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Harry Edward Nilsson III
Harry Nilson
Harry Nilsson
Midnight Cowboy
Nelson, Harry Edward
Nilson, Harry
Nilsson, Harry
Nilsson, Harry Edward III
Nilsson III, Harry
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Miles, Johnny (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Amart (1924-2000)
BMG France
BMG Music International (Europe)
Bo-Pete (isMemberOf)
González López, Jesús (1931-)
King, Carole (1942-)
Lennon, John (1940-1980)
Neil, Fred
Polygram, Division Polydor
Spedding, Chris (1944-)
Spirit choir
Trio Groupe de pop new wave
16 Top Tracks From Nilsson
1941 (demo)
1941 (live, 1968-11-05: BBC’s “Saturday Club”)
Abdication of Count Down, The
Aerial Ballet Radio Spot (recorded July 1968)
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Radio Spot
Ain't It Kinda Wonderful
All for Your Love
All I Think About Is You (demo)
All My Life
All the Best
All Time Greatest Hits
Always (alternate version)
Angie's Suite
Animal Farm
Apollo Throwdown
Are You Sleeping?
Arrow 93 Jingle
As I Wander Lonely
As time goes by (3 min 24 s)
Ash Grove, The
At My Front Door
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Ballin’ the Jack
Bath (alternate version)
Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
Beehive State, The
Best Friend
Best Move
Best of Harry Nilsson, The
Birds, The
Black sail in moonlight
Black Sails (demo)
Blanket for a Sail
Blow Me Down
Born in Grenada
Boy From the City, A
Boy from the City (demo)
Breakfast on Pluto music from the motion picture ; a Neil Jordan film
Bright Side of Life
Building Me Up
Buy My Album (single mix)
By the Sea (Alternate Version) (bonus track)
Campo de Encino
Cast and Crew (from “Skidoo”), The
Cast and the Crew, The
CD für alle Sinne, Die
Cheek to Cheek
City Life
Clearing in the Woods, The
Coconut (3 min 48 s)
Coconut (demo version)
Count Down Meets Merlin and Amber
Count's Vulnerability, The
Courtship of Eddie’s Father, The
Cowboy (alternate version)
Cuddly Toy (demo)
Cuddly Toy (Italian version, 1967)
Daddy’s Song
Daybreak (single version) / It Had to Be You (jam session)
Daylight Has Caught Me
Dayton, Ohio 1903
Din’ We
Distant river
Do You Believe?
Dogtown (3 min 26 s)
Don't forget me (DEMO) (bonus track)
Don’t Leave Me
Don't Need You, I
Donna I Understand
Down by the Sea (alternate version)
Down (demo version)
Down to the Valley (alternate mix with extended ending)
Down to the Valley (alternate version) / I’ll Never Leave You (alternate version)
Down to the Valley (single mix)
Dream love (3 min 46 s)
Drive Along (demo)
Driving Along (demo version)
Drumming is My Madness
Duit on Mon Dei / Sandman
Early in the Morning (alternate version)
Early tymes
Easier for Me
Easy for Me
End (Moonbeam), The
Escape: Impossible / Green Bay Packers March
Escape: Possible
Escuela privada Private School
Essential Nilsson, The
Every child deserves a lifetime songs from the For our children series.
Every man has a woman who loves him (3 min 32 s)
Everybody’s Got to Eat
Everybody's talkin' (1 min 54 s)
Everybody's Talkin' (1989 Remastered)
Everybody's talkin' (2 min 30 s)
Everybody's talkin' (2 min 41 s)
Everybody’s Talkin’ (from ‘Midnight Cowboy’)
Everybody's Talkin' (reprise)
Everybody's talkin' the very best of Harry Nilsson
Everybody's Talkin' (version #1)
Everybody's Talkin' (version #2)
Everybody’s Talking
Everybody sings Nilsson
Everybodys Talkin’
Everything Is Food
Everything's Got 'em
