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Blomfield-Brown, Deirdre
Brown, Deirdre Blomfield-
Chödrön, Pema
Čodrone, Pema
Cziedryn, Pema
Pema Chödrön
Pema Chödrön (American philosopher)
Pema Chödrön (Amerikaans schrijfster)
Pema Chödrön (amerikansk författare)
Pema Chödrön (amerikansk skribent)
Pema Chödrön (buddhistische Nonne in der tibetischen Vajrayanatradition)
Pema Chödrön (name in religion)
Pema Čodrone
Pema Cziedryn
צ׳ודרון, פמה. גינת דורית
チュードゥン, ペマ
チョドロン, ペマ
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Nonmusical sound recording
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Bédard, Stéphane (1950-)
Berliner, Helen
Boucher, Sandy
Čermáková, Hana
Lorrain, Claude (1600-1682)
Neimane, Nanete
Oliver, Joan Duncan
Orczykowska, Marta
Ötro, Tingdzin
Panneton, Danièle
Riso-Lévi, Claude (1936-...)
Riso-Lévi, Claude (1938-...)
Schuhmacher, Stephan
Sell, Emily Hilburn
Zeillemaker, Meino
えのめ, 有実子 (1948-)
3 Versprechen was uns Halt gibt, wenn das Leben uns herausfordert
Ability to Rejoice
Accessing Our Innate Wisdom
Acknowledging the Three Poisons as the Seeds of Empathy
Action, Speech, and Mind
Activism Without Aggression
Addictions and Our Fundamental Uneasiness
All Activities Should Be Done With One Intention [7.39] / Correct All Wrongs With One Intention [7.40]
All Dharmas Agree at One Point
Als je wereld instort : adviezen voor moeilijke tijden
Always maintain a joyful mind : and other lojong teachings on awakening compassion and fearlessness
Always Train in Whatever Provokes Resentment [7.49]
Applying the Joyful Mind
Appreciating Others
Aspiration for World Peace, An
Avoiding the "Soft Spot"
Awakening Compassion: Meditation Practice for Difficult Times
Awakening in the Charnel Ground
Awakening the Heart
Balance of Gloriousness and Wretchedness, The
Basis of Working With Others, The
bastions de la peur pratique du courage dans les heures difficiles
Be Grateful to Everyone [3.13]
Be Grateful to Everyone, Part 1
Be Grateful to Everyone, Part 2
Be Grateful to Everyone, Part 3
Bedingungsloses Vertrauen jeder Erfahrung vertrauensvoll und mutig zu begegnen
Begin the Sequence of Sending and Taking With Yourself [2.10]
Beginne, wo du bist eine Anleitung zum mitfühlenden Leben
Being Curious About Impermanence
Being With Dying
Bevrijd jezelf van angsten en oude gewoonten
Bien-être et incertitude : cent huit enseignements
Bodhichitta as Unrequitted Love
Bodhicitta: Yours "Soft Spot"
Bodhisattva activity
Bodhisattva Mind: Teachings to Cultivate Courage and Awareness in the Midst of Suffering
Bodhisattva Vow, The
Bodhisattvas in Training
Bowing to Your Thoughts
Bringing Kindness
Catching Your Shenpa in Action
Challenge of Being Present, The
Changing the Movie of Your Life
Chibetto no ikiru maho : Kurushimi mo ikari mo yorokobi ni kaete kokoro yasuraka ni kurasu chie.
