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Hall, Bob
Hall, R. E.
Hall, Robert
Hall, Robert E.
Hall, Robert E. (Jr)
Hall, Robert Elliott
Hall, Robert Ernest
Hall, Robert F.
Robert E. Hall (US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Robert Hall (American economist)
Robert Hall (Amerikaans econoom)
Robert Hall (amerikansk ekonom)
Robert Hall (amerikansk økonom)
Холл, Роберт
رابرت هال (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
ホール, R. E
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Computer file
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Bailey, Elizabeth E.
Baily, Martin Neil
Barr, N A
Barr, N. A.
Barr, Nicholas A
Baumol, William J.
Berndt, E.K.
Brynjolfsson, Erik
Ciccone, A.
Ciccone, Antonio
Czekaj, Jan (1950- ))
Durlauf, Steven N.
Goolsbee, Austan
Gordon, Robert J.
Hall, B.H.
Hall, Bronwyn H.
Hall, Chris E.
Hall, Knut Anton Mork and Robert E.
Hall, R. E.
Hall, R.E.
Hall, Robert
Hall, Robert E
Harris, Barry
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace Stanford, Calif. Affiliation (see also from)
Jones, Charles I
Jones, Charles I.
Jones, Charles Irving
Jorgenson, Dale W
Jorgenson, Dale W.
Joskow, Andrew
Kahn, Alfred E.
Kasten, Richard A
Kasten, Richard A.
Krueger, Alan B.
Lazear, Edward P
Lazear, Edward P.
Lev, Baruch
Lieberman, Marc
Lilien, David M
Lilien, David M.
Mankiw, N. Gregory
Mankiw, N.G.
Milgrom, Paul R.
Mishkin, Frederic S
Mishkin, Frederic S.
Mork, Knut Anton
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Rabushka, Alvin
Stanford University / Department of Economics
Stanford University / Hoover Institution on War Revolution & Peace
Stanford University Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Star, Spencer
Szeworski, Adam (1918-2014))
Taylor, John B.
University of Alberta. Computing Services
Wojtyna, Andrzej
Woodward, Susan E.
Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN.
森口, 親司 (1933-)
Abortion in a changing world
Aggregate Job Destruction and Inventory Liquidation
amplification of unemployment fluctuations through self-selection, The
Approximate Divisia Index of Total Factor Productivity., An
Arthur M. Okun, 1928-1980
Benchmarking the returns to venture
Booms and recessions in a noisy economy
Bounds on the variances of specification errors in models with expectations
burden of the nondiversifiable risk of entrepreneurship, The
Business volatility, job destruction and unemployment - discussion
By how much does GDP rise if the government buys more output?
Calculation of Ordinary Least Squares, The
Chronic Excess Capacity in U.S. Industry
Clashing Theories of Unemployment
Comment on "Adjusted Estimates of Worker Flows and Job Openings in JOLTS"
Comment on "Fiscal Multipliers in Recession and Expansion"
Comment on "Shadow Sorting"
comment on the Fetherston and Godley and Posner papers, A
Comment on "The Timing of Labor Market Expansions: New Facts and a New Hypothesis"
concentration of job destruction, The
Consumer Confusion in the Mortgage Market: Evidence of Less Than a Perfectly Transparent and Competitive Market
Controlling the price level
Corporate earnings track the competitive benchmark
Cyclical fluctuations in the labor market
Cyclical movements along the labor supply function
Cyclical Response of Advertising Refutes Counter-Cyclical Profit Margins in Favor of Product-Market Frictions, The
Diagnosing Consumer Confusion and Sub-optimal Shopping Effort: Theory and Mortgage-Market Evidence
Digital dealing : how e-markets are transforming the economy
Discussion of "Aggregate implications of indivisible labor, incomplete markets, and labor-market frictions" by Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Richard Rogerson, and Aysegul Sahin
Dynamic Effects of Fiscal Policy in an Economy With Foresight., The
Dynamics of corporate earnings
E-Capital: The Link between the Stock Market and the Labor Market in the 1990s
Economics : principles and applications
Economists' Statement on U.S. Broadband Policy
Effect of Children on the Housewife's Value of Time: Comment., The
Effects of Tax Reform on Prices and Asset Values, The
Efficient Wage Bargains under Uncertain Supply and Demand.
Employment Efficiency and Sticky Wages: Evidence from Flows in the Labor Market
Employment Fluctuations and Wage Rigidity
Employment Fluctuations with Equilibrium Wage Stickiness
Energy Prices and the U.S.Economy in 1979-1981
Energy Prices, Inflation, and Recession, 1974-1975
Equity depletion from government-guaranteed debt
Estimation and Inference in Nonlinear Structural Models
Evidence on the determinants of the choice between wage posting and wage bargaining
Evidence on the Incidence of Wage Posting, Wage Bargaining, and On-the-Job Search
Excess Sensitivity of Layoffs and Quits to Demand., The
Explorations in the Gold Standard and Related Policies for Stabilizing the Dollar
Fiscal Stability of High-Debt Nations under Volatile Economic Conditions
Flat tax, The
Fluctuation in Equilibrium Unemployment
Fluctuations in Equilibrium Unemployment.
Forward-looking decision making : dynamic-programming models applied to health, risk, employment, and financial stability
framework for studying monetary non-neutrality, A
Fundamental Determinants of Output per Worker across Countries
General Equilibrium with Customer Relationships: A Dynamic Analysis of Rent-Seeking
Hall and Price Level
High Discounts and High Unemployment
High Sensitivity of Economic Activity to Financial Frictions, The
How Much Do We Understand about the Modern Recession?