Fairfax Rag
Family, The
Famous myth (3 min 22 s), A
Filler (Nilsson's Talk), The
Flash Harry
Florida fantasy (2 min 08 s)
Flying Saucer Song (alternate version), The
Foolish Clock
For Me and My Gal
Forgotten Old Soldier (DEMO 1) (bonus track)
Forgotten Old Soldier (DEMO 2) (bonus track)
Frankenstein, Merlin and the Operation
Fun city (3 min 52 s)
Game, The
Garbage Can Ballet (alternate version)
Garbage Can Ballet (from “Skidoo”)
Girlfriend (remix)
Goin’ Down (alternate version)
Good for God
Good old desk...[etc]
Good Old Desk (live, 1968-11-05: BBC’s “Saturday Club”)
Good Times
Goodbye sadness (3 min 22 s)
Goodnight Mr. Banks / Let's Get the Hardware / Murder in the Car Wash
Gotta Get Up (1968 version)
Gotta Get Up (demo version)
Gotta Get Up (Previously Unreleased version) / Radio Spot
Gotta Get Up (remastered)
Greatest Hits
Groovy Little Suzie
Growin' Up
guess the Lord must be in New York City (2 min 44 s), I
Harry Nilsson's greatest hits
Harry / Nilsson Sings Newman
Harry Radio Spot (recorded 1969)
He Ain't Gonna Get My Girl
He Needs Me
He quit me (2 min 46 s)
Here's Why I Did Not Go to Work Today (Thursday)
Hey Joe
Hi-Heel Sneakers/Rescue Boy (medley)
Hi-Heel Sneakers/Resuce Boy Medley
Hijo de Schmilsson
Hollywood Dreamer
How About You
How Can I Be Sure of You
How Long Can Disco On
How to Write a Song
I'd Rather Be Dead
I’d Rather Be Me
I'll Be Home (alternate version)
I’ll Never Leave You
I'll Take a Tango
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows
I'm Gonna Loose My Mind
I'm Gonna Lose My Mind (Beginning)
I'm Gonna Lose My Mind (Conclusion)
I’m Mean
I'm moving on Nobody sees me like you do (3min 23 s)
I’m Popeye The Sailor Man
I've Got It
If Only (version #1)
If Only (version #2)
In Time
Intro: Without You
Introduction by Brian Matthew (live, 1968-11-05: BBC’s “Saturday Club”)
It Had to Be You (alternate version)
It Had to Be You / I’d Rather Be Dead
It Is He Who Will Be King (Outro) / Daybreak
It Just Ain't Right
It's a Jungle Out There
It's alright (3 min 20 s)
It’s Been So Long (Italian version, 1967)
It’s Not Easy Being Me
It’s Only a Paper Moon
It's So Easy
Ivy Covered Walls, The
Jesus Christ You're Tall (demo)
Joe Buck rides again (3 min 46 s)
Joy (alternate version)
Joy (demo‐guitar version)
Joy (demo‐piano version)
Joy (demo version: guitar)
Joy (demo version: piano)
Joy (guitar demo)
Joy (piano demo)
Joy (version #2)
Jump Into the Fire (alternate version)
Jump Into the Fire (demo version)
Jump Into the Fire (short version)
Jump Into the Fire (single version)
Jungle gym at the zoo (2 min 15 s)
Just One Look / Baby I'm Yours
Just Wait 'Till Summer Comes
Knnillssonn Radio Spot
Kojak Columbo
La La Song (demo), The
Last dance for me
Last Dance Me (Alternate Version) (bonus track)
Laughin' Man
Lazy Moon
Lean on Me
Learning From You
Leave the Rest to Molly
Legendary Harry Nilsson
Let the Good Times Roll
Life Line (alternate piano take 13)
Life Line (alternate version)
Listen, the Snow is Falling
Little Cowboy 1
Little Cowboy #2
Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night, A
Living Without You (alternate version)
Lollaby in Ragtime
Loneliness (3 min 42 s)
Loop de loop
Losst and Founnd
Lost and Found
Lottery Song, The
Love is the Answer
Love Like Yours (feat. Cher), A
Love story (3 min 39 s)
Love Story (alternate version)
Love Story (You And Me)
Lullaby in Ragtime (alternate version)
MacAdam Cowboy
Make Believe
Makin’ Whoopee!
