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Ball, D.
Ball, Desmond,
Ball, Desmond J.
Ball, Desmond John
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Australian National University
Australian National University. Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
Langtry, J. O. (1923-)
Mack, Andrew
Richelson, Jeffrey
Richelson, Jeffrey T.
Richelson, Jeffrey T. (1949-....))
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Taylor, Brendan (1974-)
Thatcher, Meredith
Waters, Gary (1951-)
Wilson, Helen (1949-)
ANZAC connection, The
Australia and cyber-warfare
Australia and the world prologue and prospects
Australia's secret space programs
base for debate the US satellite station at Nurrungar, A
boys in black the Thahan Phran (Rangers), Thailand's para-military border guards, The
Breaking the codes : Australia's KGB network 1944-1950
Burma's military secrets : signals intelligence (SIGINT) from the Second World War to civil war and cyber warfare
Can nuclear war be controlled ?
Civil defence and Australia's security in the nuclear age
Code 777 : Australia and the US Defence Satellite Communications System (DSCS)
Controlling Australia's threat environment : a methodology for planning Australian defence force development
Crisis stability and nuclear war
Death in Balibo, lies in Canberra
Defence aspects of Australia's space activities
Defend the north : the case for the Alice Springs-Darwin railway
Déjà vu. 1974, c1975.
Déjà vu : the return to counterforce in the Nixon Administration
Developments in US strategic nuclear policy under the Carter administration
Eastern Burma : Long Wars without Exhaustion
Factionalism and the ethnic insurgent organisations
future of arms control, The
future of tactical airpower defence of Australia, The : the proceedings of a conference organised by the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, the Australian National University, November 1976
Geographic information systems : defence applications
Indian and Pakistani nuclear programmes
Insurgent intellectual : essays in honour of Professor Desmond Ball
Invaluable service : the secret history of New Zealand's signals intelligence during two world wars
Japanese airborne SIGINT capabilities
Masters of terror Indonesia's military and violence in East Timor
Militia Redux Or Sor and the revival of paramilitarism in Thailand
Mine warfare in Australia's first line of defence
Missile defence : trends, concerns and remedies
New technology : implications for regional and Australian security
Northern Territory in the defence of Australia, The : strategic and operational considerations
nuclear crisis in Asia, 1998:, The
Pine Gap : Australia and the US geostationary signals intelligence satellite program
Politics and force levels : the strategic missile program of the Kennedy Administration
Problems of mobilisation in defense of Australia
Provocative plans : a critique of US strategy for maritime conflict in the North Pacific
Reflections on defence security in East Asia
Security and security building in the Indian Ocean region
Signals intelligence in the post-cold war era : developments in the Asia-Pacific region
South Pacific security : issues and perspectives
Soviet SIGINT : Hawaii operation
Soviet signals intelligence (SIGINT)--intercepting satellite communications
Strange neighbours : the Australia-Indonesia relationship
strategic missile programme of the Kennedy Administration, 1961-1963, The
Strategic studies in a changing world : global, regional and Australian perspectives
Strategy & defence : Australian essays
Suitable piece of real estate, A : American installations in Australia
Targeting for strategic deterrence
ties that bind intelligence cooperation between the UKUSA countries, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, The
Tor Chor Dor Thailand's border patrol police (BPP)
Track two diplomacy in Asia
transformation of security in the Asia-Pacific region, The
Transforming the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for information superiority
US bases in the Philippines : issues and implications
Vulnerable country?, A : civil resources in the defence of Australia
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Australian National University, 1972