Closing dedication and visualization
Comfortable with uncertainty 108 teachings on cultivating fearlessness and compassion
Coming Back to the Present
Communicating From the Heart
Compassion box
Compassionate Aspirations
Concluding aspiration
Conclusion: We're All in the Same Boat
Continuing the Retreat
Correct All Wrongs With One Intention
Create Two Lists: Love and Compassion
Creating Relationships With Others Through Tonglen
Cuando todo se derrumba : palabras sabias para momentos difíciles
Cultivating Appreciation
Cultivating Equanimity Through Basic Sitting Meditation
Curing Versus Healing
Degrees of Shenpa
Delusion Vs. Illusion
Dépasser la peur : enseignements basés sur les quatre grandes qualités de l'éveil
Desire for Resolution, The
Developing Genuine Confidence
Dharma als Lehre, Dharma als Erfahrung
Difficulties as Opportunities for Awakening
Difficulties of Being With Others, The
Difficulty With Remaining Focused, The
Dire oui à la vie
Does Tonglen Really Help Others
Don't Be Jealous
Don't Expect Applause
Don't Ponder Others
Don't Slogans [6.25, 6.26, 6.27, 6.30, 6.31], The
Doorway to Liberation, The
drei Versprechen
Drive All Blames Into One [3.12]
Drive All Blames Into One, Part 1
Drive All Blames Into One, Part 2
Drive All Blames Into One, Part 3
Ego: The Root of the Problem
Embracing Intensity
Embracing the Most Challenging Things
Emotions as a Catalyst for Experiencing Emptiness
Empieza donde estás : guía para vivir con compasión
Encountering the Ineffable
Engaging Shenpa in Meditation
Enhancing the training in joy
entraînement de l'esprit en sept points
Entrer en amitié avec soi-même
Equanimity Instructions
Equanimity Meditation
Es ist nie zu spät ein aktueller Reiseführer für den Weg des Bodhisattva
Essence of Tonglen, The
Establishing Our Intention
Everything Is Part of the Path to Awakening, Part 1
Everything Is Part of the Path to Awakening, Part 2
Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness [2.3]
Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness, Part 1
Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness, Part 2
Exchanging Oneself for Others
Exercise: Equanimity Practice
Exercise: Giving Practice
Exercise: On-rhe-spot Tonglen Practice
Exercises: Sharing Enjoyment Practice and Same Boat Practice
Exploring the Itch
Fail, fail again, fail better
Fear and Mortality
Fear and Shame
fearless heart the practice of living with courage and compassion, The
Ferryman's Courage, The
Finding the "Soft Spot"
Finding Your Life's Work
First Difficulty: Catching Yourself, The
First, Train in the Preliminaries [1.1]
Formal Practice of Tonglen, The
Foundations of Tonglen
Four Limitless Ones Concluding Chant
Four Limitless Ones Poem
Four Stages of Tonglen, The
Freeflowing Bodhichitta Is Always There
Fresh Start
Frieden in schwierigen Zeiten eine buddhistische Sicht der Dinge
From fear to fearlessness.
Gathering of spirit, 1987, A
Geh an die Orte, die du fürchtest Buddhas Weg zu Furchtlosigkeit in schwierigen Zeiten
Generous Heart, A
Gentleness Towards Oneself
Gerust in onzekerheid : 108 spirituele leringen
Getting Curious About Your World
Getting Rid of Blame
Getting Unstuck
Going Against the Grain
Going Beneath the Storyline
Greeting the Present Moment
Guided Tonglen Practice
Heart of Bodhichitta, The
Heightened Neurosis
History of Lojong, The
Honesty and Loving-Kindness
Hopelessness and Death
How Am I Blocking My Own Happiness?