Man and His Castle, A
Man Wasn't Meant to Fly
Many Rivers to Cross
Marchin’ Down Broadway
Marry Me a Little
Me and my arrow (2 min 04 s)
Me Without You
Medley Mucho Mungo / Mount Elga
Memphis Tennessee
Midnight cowboy (2 min 34 s)
Midnight cowboyoriginal motion picture score
Miss Butler’s Lament
Miss Butter’s Lament
Moonbeam Song (alternate demo), The
Moonbeam Song (demo version), The
Moonbeam Song (Previously Unreleased version), The
Moonlight and black sails (DEMO) (bonus track)
Moonshine Bandit
Mornin' Glory Story
Most Beautiful World in the World, The
Mother Nature’s Son
Mother Nature's Song
Mournin’ Glory Story (single mix)
Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Richard's Favourite Song
Mr. Richland’s Fav. Song
Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song (live, 1968-11-05: BBC’s “Saturday Club”)
Mr. Richland's Favourite Song
Mr. Tinker (alternate version)
Mt. Elga
Mucho Mungo / Mt. Elga (demo)
Must Have Been A Sweet Dream: Rarities 1963-1993
My Best Friend (aka My Baby's Coming Home)
My Best Friend (My Baby's Coming Home) (overdubbed)
My Girl
Need You, I
Never Say Goodbye
Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely, I
Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)
Neverthless (I'm in Love With You)
Nilsson, greatest hits
Nilsson's Message to Scotty
Nilsson Schmilsson Radio Spots
Nilsson Sings Newman
Nilsson Talks With Brian Matthew (live, 1968-11-05: BBC’s “Saturday Club”)
Nobody Cares About the Railroad Anymore
Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore
nouveau jour sur la terre, Un
Now or never (3 min 44 s)
Oblio's Return
Oh Caroline
Oh I Wonder
Old Bones
Old Dirt Road (alternate version)
Old Dirt Road (Flash Harry)
Old Forgotten Soldier (alternate demo)
Old Forgotten Soldier (demo 1)
Old Forgotten Soldier (demo 2)
Old Forgotten Soldier (demo version)
Old man willow (7 min 03 s)
Old soldier forgotten
Once a Loser
One (alternate version)
One (Is A Lonely Number)
One (Mono single version)
One / Sister Marie
One: The Best of Nilsson
Only Light, The
Open Your Window (alternate take)
Over the Rainbow
P.O.V. Waltz
Pandemonium Shadow Show, Aerial Ballet and Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
Per chi (Italian version of “Without You”)
Perfect Day
Perhaps This Is All a Dream
Personal Best: The Harry Nilsson Anthology
Playlist: The Very Best of Harry Nilsson
Please Mister Music Man
Point: Me and My Arrow, The
Point! Travel Brochure Radio Spot With Bill Martin, The
Pointed Man, The
Poli High
Popeye: Music from the Motion Picture
Pretty Soon There'll Be Nothing Left for Everybody
Private School-- for Girls
puerto de Temma . "Temma harbour", El
Puget Sound
Puppy Song, The
Pussy Cats Radio Spot with Eddie Lawrence (bonus track)
Pussy Cats Radio Spots With Eddie Lawrence
Put the Lime in the Coconut
Rainmaker (alternate version)
Rainmaker (mono single version)
RCA Albums Collection, The
Real... Harry Nilsson, The
Remember Christmas : Navidad ; The lottery song
River Deep – Mountain High
Rock Around the Clock
Rock'N Roll
Said Goodbye to Me (alternate version), I
Sail Away
Sail With Me
Salmon Falls
Save the Last Dance for Me (alternate version)
saw a flying saucer (Alternate Version) (bonus track), I
Science fiction (1 min 57 s)
She Drifted Away
She’s Just Laughing at Me
She’s Leaving Home
She's Yours
She Sang Hymns Out of Tune (mono single version)
She Sits Down on Me
She Wandered Through the Garden Fence
Shuffle Off to Buffalo
Si No Estas Tu (Spanish Without You)
Signs (demo)
Silver horse (3 min 07 s)
Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
Simply the Best: Without You: His Greatest Hits
Sister Marie (stereo mix)
Sixteen Tons / I'm Gonna Lose My Mind
SKIDOO / Commercials
SKIDOO / Goodnight Mr. Banks
Skidoo / The Point!
Sleep Late, My Lady Friend (Italian version, 1967)
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
So Long Dad
So You Think You've Got Troubles
Something True
Son of Dracula
Son of Schmilsson Radio Spot
Souvenir – Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon, A
Spotlight on Nilsson
Stand Up and Holler
Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses
Story of Rock and Roll (demo), The
Subterranean Homesick Blues
Swee’Pea’s Lullaby
Sweet Lorraine
Sweet Surrender
Take 54 (alternate take)
Take This Heart
Tears and joys (2 min 29 s)
Telephone, the
Ten Little Indians
Thank Heaven for Kathy
Thanks for the Memory
That Is All (reprise)
That's the Way It Is / Knnillssonn
…That’s the Way It Is Radio Spot
There's Gotta Be a Girl
There Will Never Be
Think About Her Troubles
Think About Your Troubles (alternate version)
This Could Be the Night (demo)
This Is All I Ask
Thousand Miles Away, A
(Thursday) Here's Why I Did Not Go to Work Today
Together (alternate version)
Together (live, 1968-11-05: BBC’s “Saturday Club”)
Tony's Trip
Touch More Schmilsson in the Night, A
Town (Narration), The
Travelin'man, A
Tree Out in the Yard (Central Park), A
Trial & Banishment, The
Trust in Me
Turn off the lights (DEMO) (bonus track)
Turn on Your Radio
Turn Out the Light (demo)
very best of Harry Nilson, The
Very Best of Harry Nilsson, The
Vine St.