How the Financial Crisis Caused Persistent Unemployment
Importance of Lifetime Jobs in the U.S. Economy., The
In Honor of William Brainard and George Perry
incentives to start new companies evidence from venture capital, The
Industry dynamics with adjustment costs
Inefficiency of Marginal-Cost Pricing and The Apparent Rigidity of Prices, The
Inflation : causes and effects
'Interpreting economic evidence' by Davidson and Hendry
Intertemporal Substitution in Consumption.
Introduction to economics
Introduction to "Inflation: Causes and Effects"
Invariance properties of Solow's productivity residual
Investment, Interest Rates, and the Effects of Stabilization Policies
Investment under uncertainty : theory and tests with industry data
Irving Fisher's Self-Stabilizing Money.
Is Unemployment a Macroeconomic Problem?
Job Loss, Job Finding and Unemployment in the U.S. Economy over the Past 50 Years
Job loss, job finding, and unemployment in the U.S. economy over the past fifty years
Jobless growth: appropriability, factor substitution, and unemployment : A comment
Labor Demand, Labor Supply, and Employment Volatility
labor market and macro volatility: a nonstationary general-equilibrium analysis, The
Labor-market frictions and employment fluctuations
Labor supply and aggregate fluctuations
Levels of Economic Activity across Countries.
limited influence of unemployment on the wage bargain, The
Lokale Marktstrategien so finden Sie Ihre profitabelsten Kunden
long slump, The
Lost Jobs
Macro Theory and the Recession of 1990-1991.
Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Allocation of Time.
Macroeconomic Impact of Changes in Income Taxes in the Short and Medium Runs., The
Macroeconomic policy under structural change
Makuro keizaigaku
Market for Professional and Technical Workers, The
Market Structure and Macroeconomic Fluctuations
Matrix Operations in Econometrics
measurement and significance of labor turnover, 1979:, The
Measuring Factor Adjustment Costs
Micro TSP : User's manual, version 7.O for use with the IBM personal computer,the XT,the AT, the PS/2 and other compatible computersf
MicroTSP, regression and forecasting for use with the Apple II, version 3.2.
Minimum Wage and Job Turnover in Markets for Young Workers, The
Modern Theory of Unemployment Fluctuations: Empirics and Policy Applications
Monetary policy in the information economy : commentary
Monetary strategy with an elastic price standard
Monetary Trends in the United States and the United Kingdom: A Review from the Perspective of New Developments in Monetary Economics.
Monitoring the Financial Condition and Expenditures of Households
Nature and Measurement of Unemployment, The
Nominal income targeting
Non-Competitive, Equilibrium Model Of Fluctuations, A
Occupational Mobility and the Distribution of Occupational Success among Young Men.
On the Statistical Theory of Unobserved Components
Optimal fiduciary monetary systems
Phillips curve and macroeconomic policy, The
Podatek liniowy
Polynomial Distributed Lags
Potential Disruption from the Move to a Consumption Tax.
Probability of Dependence on Public Assistance., The
Process of Inflation in the Labor Market, The
Productivity and the business cycle
Productivity and the density of economic activity
Productivity growth in the 1990s: technology, utilization, or adjustment? A comment
productivity of nations, The
Promoting Efficient Use of Spectrum Through Elimination of Barriers to the Development of Secondary Markets
Prospects for Shifting the Phillips Curve through Manpower Policy
Quantifying the Lasting Harm to the U.S. Economy from the Financial Crisis
Quantitative Impact of Tax Policy on Investment Expenditures, The
Rational consumer: theory and evidence, The
rational expectations approach to the consumption function: A multi-country study' by Bilson, 'The
Reagan economic plan--discussion, The
Real Interest and Consumption
Recent Increases in Unemployment
Reconciling Cyclical Movements in the Marginal Value of Time and the Marginal Product of Labor
Relation between Price and Marginal Cost in U.S. Industry., The
Relative Occupational Success of Blacks and Whites, The
Rigidity of Wages and the Persistence of Unemployment, The
Robert Lucas, Recipient of the 1995 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.
Role of Consumption in Economic Fluctuations, The
Role of Prevailing Prices and Wages in the Efficient Organization of Markets, The
Route to a Progressive Flat Tax, The
Sensitivity of Consumption to Transitory Income: Estimates from Panel Data on Households., The
Separating the business cycle from other economic fluctuations
Specification of Technology with Several Kinds of Output., The
Spontaneous volatility of output and investment
Stabilization Policy and Capital Formation.
Stochastic Implications of the Life Cycle-Permanent Income Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence.
stock market and capital accumulation, The
Structural unemployment and the productivity of women: A comment
Struggling to Understand the Stock Market
Substitution over Time in Work and Consumption
Tax Policy and Investment Behavior: Reply and Further Results.
Taxation of Earnings Under Public Assistance., The
Taxations of Earnings Under Public Assistance, The
Temporal agglomeration
theory of the natural unemployment rate and the duration of employment, A
Time series processor : version 3.5.
Toward a Quantification of the Effects of Microsoft's Conduct
Turnover in the Labor Force
Value and Performance of U.S. Corporations, The
value of life and the rise in health spending, The
Wage Determination and Employment Fluctuations
Wage formation between newly hired workers and employers survey evidence
Wages, Income and Hours of Work in the U. S. Labor Force
Why do some countries produce so much more output per worker than others?
Why Does the Economy Fall to Pieces after a Financial Crisis?
Why Is the Unemployment Rate So High at Full Employment?
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