How to Continue the Practice on Your Own
How to Uncover Your True Nature
How to work with obstacles
How Unwanted Circumstances Become the Path
Human Condition, The
If You Can Practice Even When Distracted You're Well Trained
Immediacy of Tonglen, The
Importance of Non-Resistance, The
Importance of Setting Boundaries, The
In All Activities, Train With the Slogans [2.9]
in-between state, The
In Post-meditation, Remain a Child of Illusion
In Postmeditation, Be a Child of Illusion [2.6]
Instructions on the Seven Stages of Meditation
Instructions on the Three Stages of Tonglen
Intensification of Longing, The
Introduction of Tonglen Practice
Introduction: The Meaning of the Word Bodhichitta
Introduction to the Retreat
It's Never Too Late
It's Not Bad to Have Thoughts
Jak meditovat : praktický návod, jak se spřátelit se svou myslí
Je geest als bondgenoot
Joy and Happiness
Keeping a Bigger Perspective
Kiedy życie nas przerasta
King and Queen's Courage, The
Learing to Be Both Big and Small
Lēciens nezināmajā : kā atbrīvoties no veciem ieradumiem un bailēm
Letting Go of Resistance
Liebende Zuwendung - Freude im Herzen buddhistische Praxis im westlichen Alltag
Liefde en compassie
Liefdevolle vriendelijkheid
Lightening Things Up
Limitless Spring of Bodhicitta, Part 1, The
Limitless Spring of Bodhicitta, Part 2, The
Limitless Spring of Bodhicitta, Part 3, The
Listening Meditation Practice
Living beautifully with uncertainty and change
Living Retreat, A
Looking at Our Emotions
Love That Will Not Die, The
Loving-kindness Instructions
Loving-kindness Meditation
lugares que te asustan, Los : convertir el miedo en fortaleza en tiempos difíciles
Mądrość nieuciekania
Maintaining the Three Inseperabilities
Maitri Practice
Making Daily Aspirations
Meditating on Resentment
Mediteren : een praktische gids om vrienden te worden met jezelf
Meeting the Enemy
Meeting the Energy Beneath Your Storyline
Melting Into Emptiness
Miejsca, które budzą lęk
Místa, která vás děsí : návod, jak pěstovat odvahu v náročných chvílích
myth of freedom and the way of meditation, The
n'y a plus de temps à perdre la "Voie du bodhisattva" adaptée à notre époque, Il
Naked Truth Slogans, Part I
Naked Truth Slogans, Part II
Når verden bryder sammen
Nature of Unborn Insight, The
Never Give Up
New Take on the Four Limitless Ones Chant, A
No time to lose a timely guide to the way of the Bodhisattva
Not Causing Harm
Nothing to Hold On To
Of the Two Witnesses, Hold the Principal One
Of the Two Witnesses, Hold to the Principle One
Offenes Herz - mutiger Geist die Kraft buddhistischer Nonnen für den Westen
Omarm de wereld : omgaan met onzekerheid en verandering
On-the-spot Practice Instructions
One in the Beginning and One at the End
Open Awareness of Your Mind, The
Open Space
Opening the heart, guided instruction in Tonglen meditation
Our Basic Goodness in the Face of Difficult Events
Our Habitual Cravings
Out Is Through
Overview of Bodhichitta
Overview of Compassion
Overview of Equanimity
Overview of Joy
Overview of Loving-kindness
Overview of Tonglen: Exchanging Oneself With Others
Paramita training
Part 1
Part 10
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Path of Spiritual Warriorship, The
Path of the Bodhisattva, The
Path to Awakening, The
Perceiving Ourselves Through Wisdom Mind
Perceiving reality
Perfect Just as You Are
Physical Pain & Illness
Places that scare you a guide to fearlessness in difficult times
Places That Scare You, The
pocket Pema Chödrön, The
Point 2: The Main Practice, Which Is Training in Bodhichitta
Point 3: Transformation of Bad Circumstances Into the Way of Enlightenment
Point 4: The Five Strengths
Point 5: The Evaluation of Mind Training
Point Where All Dharmas Agree, The
Poison as Medicine: The Three Virtuous Seeds
Potential for Unshakable Happiness, The
Pour faire la paix en temps de guerre un point de vue bouddhiste