Vine Street
Voices of Vista Radio Spots (recorded June 1969)
Wailing of the Willow, The
Waiting (non‐LP single version)
Wake up (2 min 22 s)
Walk Right Back
Walking in space
Walking on thin ice (3 min 46 s)
Want You to Sit on My Face, I
Wasting My Time (alternate mix)
Welcome home
What Does a Woman See in a Man
What'll I do (2 min 27 s)
What’s Your Sign?
Who done it ? (5 min 20 s)
Wig Job
Will she miss me (4 min 43 s)
Will Take You There (alternate mix), I
Will Take You There (from “Skidoo”), I
Will Take You There (mono single version), I
Will Take You There (single mix), I
Will, The
With a Bullet
Without Her (Italian version, 1967)
Without Her - Without You: The Very Best of Nilsson, Volume 1
Without you (3 min 15 s)
Without you (3 min 17 s)
Without You (4.0 mix)
Without You (demo version)
Without You / Everybody's Talkin' / Coconut
Without You / Gotta Get Up
Without You (Italian version)
Without You (Spanish version)
Without You: The Best of Harry Nilsson
Woman Oh Woman
Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now, I
Woodstock memories
Working in the Coal Mine
World (demo)
Wrack my brain (Naúfraga mi mente)
Yam What I Yam, I
Yellow Man
Yo Dodger Blue
You Are Here
You Can’t Do That (Italian version, 1967)
You Can’t Do That (mono)
You Can't Take Your Love (Away From Me)
You Can't Take Your Love / Born in Grenada
You made me love you (2 min 32 s)
You Made Me Love You (I Didn’t Want to Do It) (alternate version)
You're Breakin' My Heart
You’re Breaking My Heart
You've got mailmusic from the motion picture
You were on my mind
Youre a lady
Zombie Jamboree (Back to Back)
Contributed to or performed: 
¡Mira Quién Baila!
’60s Music Revolution
’60s Rock Experience, The
#1 Hits of the 70s
♥ 70’s, I
100 60s Hits
100 70'er Hits
100 Años de cine, Volume 1
100 Essential Tracks: No1 Hits
100 Hit Legenden
100 Hits El cóndor pasa
100 Hits of the ’70s
100 Hits Only You
100 Hits: 70’s Heart Throbs
100 Hits: Acoustic
100 Hits: American Anthems
100 Hits: No. 1s
100 Hits: Number 1s
100 Hits: Peace & Love
100 Hits: Pop!
100 Hits: Sing!
100 Hits: Summer
100 Hits: Supreme 70s
100 Hits: The Best 70s Album
100 Hits: The Best Love Album
100 Hits: The Best Sixties Album
100 Movie Hits
100 One Hit Wonders
100% Hits Love
100% Pure Love
100% Tarantino
100% Tarantino hits
1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 8
1000% Golden Soundtrack
101 60s Hits
101 canciones de oro, Las
101 canciones del cine, Las
101 Love Songs
101 mejores baladas del universo, Las
101 mejores canciones del planeta Tierra, Las
101 Movie Songs
101 Power Ballads
18 Screamers From the 70’s
1969: The Beat Goes On
1970s Pop Classics
20 Number 1s of the 70s
20 Original Hit Songs Of 1969
20 Years of No. 1 Hits: 1956-1975
20th Century Masters: A Tribute to Bob Dylan
25 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1972: 20 of the Year’s Greatest Tracks
30 Stars: 70s
30 Stars: Acoustic
30 Years of Number 1's, Volume 6: 1969-1972
45 Classic No 1’s
50 grandes canciones de Universal 92.1 FM Stereo CD1, Las
50 Jaar Radio Veronica: The 60’s
60s Summer Album, The
66 Favoritas de Iñigo y Pardo Vol.8 No Es Un Día Cualquiera, Las
70's Dinner Party
70’s Party Mix
70’s: 1972: Back in the Groove, The
70s Back to School
70s Greatest Hits
70s Songs
70s: Best of 1970-1971, The
80 Super Back Tracks
Absolute Cinema
Absolute Krossat Hjärta 1
Absolute Movies
Absolute Seventies
Absolute Seventies, Volume 2
Absolute Seventies, Volume 2 (disc 2)
Absolute Sixties
Acoustic Freeway
Acoustic, Volume 2
Afscheid 2
Alan Jones Presents: Songs of Love and Inspiration (disc 1)
All Because…
All By Myself
All by Myself: 70's Break Up Songs
All Right Now
All the Songs the Beatles Gave Away 1963–1990
All Time Greatest Country Songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's, The
All Time Greatest Love Songs of the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's, Volume II, The
All Time Greatest Love Songs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, The
All Time Greatest Movie Songs 2001
All You Need Is Love
All‐Time Top 100 TV Themes
Alternative 60s: From Woodstock to Vietnam
AM Gold: 1969
AM Gold: 1972
AM Gold: Early ’70s Classics
AM Gold: Radio Gems
AM Gold: Radio Hits '69-'74: Mellow Hits
American Classics
American Highway
