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Brian Martin
Brian Martin (academielid uit Australië)
Brian Martin (accademico australiano)
Brian Martin (Australian academic)
Martin, B.
Martin, Brian
Martin, Brian P.
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Anderson, Shelley
Carson, Lyn
Friends of the earth
Groth, Edward (1944-)
Nonviolent struggle and social defence (03-04-1990 - 07-04-1990 : Bradford)
Accuracy of some methods for determining photodissociation rates in the modeling of stratospheric ozone
Accuracy of some methods for determining photodissociation rates in the modeling of stratospheric ozones
Against intellectual property
Analyzing the fluoridation controversy: resources and structures
Anthology of Nonviolence: Historical and Contemporary Voices, An
Automatic vehicle identification: A test of theories of technology
Beating of Rodney King: The Dynamics of Backfire, The
bias of science, The
burden of proof and the origin of acquired immune deficiency syndrome., The
Captives of Controversy: The Myth of the Neutral Social Researcher in Contemporary Scientific Controversies
Changing the cogs : activists and the politics of technology
Confronting the experts
Constructing Social Action
Countershock: mobilizing resistance to electroshock weapons.
Critics of pesticides : whistleblowing or suppression of dissent?
Critique of Nonviolent Politics: From Mahatma Gandhi to the Anti-Nuclear Movement
Critique of Science Becomes Academic, The
Difficulty with Alternatives, The
Direct Action and Democracy Today
Dissent and Heresy in Medicine: Models, Methods, and Strategies
Doing good things better, 2011:
Dynamics of Employee Dissent: Whistleblowers and Organizational Jiu-Jitsu, The
Economic alternatives as Strategies
Economics of Large-Scale Wind Power in the UK - A Model of an Optimally Mixed CEGB Electricity Grid, The
Goal of Self-Managed Science: Implications for Action, The
Information liberation : challenging the corruptions on information power
Instead of Repression
Intellectual suppression : Australian case histories, analysis and responses
Investigating the origin of AIDS: Some ethical dimensions
Japanese technology policy for aged care
John Henry Newman : his life and work
Justice ignited : the dynamics of backfire
Lessons from the 1991 Soviet coup
Looming struggles over technology for border control
Macmillan anthologies of English literature. Volume 4, The nineteenth century, 1798-1900
Molecular Politics: Developing American and British Regulatory Policy for Genetic Engineering, 1972-1982
My Lai: The Struggle Over Outrage
Negotiating expert status: who gets taken seriously
Net Resistance, Net Benefits: Opposing MAI
Nineteenth century, The : (1798-1900) ; London, 1989.
Nonviolence and Communication
Nonviolence Insights
Nonviolence versus Capitalism
Nonviolent Strategy Against Capitalism *
Nonviolent struggle and social defence
Nuclear Power and Antiterrorism: Obscuring the Policy Contradictions
Nuclear Winter: Science and Politics
On calculating residence and transfer times
Parkin Backfire, The
Peer review and the origin of AIDS--a case study in rejected ideas
Political Jiu-Jitsu against Indonesian Repression: Studying Lower-Profile Nonviolent Resistance
Political refutation of a scientific theory: the case of polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS
Politics of a Scientific Meeting: The Origin-of-AIDS Debate at the Royal Society, The
Popular Dissent, Human Agency and Global Politics
Protest in a Liberal Democracy
Random selection in politics
Repetition strain injury in Australia: medical knowledge, social movement, and de facto partisanship
Repression, Backfire, and the Theory of Transformative Events
Research Grants: Problems and Options.
Research Productivity: Some Paths Less Travelled
Researching Nonviolent Action: Past Themes and Future Possibilities
River: A Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDS, The
Science, technology and nonviolent action: the case for a utopian dimension in the social analysis of science and technology
Scientific Fraud and the Power Structure of Science
Scientific knowledge in controversy : the social dynamics of the fluoridation debate
Selective Usefulness of Game Theory, The
social construction of drug debates., The
Social Defence: Elite Reform or Grassroots Initiative?
Social defence strategy: the role of technology
Social Institutions in East Timor: Following in the Undemocratic Footsteps of the West
sociology of the fluoridation controversy: a reexamination, The
Sticking a Needle into Science: The Case of Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS
Suppressing research data: methods, context, accountability, and responses.
Suppression Of Dissident Experts: Ideological Struggle In Australia
Tactics of Labor Struggles
technique for determining probability distributions for creation and destruction of ozone and other tracer particles, A
Techniques to Pass on: Technology and Euthanasia
Terrorism: Ethics, Effectiveness and Enemies
Union Carbide and James Hardie: lessons in politics and power.
Uprooting war
whistleblower's handbook, The : how to be an effective resister
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