Practical Implications of Tonglen Practice
Practice of Creating Space, The
Practice of Offering, The
Practice of Rejoicing, The
Practice the Five Strengths, the Condensed Heart Instructions [4.17]. The Mahayana Instruction on Ho, Part 1
Practice the Five Strengths, the Condensed Heart Instructions [4.17]: The Mahayana Instruction on Ho, Part 2
Practice the Five Strengths, the Condensed Heart Instructions [4.17]: The Mahayana Instruction on Ho, Part 3
Practice the Five Strengths, the Condensed Heart Instructions [4.17]: The Mahayana Instruction on Ho, Part 4
Practice the Five Strengths, the Condensed Heart Instructions [4.17]: The Mahayana Instruction on Ho, Part 5
Practice the Three Difficulties [7.44]
Practicing bodhicitta
Practicing peace in times of war
Practicing the Seven Steps
Practicing Tonglen
Propensity to Be Bothered, The
Q & A: Addressing Trauma in Meditation
Q & A: An Alternative to Outrage
Q&A: Grieving and Loss
Q & A: Having Compassion, Drawing Boundaries
Q & A, Part 1
Q & A, Part 2
Q & A, Part 3
Q & A, Part 4
Q & A: The Most Important Thing
Qualities of Breathing in and Breathing Out, The
Quand tout s'effondre : conseils d'une amie pour des temps difficiles
Quando tudo se desfaz palavras de coragem para tempos difíceis
Recognizing and Expanding the Four Qualities
Recognizing Patterns of Habituation
Recognizing, Refraining, Relaxing and Resolving
Regard All Dharma as Dreams
Regard All Dharmas as Dreams [2.2]
Regard All Dharmas as Dreams, Part 1
Regard All Dharmas as Dreams, Part 2
Rejoicing Instructions
Rejoicing Meditation
Relating to Confusion
Relative and Ultimate Bodhicitta, Part 1
Relative and Ultimate Bodhicitta, Part 2
Relative and Ultimate Bodhicitta, Part 3
Relative Bodhichitta Slogans, The
Relative Practices, Absolute View
Relax as It Is
Relaxing Into Groundlessness
Remaining a Child of Illusion
Rest in the Nature of Alaya, the Essence [2.5]
Resting in Essence
Reverse Meditation
Reversing the Wheel of Samsara
sabiduría de la no-evasión, La : la senda del amor compasivo que lleva a la liberación
Second Difficulty: Learning How to Change, The
Seeds of Enlightenment
Seeing Oneself Clearly With an Open Mind
Seeing Yourself Clearly
Self-Examination as a Practice
Self-liberate Even the Antidote [2.4]
Self-Liberating Even the Antidote
Sending and Taking Should Be Practiced Alternately. These Two Should Ride the Breath [2.7]
Separating Pleasure and Pain
Servants of Peace
Session I: Closing dedication and visualization
Session I: Gratefulness to our teachers
Session I: How to work with your mind
Session I: Introduction
Session I: Q&A: Despair and guiltlessness
Session I: Rousing Bodhichitta
Session I: The story of Shantideva
Session I: Verse 1: The three disciplines
Session I: Verse 2: The nature of the mind
Session I: Verse 6: Anxiety and fear
Session I: Verses 3-5: Mindfulness and meditation
Session I: Working with your mind
Session II: Becoming a slace to your desires
Session II: Enthusiasm
Session II: Generosity
Session II: Introduction
Session II: Not causing harm
Session II: Patience
Session II: Verses 7-8: The interdependence of mind and the world
Session II: Verses 9-17: The Paramitas
Session II: Wisdom
Session III: Closing dedication and visualization
Session III: Introduction
Session III: The 4 levels of refraining
Session III: Verse 39: Mindfulness of body
Session III: Verse 55: The Virtues
Session III: Verses 35-38: Proper attitude in practicing mindfulness
Session III: Verses 40-41: Mindfulness of mind
Session III: Verses 42-45: The importance of balance
Session III: Verses 46-47: Staying present
Session III: Verses 48-54: Remaining like a log
Session III: Verses 51-54: Strategies to get away from being hooked
Session IV: An emptiness meditation
Session IV: Avoiding quarrels
Session IV: Closing dedication and visualization
Session IV: Introduction