Amour: The Ultimate Love Collection
Années 60
Années 70
Aral MusicCollection No. 12: You Got It
Audiophile Recordings, Vol. 18
Baby Boomer Classics: Sixties, Volume 3
Back to the 70's
Back to the 70’s
Banda Sonora Original
Bands, The
Basically Blewitt
BBC Radio 2 Songs of the Century
Beat-Club: Das Original, Volume 1
Beatlemaniacs!!!: The World of Beatles Novelty Records
Beautiful: The New Collection Autumn 2004
Best in Stereo, Volume 2, The
Best Movie Hits Album In The World Ever, The
Best of Acoustic
Best of Acoustic: 32 Moody Songs
Best of Cult Fiction, The
Best of Lite FM, The
Best of Romantic Rock, Volume 2
Best of Tarantino, The
Best of the 1960's 70's 80's 90's Classic's, Part 5, The
Best of the 70s: From the Original Masters
Best of the Definitive American Songbook (Volume 1: A-I), The
Best of the Greatest Love: Fifty Classic Love Tracks, The
Best Seventies Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best Singles of All Time, The
Best Sixties Album in the World… Ever! III, The
Best Sixties Summer Party... Ever!, The
beste uit de Top 70ies 700, Het
Beste Van De Evergreen Top 1000, Het
Bigger Better Power Ballads II: The Greatest Driving Anthems in the World… Ever!
Bigger Splash, A
Bill Haley & Friends, Volume 3: The Story of Rock Around the Clock
Billboard #1s: The ’70s
Billboard Presents: Family Friendship Classics
Billboard Top Soft Rock Hits: 1972
Billy Connolly’s ‐ Route 66
Body Talk: Hearts Together: Great Love Songs 1965 - 1995
Body Talk: Just For You
Body Talk: The Language of Love 1965-1995: Just for You
Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection
Break Up Songs
Breakfast on Pluto: Music From the Motion Picture
Breaking Hearts
Bridget Jones's Diary 2
Bridget Jones's Diary 2: More Music From the Motion Picture and Other V.G. Songs
Bridget Jones’s Diary 2: More Music from The Motion Picture and Other V.G. Songs
Burbank's Finest - 100% All Meat
California Dreaming: The Cream of L.A.’s Seventies Rock
Capital Gold Love Legends
Capital Gold Movie’s Greatest Love Songs
Capital Gold Seventies Legends
Car Songs: The 70s
Casey Kasem Presents - America's Top Ten Hits - The 1960s - The Folk Years
Casey Kasem Presents America's Top 10 Through the Years: The 70s
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Love and Inspiration
Child's Celebration of Lullaby, A
Child's Celebration of Song 2, A
Classic Cuts: Ballad Box
Classic Love Songs
Classic Soft Rock: More Than a Feeling
Classic Soft Rock: Summer Breeze
Classic Tearjerkers
Collection: An Adventure in Sound, The
Compact Disc Club - Gold
Complete Buddy Holly, The
Cool Sound of the 70s, The
Coronation Street: Magical Memories
Country Hits
Country Roads
Country Roads: 20 Driving Country Classics
Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Volume 3
Crying Game, The
Cuéntame cómo pasó: La generación de los 70
Culture Pub Rock
Daddy Day Care
Dance Party Classics
Dancing Days - Voume 3
Daydream: Mellow Rock Classics
Deck Safari, Part One
Dirty Diamonds, Volume 2
Do I Do: The Ultimate Wedding Album, I
Do You Believe in Love
Do You Love Me? All-Time Best Love Songs
Do-Wah-Diddy: Words and Music by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry
Don't Stop the 80's, Volume 3: The Ballads
Dreaming, Vol.I
Easy ’70s
Easy-Listening Hits of the '60s & '70s
edits & cuts
Elokuvien 100 suosituinta
Endless Love
Entertainment Weekly: Lite Gold
Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1972
Essential 70s
Essential Acoustic Album, The
Essential Guide to Acoustic, The
Essential Movies, The
Estrenos BSO
Everlasting Love
Every Man Has a Woman
Everybody's Talkin'
Everybody’s Talkin’ (From "Midnight Cowboy")
Feel the Love
Feelin' Good
Feelings 1
Film 2000 With Jonathan Ross
Film Lullabies
Fisher King, The
Flower Power & Woodstock Generation
Flower Power: Age of Aquarius
Flower Power: The Music of the Love Generation
Flower Power: The Woodstock Generation
Folk Rock Classics
Folk Scene, The
Folk Years, The
For Our Children
Forever Country
Forever Young II: The Very Best of Pop and Classic
Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack
Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack (special collector's edition)
Four Decades of Folk Rock
Freedom Rock
From the Movies
