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Finn E. Kydland
Finn E. Kydland (ekonomista norweski, noblista)
Finn E. Kydland (norsk professor och ekonom)
Finn E. Kydland (norsk professor og økonom)
Finn E. Kydland (Norwegian economist)
Finn E. Kydland (norwegischer Ökonom)
Fïnn Érlïng Kïdland
Finn Erling Kydland
Finn Kidland
Finn Kydland
Finn Kydland (economista norvegese)
Finn Kydland (Noors econoom)
Kydland, Finn
Kydland, Finn E.
Кидланд, Финн
Фин Кидланд
Финн Эрлинг Кидланд
Фін Кідланд
Фінн Кідланд
ფინ კიდლანდი
Ֆինն Քիդլենդ
فن ای. کائڈلینڈ
فن کڈ لینڈ
فىينن ەرلىينگ كىيدلاند
فين كيدلاند
فین کیدلند (اقتصاددان نروژی)
फिन केडलांड
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Ahearne, Alan
Alonso, Irasema
Backus, David
Backus, David K
Backus, David K.
Blanchard, Oliver Jean
Bordo, Michael D.
Carnegie Mellon University / Tepper School of Business Administration
Dittmar, Robert
Dittmar, Robert D.
E.J.M.Zarazaga, Calos
E.J.M.Zarazaga, Carlos
Finn, Kydland E.
Freeman, Scott
Gavin, William
Gavin, William T.
Gil Aluja, Jaime (1936-)
Gomme, Paul
Henriksen, Espen
Hotz, V Joseph
Kehoe, Patrick
Kehoe, Patrick J
Kehoe, Patrick J.
Kydland, Finn
Kydland, Finn E
Kydland, Finn E.
Michael, Bordo D.
Pakko, Michael R.
Petersen, D'Ann M.
Prescott, Edward C
Prescott, Edward C.
Real Academia de Ciencias Económicas y Financieras de Barcelona
Rupert, Peter
Sedlacek, Guilherme L
Sustek, Roman
University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB) / Department of Economics
Vane, Howard R.
Wynne, Mark A.
Zarazaga, Carlos E. J. M.
Zarazaga, Carlos E.J.M.
Zarazaga, Carlos Enrique
Alternative monetary constitutions and the quest for price stability
Argentina's capital gap puzzle
Argentina's lost decade and subsequent recovery: hits and misses of the neoclassical growth model
Argentina's recovery and "excess" capital shallowing of the 1990s
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Business cycles and aggregate labor-market fluctuations
Business cycles: real facts and a monetary myth
clarification: Using the growth model to account for fluctuations, A : Reply to James Heckman
Code and data files for "Endogenous Money, Inflation and Welfare"
Competitive Theory of Fluctuations and the Feasibility and Desirability of Stabilization Policy, A
computational experiment: an econometric tool, The
consistencia de la política económica y el cremiento de las naciones, La
Cyclical movements of the labor input and its implicit real wage
Decentralized Stabilization Policies: Optimization and the Assignment Problem
Does being different matter?
DOS executable for "Dynamics of the Trade Balance and the Terms of Trade: The J-Curve?"
Dynamic Dominant Firm Model of Industry Structure., A
Dynamic optimal taxation, rational expectations and optimal control
Dynamics of the trade balance and the terms of trade: the J-curve revisited
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Endogenous Money, Inflation and Welfare
Endogenous money supply and the business cycle
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Home production meets time-to-build
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Inflation, Personal Taxes, and Real Output: A Dynamic Analysis.
International Business Cycles: Theory and Evidence
International business cycles: theory vs. evidence
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Intertemporal Preferences and Labor Supply.
Interview with the 2004 Laureates in Economics, Finn E. Kydland and Edward C. Prescott
Ireland's great depression
Is the business cycle of Argentina "different?"
James Tobin, Franco Modigliani, Finn E. Kydland and Edward C. Prescott ; Northampton, cop. 2010.
Labor-force heterogeneity and the business cycle
Liquidity Effects and Transactions Technologies: Comment.
Macroeconomic implications
Monetary aggregates and output
Monetary policy, taxes, and the business cycle
Mortgages and Monetary Policy
nominal facts and the October 1979 policy change, The
Noncooperative and Dominant Player Solutions in Discrete Dynamic Games.
On the econometrics of world ... 1991:
On the econometrics of world business cycles
On the record: putting people into economic policy: a conversation with Finn Kydland
Online Appendix to Argentina's Lost Decade and the Subsequent Recovery Puzzle
Predicting the price level in a world that changes all the time : A comment
Price-level uncertainty and inflation targeting
Quantitative Aggregate Economics
Quantitative aggregate theory, 2005:
Relative price movements in dynamic general equilibrium models of international trade
role of money in a business cycle model, The
Rules Rather Than Discretion: The Inconsistency of Optimal Plans.
Simulation of liner operations.
Time to Build and Aggregate Fluctuations.
Time to Build and the Persistence of Unemployment
Web interface for "Dynamics of the Trade Balance and the Terms of Trade: The J-Curve?"
Web interface for "Time to Build and Aggregate Fluctuations"
workweek of capital and its cyclical implications, The