Session IV: Non-attachment to the body
Session IV: Q&A: The qualities of emotions
Session IV: Reframing
Session IV: The 3-Bite practice
Session IV: Verse 56: Staying steady
Session IV: Verse 79: Mindfulness of speech
Session IV: Verses 57-58: The pitfalls of gathering virtue
Session IV: Verses 71-73: Mindfulness as a virtue
Session IV: Verses 74-76: Role models for mindfulness
Session IV: Verses 77-78: Rejoicement therapy
Session IV: Verses 80-82: Qualities, benefits, and sorrow
Session IV: Verses59-70: Self-absorption
Session V: Closing dedication and visualization
Session V: Introduction
Session V: Q&A: How to behave in difficult situations
Session V: Starting over
Session V: The three levels of entry
Session V: Verse 83: Going beyond self-absorption
Session V: Verse 84: How to benefit others
Session V: Verse 85: The challenge of the bodhisattva
Session V: Verses 101-103: Openting the heart and mind
Session V: Verses 104-106: Using sacred texts for instruction
Session V: Verses 86-87: On the body
Session V: Verses 88-96: Traditional monastic guidelines
Session V: Verses 97-100: Instruction on the spot
Seven-Stage Loving-kindness Meditation
Shaky Tenderness
Shamatha Meditation Instructions
Shambhala Audio Presents
Sheepherder's Courage, The
Shenpa: How We Get Hooked
Six Kinds of Loneliness
Smile at Fear
Sowing Seeds of Happiness
Speaking From the Heart
spiritual friend, The
Sprung wagen wie wir uns von destruktiven Gewohnheiten und Ängsten befreien
Start where you are A guide to compassionate living
Starting Where You Are
Staying Conscious
Staying With Our Own Energy
Staying With What Is Difficult
Stop Kicking the Wheel
Stop Scratching
Strengthening Our Positive Habits
Suche die Freude durch Lojong-Übungen Mitgefühl und Furchtlosigkeit entwickeln ; CD mit Meditationsunterweisungen
Suffering and Anger
Sur le chemin de la transformation : le tonglen
Taking Responsibility for One's Actions
Taking the leap : freeing ourselves from old habits and fears
Teaching yourself the dharma
Tender Heart, The
Thinking Bigger
Third Difficulty: Making Tonglen a Way of Life, The
This Very Moment Is the Perfect Teacher
Three kinds of laziness
Three Methods for Working with Chaos
Three Objects, Three Poisons, Three Seeds of Virtue
Three Objects, Three Poisons, Three Seeds Virtue [2.8]
Three Qualities of Bodchitta: Compassion, Prajna, Sunyata, The
Three Types of Courage, The
Tonglen as a Practice of the Heart
Tonglen der tibetische Weg mit sich selbst und anderen Freundschaft zu schliessen
Tonglen Overview and Instructions
Traffic-jam Tonglen
Train Without Bias in All Areas. It Is Crucial Always to Do This Pervasively and Wholeheartedly [7.4]
Training in Meditation
Training in the limitless qualities
Training Without Bias
Transparent Nature of Things, The
True Happiness
Trusting the Principle Witness
Two Activities: One at the Beginning, One at the End [7.41]
Unbroken Lineage
Unconditional confidence.
Understanding Compassion and Bodhichitta
Understanding Equanimity
Understanding Joy
Understanding Loving-kindness
Using the Breath to Get Unstuck
Using Tonglen to Stay Open
Verses 18-22: Working with the Mind
Verses 23-29: Mindfulness and Alertness
Verses 30-34: Devotion and Teachers
Vivez sans entrave en vous libérant de vos vieilles habitudes et de vos peurs
Vivir bellamente : en la incertidumbre y el cambio
Vivre heureux quand tout change & tout est incertain
voie commence là où vous êtes guide pour pratiquer la compassion au quotidien
vreugde van de overgave, De
Waar je bang voor bent : moed en mededogen in moeilijke tijden
Way We Avoid Being Present
We Have Been Practicing Equanimity All Along
Weisheit der Ausweglosigkeit
Wenn alles zusammenbricht Hilfestellung für schwierige Zeiten
What Causes Suffering and What Triggers Suffering
What Does It Mean to Awaken Bodhichitta?
What Is Courage?