Girl Next Door, The
Gold's Greatest Hits
Golden Age of Underground Radio, Vol. 2, The
Goldwell - Love Songs
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Morning Vietnam, Volume 2
Good Morning Vietnam: A Soundtrack to the 60s
Good Time Gold: A Time to Remember
Good Year, A
Graduate: Music from the Broadway Comedy, The
GRAMMYS: 50th Anniversary Collection, The
Greatest Ever! Acoustic: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Driving Songs
Greatest Ever! Love: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Power Ballads
Greatest Ever! Rock Ballads: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Hits From the Movies
Greatest Hits of the 70's
Greatest Hits of the 70's, The
Greatest Hits of the Millennium: 70's, Volume 1
Greatest Hits of the Seventies: Get It On
Greatest Love, The
Greatest Movies Collection, The
Greatest Pop Ballads, The
Greatest Seventies Collection, The
Greatest Shits: A Mix by Mac DeMarco
Grew Up in the 70s, I
Grimleys, The
Hangover Part III, The
Hangover, Part III: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Happy 60s
Happy Together
Harmony: Pure & Natural Melodies
Haynes: Ultimate Guide to the 60s
Haynes: Ultimate Guide to the 70s
He Needs Me
Heart of Country, The
Heart of Gold
Heart Rock: Rock für’s Herz, Volume 1
Heart Rock: Rock für’s Herz, Volume 6
Heartbeat: Love Me Tender
Heartbreakers: 42 Classic Love Songs
Herzschmerz: The Real Sad Songs
Hifi Visionen: Pop-CD 4
Hit History, Volume 18: 1972
Hit-Giganten: Cover-Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Lovesongs, Die
Hits 94, Volume 1
Hits of the 70s (100 Songs)
Hits of the Seventies
Hits of the World 1972/1973
Hollywood: The Best of Movie Themes
I’m Mean
Ice Storm, The
Independent Woman
Inrockuptibles présentent : 100 trésors cachés : chansons rares & indispensables, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : Tarantino Best of B.O., Les
It Must Be Love
Jackie: The Album, Volume 2
James Hyman's Summer CD
James Rizzi’s Fun Favourites
James Rizzi’s Love Classics: Come On Baby Light My Fire
Jazz Years, The
Kiss FM / 20 Canciones Que Te Harán Sentir Bien
Kommissar, Der
Korean Favorite Pop Songs, Volume 2
KuschelRock 1
Kuschelrock 30
Kuschelrock Special Edition - "Happy Birthday"
Kuschelrock Special Edition: Feelings of the Seventies
Kuschelrock, Volume 1
LateNightTales: Django Django
Latest & Greatest Driving Rock Anthems
Lego Batman Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Leo Blokhuis presenteert The Sound of the Westcoast 1965–1979
Lifetime of Romance
Lifetime of Romance: Falling in Love
Lifetime of Romance: Heartbreakers
Lifetime of Romance: Some Enchanted Evening
Like 70s, I
Lilo & Stitch: Island Favorites
Lite FM: Late Night Ballads from the 70’s & 80’s
Living in the 70s, Vol. III
Ljuva 60-tal, volym 3: 1960-1969
Ljuva Nostalgi - The American Songbook
Lo Esencial De Las Clásicas De Universal Stereo
Loud Monkey Music: Present 2
Love & Affection
Love Album Classics
Love Album II, The
Love at the Movies... The Album
Love Bites and School Nites: Smooching Classics From Behind the Bike Sheds
Love Collection, Volume I, The
Love Collection, Volume II, The
Love Eternal
Love Generation, The
Love Hurts: 40 of the Most Moving Songs of All Time
Love Is in the Air
Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Every Day), A
Love Like Yours, A
Love Over Gold
Love Songs
Love You: La Compilation des amoureux, I
Love You: The Love Album, I
Love: 120 Original Hits
Loved Ones
Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks, The
Magic Film Hits
Many Moods of Romance: I Wish You Love, The
Más Noches De Blanco Satén (Las 24 Mejores Baladas De Siempre)
Maximum Cowbell
Media Markt: Oldies
Medley Five (“Technicolor Pachyderms”): Pink Elephants on Parade / Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Méga cinéma
Meilleur de la musique, Le
Mélodies en or, Volume 1
Merry Christmas: 40 Pop & Classic Weihnachts-Hits
Midnight Cowboy
Million Sellers 10 - The Sixties
Million Sellers 13
Million Sellers 13: The Seventies
Million Sellers 18: The Seventies
Million Selling Memories
Ministry of Sound: Chilled 60s
Miracle of Love, The
Missing You
Missing You: An Album of Love
Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions III
Moments in Love...
