdeen: ‘The turtle thus upon the spray’ (Cawwawkee)
Polly: Act III: Air 5: Dr Arnold: ‘The soldiers, who by trade must dare’ (Morano)
Polly: Act III: Air 6: Shall Man, in Arne’s ‘Abel’: ‘My heart forebodes’ (Polly)
Polly: Act III: Air 7: The Temple: ‘Justice long forbearing’ (Cawwawkee, Indian Scout, Polly, Chorus)
Polly: Act III Appendix: I Hate The Foolish Elf (Ducat)
Polly: Act III Appendix: Victory Is Ours (Polly, Cawwawkee)
Polly: Act III Appendix: What Man Can Virtue or Courage Repose (Ducat)
Polly: Act III: Dances of the Indians: I. Allegro
Polly: Act III: Dances of the Indians: II. Andante
Polly: Act III: Dances of the Indians: III. Allegro
Polly: Act III: Dances of the Indians: IV. Andante
Polly: Act III: Dances of the Indians: V. Allegro
Polly: Entr’acte: Dances of the Pirates: I. March
Polly: Entr’acte: Dances of the Pirates: II. Hornpipe I
Polly: Entr’acte: Dances of the Pirates: III. Andante
Polly: Entr’acte: Dances of the Pirates: IV. Hornpipe II
Polly: Entr’acte: Dances of the Pirates: V. Allegro
Polly Op. 3
Polly Ouverture
Polly: Overture
poor little gypsey, The
Quartette, Vl 1 2 Va Vc
Samuel Arnold correspondence
Sanctus, Kyrie eleison
[Sans titre] (4 instr.)
Sechs Duette : für 2 Flöten
Set of progressive lessons. Book 2. No. 11. Allegro
Set of progressive lessons. Book 2. No. 11. Aria
She rose and let me in
shipwreck. Opera., The
Sing unto God, ye Kingdoms (Chorus) (5 v., 13 instr.)
sixty third letter. Op. 53., The
son in law], [The
Sono liete, fortunate, dolci, grate
Summer amusement. In the prattling hours of youth
Summers amusement. Wandering sailor.
Surrender of Calais. Little think the townsman's wife
Surrender of Calais. Savournna deligh shighna oh
Surrender of Calais. When we are married
There is a chambermaid lives in the south
tremble to think, I
trumpets loud clanger (Chorus) (4 v., 5 instr.)
Twelve grand concertos in score : composed in the year 1737
Two to one. Little Tippet
Upon thy right hand
veteran tar, 1801:, The
wand'ring sailor a favourite song sung by Mr. Bannister, at the Theatre Royal in the Hay-Market, The
was at the royal feast (Recitative) ([First part]), I
What passion cannot Music (Aria) (1 v., 3 instr.)
While shepherds watched Christmas music from English Parish churches and chapels, 1740-1830.
With chearfull notes let all (Chorus)
Ye boundless regions (Chorus)
You highborn Spanish noblemen
Zorinski. Donald
Zorinski. Katty Flanigan.
Zorinski. Overture.
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