Whatever You Meet Unexpectedly, Join With Meditation [3.16]
When Pain Is the Doorway: Awakening in the Most Difficult Circumstances
When The Going Gets Tough
When the World Is Filled With Evil, Transform All Mishaps Into the Path of Bodhi [3.11]
When things fall apart Heart advice for difficult times
Widening the Circle of Compassion
Wisdom of no escape and the path of loving-kindness
Working With Anger
Working With Depression
Working With Feeling Overwhelmed
Working With Grief
Working With Resistance
Working With Sadness
Working With the Precepts
Začni tam, kde jsi : průvodce soucitným životem
Zacznij tu gdzie jesteś
すべてがうまくいかないとき : チベット密教からのアドバイス
チベットの生きる魔法 : 苦しみも怒りも「喜び」に変えて心安らかに暮らす知恵
Contributed to or performed: 
"On-the-spot" Tonglen
Abiding in the Fearless State
Be Where You Are
Big Squeeze, The
Buddha, The
Comfortable With Uncertainty
Communicating From the Heart
Compassionate Inquiry
Containing the Paradox
Cool Loneliness
Culitivating the Ability to Rejoice
Cultivating Compassion
Cultivating Forgiveness
Cultivating the Four Limitless Qualities
Curiosity and the Circle of Compassion
Dedication of the Merit
Deepening Tonglen
Dharma, The
Empty Boat, The
Encountering the Edge
Essential Paradox, The
Experience Your Life
Facts of Life: Egolessness, The
Facts of Life: Impermanence, The
Facts of Life: Suffering, The
Four Methods for Holding Your Seat
Four Qualities of Merit
Four Reminders, The
Four Stages of Tonglen, The
Getting to Know Fear
Growing Up
Healing Power of Bodhichitta, The
Heart of Everyday Life, The
Heaven & Hell
Heightened Neurosis
Hope and Fear
Inviting Your Unfinished Business
Joyous Exertion
Just Like Me (On-the-spot Compassion)
Letting the World Speak for Itself (Don't Misinterpret)
Lighten Up (And Do Something Different)
Love That Will Not Die, The
Loving-kindness and Meditation
Loving-kindness and Tonglen
Loving-kindness: The Essential Practice
Meditation and Prajna
No Such Thing as a True Story
No Time to Lose: A Timely Guide to the Way of the Bodhisattva
Not Causing Harm
Nothing Solid
Nothing to Hold On To
Obstacles as Questions
On-the-spot Equanimity
Opposite of Samsara, The
Part 1
Part 10
Part 100
Part 101
Part 102
Part 103
Part 104
Part 105
Part 106
Part 107
Part 108
Part 109
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Part 88
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Part 9
Part 90
Part 91
Part 92
Part 93
Part 94
Part 95
Part 96
Part 97
Part 98
Part 99
Path Is the Goal, The
Plan to Stay Open
Practice of Compassion, The
Practice of Equanimity, The
Practice of Loving-kindness, The
Practice of Mindfulness and Refraining, The
Recognize Suffering
Relax as It Is
Reversing the Wheel of Samsara
Root of Suffering, The
Sangha, The
See What Is
Sitting Meditation
Six Points of Posture, The
Six Ways of Compassionate Living
Six Ways to Be Lonely
Slogan: "Abandon Any Hope of Fruition"
Slogan: "All Activities Should Be Done With One Intention"
Slogan: "Always Maintain Only a Joyful Mind"
Slogan: "Be Grateful to Everyone"
Slogan: "Change Your Attitude Remain Natural"
Slogan: "Don't Expect Applause"
Slogan: "Drive All Blames Into One"
Slogan: "If You Can Practice When Distracted, You Are Well Trained"
Slogan: "Of the Two Witnesses, Hold the Principle One"
Slogan: "Practice the Five Strengths, the Condensed Heart Instructions"
Slogan: "Practice the Three Difficulties"
Start Where You Are
Start Where You Are (Again and Again)
Staying in the Middle
Take Tonglen Further
Thinking Bigger
This Very Moment Is the Perfect Teacher
Thoroughly Processed
Three Futile Strategies, The
Three Methods for Working With Chaos
Three Poisons, The
Tonglen and Fearlessness
Tonlen: The Key to Realizing Interconnectedness
Truth Is Inconvenient, The
Turning Arrows Into Flowers
Weather and the Four Noble Truths
What Is Karma?
Why Meditate?
Widening the Circle Further
Widening the Circle of Compassion
Wisdom of No Escape, The
Working With Slogans