Mooiste Openingsdansen, De
Motor Info CD 1997-05
Movie Hits
Movie Lovers
Mr Music plus: Number Seven
Music Machine!, The
Music of Your Life
Music of Your Life: Some Enchanted Evening
Music on the Radio!
Music to Watch Girls By: The Classics
Music to Watch Movies By
Musical Library, Volume 3
Musique de Paris Dernière 5, La
My Heart Will Go On
My Name Is Earl: The Album
New York Collection, 1969
New York Collection, 1971
New York Songs
Night Songs
Nipper’s Greatest Hits: The 60’s, Volume 2
No Greater Love
No. 1 Hits 1972, The
No. 1 Love Album, The
No.1 Classic 60's Album, The
No.1 Classic 70's Album (disc 2), The
No.1 Classic 70's Album, The
No.1 Country Album, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 70’s, Volume 2, The
Noches de Blanco Satén
NOW 100 Hits Movies
NOW 100 Hits Power Ballads
NOW That’s What I Call 70s
Now That’s What I Call Love
Now That’s What I Call Love Songs
Now the Music: The 70’s Generation
Number One 70’s Album, The
Number One Collection, The
O Melhor das Novelas - Internacional
Official American Bandstand Library of Rock & Roll: 70s, The
Old Navy: Cool Kids & Groovy Grown-Ups
Old Style Love Song 2
Old Style Love Songs
Oldie Juke Box
Oldie Marathon
Oldie Parade, Volume 4
On Vine Street: The Early Songs of Randy Newman
One and Only Love Album, The
Only Fools and Horses: The Album
Only Rock ’n’ Roll 1970‐1974 #1 Radio Hits
Only You 2
Our Generation: Hits From the Sixties
Our Songs: Singers & Songwriters Encore
Pages of Past
Paris by Night: L'Intégrale de Paris Dernière en sept volumes
Party Collection, Volume 10
Peace & Love Generation, The
Perfect Day
Piano and the Song, The
Piano Love Songs
Piano Songs, The
Pick of the Seventies, Volume 2, The
Pin-Ups: The Original Pop Idols
Planet Groove: The Shaun Ryder Session
Pop Classics: 28 Classic Tracks
Pop Essentials
Pop Heaven
Pop Memories of the ’60s
Pop Years: 1972-1973, The
Pop Years: The 70s, The
Positively '60s
Power & Passion: The Most Passionate Lovesongs of All Time
Power Ballads
Power of Love, The
Practical Magic
Practical Magic: Music From the Motion Picture
Pre Historie '70: Editie 2011, De
Pre Historie 1969, De
Pre Historie 1972, De
Pre Historie 1972, Volume 2, De
Precious Moments Vol 1
President's Greatest Hits: I think we're alone now, The
Pure Acoustic
Pure… Acoustic
Ralph Lauren Songs Across America Collection, The
Ready Steady Go! The Number One Sixties Album, Volume II
Real ’70s, The
Real 60's: The Psychedelic Hits
Real... Christmas Crooners, The
Real... Classic Film, The
Red Dog - Music From the Movie
Reklame Favoritter 2
Reservoir Dogs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Reservoir Dogs: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Reservoir Dogs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Reunited: The Last Dance
Revolution: A Rock & Roll Tribute to The Beatles
Rhino Instant Party: Blow-Out!
Rhino Instant Party: Hot! Hot! Hot!
