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Sullivant, W. S.
Sullivant, William S.
Sullivant, William Starling
Sullivant, Wm. S.
William Starling Sullivant (Amerikaans botanicus (1803-1873))
William Starling Sullivant (botaniste)
William Starling Sullivant (US bryologist)
William Sullivant (US-amerikanischer Bryologe)
Сюлливан, Вильям
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Bigelow, John M. (1804-1878) (John Milton))
Engelmann, George (1809-1884))
Farlow Reference Library and Herbarium
Gray, Asa (1810-1888))
Lesquereux, Léo (1806-1889))
Rodgers, Andrew Denny III, 1900-
Rodgers, Andrew Denny III.
Sayre, Geneva
Torrey, John (1796-1873))
Tuckerman, Edvardus (1817-1886)
Tuckerman, Edward (1817-1886)
Wormley, Theodore G. (1826-1897)
Wormley, Theodore George (1826-1897)
Contributions to the bryology and hepaticology of North America, pt. I
Cryptograms of the United States ... 1978
Icones muscorum, or, Figures and descriptions of most of those mosses peculiar to eastern North America which have not been heretofore figured.
Icones Muscorum or figures and descriptions of most of those mosses peculiar to North America which have not yet been figured
Index to the moss herbarium of William Starling Sullivant (1803-1873)
Manual of the botany of the northern United States.
Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
mosses and liverworts, The
Musci alleghanienses, sive Enumeratio muscorum atque hepaticarum quos in itinere a Marylandia usque ad Georgiam per tractus montium A. D. MDCCCXLIII. Decerpserunt Asa Gray et W. S. Sullivant (interjectis nonnullis aliunde collectis).
Musci boreali-americani quorum specimina exsiccata
Notes on Mr. Charles Stoddard's paper entitled "Nobert's test-plate and modern microscopes," published in the American naturalist, April, 1868:
Notices of some new species of mosses, from the Pacific Islands in the collection of the United States Exploring Expedition, under Captain Wilkes
On Nobert's test plate and the striæ of diatoms.
Report on the botany of the expedition.
United States exploring expeditions during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842 under the command of Charles Wilkes : botany musci