Rock Around the Clock
Rock Ballads
Rock On: 1969, Volume 2
Rock The Kasbah
Rockin' & Rollin' Wedding Songs, Volume 1
Rolling Stone: The Timeless Stories of the ’70s — Singer/Songwriter
Romancing the ’60s
Romancing the 70s, Volume 6: My Love
Romancing the 70s, Volume 8: I Go Crazy
Room Service
Room Service 2
Rules of Attraction, The
Sad Songs
Sampled, Volume 4
Schmusezeit, Volume 1
Secret Love
Selected Stereo Music
Self Portraits
Seventies Blockbusters
Seventies Power Ballads
Seventies Top 100
Shanghai Knights
Sheer Idiocy 2002 House Mix 1
Simply the Best Love Songs
Simply the Best Love Songs: A Timeless Collection
Simply the Best of the 60's
Simply the Best: Superstars & Legendäre Hits der 70er, Volume 2
Singer & The Song, The
Singers & Songwriters
Singers & Songwriters, Volume 1
Singers and Songwriters
Singers and Songwriters 1970–1972
Singers and Songwriters Collection
Singers and Songwriters: 1965–1969
Singers and Songwriters: 1972-1973
Singers and Songwriters: Classics
Singers and Songwriters: Early '70s
Singers and Songwriters: Early ’70s
Singers and Songwriters: The 1960s
Sixties Collection: 1969 (Ces années là…)
Sixties, Volume 3, The
Sleeping Beauties: Songs We Shouldn't Forget
Slow Motion Vol. 6
Snow 3: The Get Easy! Christmas Collection, Volume III
Solid Gold Hits
Solid Gold Hits of the 60’s
Songbook: The Best of the Singer/Songwriters
Songs 2: Best of Westcoast
Songs of Randy Newman
Songs We Shouldn’t Forget Collected
Sound Track
Sounds of the 70’s
Sounds of the Seventies
Sounds of the Seventies: 1972
Sounds of the Seventies: More AM Nuggets
Sounds of the Seventies: Pop Nuggets: Early '70s
Sounds of the Sixties: 60’s Gold, Volume 3
Sounds of the Sixties: Made in the USA
Spirit of the 60s: 1969: The Beat Goes On, The
Spot Collection Summer 2002
Stage + Screen
Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music From Vintage Disney Films
Steve Wright in the Afternoon: The Oldies
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs
Summer ’69
Summertime Hits
Sun Jammin'
Sun Splashin'
Sunrise: Music for Mellow Mornings
Sunshine Sounds Inspired by the West Coast
Super Schmuse Hits
Swing Mania
Swinging Sixties
Take It Easy (disc 2)
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: More From the 50’s & 60’s
Tender Love
Terry Wogan: The Collection
Testament van de Seventies
That Lovin' Feeling
That’s Country: Simply the Best of Country
That’s Love: Simply the Best of Love
Theme Time Radio Hour Season 2 With Your Host Bob Dylan
Things we Say For Love, The
This Is Cult Fiction
This Land is Your Land: The Folk Years
This Love
This Record Belongs to ___________
Those Were the Days - 30 Years of Great Folk Hits
Time for Tenderness, Volume 1 (disc 1)
Time in a Bottle: Mellow Rock Classics
Time to Say Goodbye 2010
Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music, Volume 2
Timeless: A Collection of 54 Classic Performances
Too Cool for School Mixtape for Kids
Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970
TOP 40 Hitdossier 70s
Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 70’s, Volume 1
Top Hits of the Seventies, Volume 1
Top of the Morning With Terry Wogan
Top of the Pops 1972
Top of the Pops: Year by Year Collection 1964 - 2006
Tranquil Moods - Contemporary Moods (The National Trust )
Trésors 60's (disc 1)
Troubadours (Folk and the Roots of American Music) Part 4
Troubadours: The Essential Album
Ultimate 60s
Ultimate 70’s Pop
Ultimate 70s, The
Ultimate Acoustic
Ultimate Acoustic: 4 CDs of the Greatest Acoustic Music
Ultimate All Time Classic Tearjerkers, The
Ultimate Ballad Collection, The
Ultimate Collection of Rock & Roll, Volume 7: 70's From the Heart, The
Ultimate Collection: Chillout, The
Ultimate Collection: Rock Ballads, The
Ultimate Collection: Seventies, The
Ultimate Easy Listening Collection, The
Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack, The
Ultimate Grammy Collection: Classic Pop
Ultimate Jukebox Hits of the 70s, The
Ultimate Karaoke Love Songs, The
Ultimate Love Album, The
Ultimate Love Collection, The
Ultimate Love Songs Collection: Greatest Love of All
Ultimate Movies & Musicals Experience, The
Ultimate Number 1s
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection: Burning Heart, The
Ultimate Seventies: 1972
Ultimate Singer/Songwriter Collection, The
Ultimate Smooth Album, The
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Herzschmerz-Songs aller Zeiten, Die
Unforgetable Memories
Very Best of Back to the Movies, The
Very Best of Country Gold, The
Very Best of Country Music, The
Very Best of Legends, The
Very Best of Music to Watch Girls By, The
Very Best of Our Tune, The
Very Best of Pop and Classic, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1969–70, The
Very Best of Power Ballads: The Greatest Driving Anthems …Ever!, The
Very Best of Singers‐Songwriters, The
Very Best of That Loving Feeling, The
Very Best of the 70's, Volume 6, The
Vichy Government "Mixtape", The
Victoria (Bande originale du film)
Voice of Peace, The
Voices of the 70s
Voices of the Century
Walt Disney Records Presents: Dog Songs
We Love New York
We Love the Sixties
Whatever Happened to Christmas
When a Man Loves a Woman
Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-1968
Wish You Love, I
With a Little Help
Wonderful Life
World's Best Mum
World’s Greatest: The Ultimate 3CD Collection, The
Year in Your Life: 1969, Volume One, A
You Light Up My Life: Gentle Memories of the ’70s
You've Got Mail
Τα Blues του Party