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Ussachevsky, Vladimir,
Ussachevsky, Vladimir A.
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Alexis
Vladimir Usatševski
Vladimir Ussachevski (russisch-amerikanischer Komponist)
Vladimir Ussachevsky
Vladimir Ussachevsky (American composer)
Vladimir Ussachevsky (compositeur, professeur de musique)
Vladimir Ussachevsky (Russisch componist (1911-1990))
Усачевский, Владимир Кириллович
ולדימיר אוסצ'בסקי
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Luening, Otto (1900-1996)
New World Records
Ottley, Jo Ann
Recorded Anthology of American Music, Inc
Serebrier, José (1938- ))
University of Utah. A Cappella Choir
University of Utah. Chorus
Ussachevsky, Vladimir (1911-1990)
Utah Symphony Orchestra
Voice of America Music Library Collection (Library of Congress)
Weight, Newell
Celebration 1981, c1981:
Choral music. [Sound recording]
Colloquy : for symphony orchestra, tape recorder, and various chairs (in 4 movements) (1976)
Computer Piece No. 1 (1968)
Creation. Conflict
Creation. Epilogue
Creation. Selections. [from old catalog]
Dialogues and contrasts
Electronic and acoustic works, 1957-1972
Electronic music. Selections
Fantasmagoriâ dlâ dvuh skripok i simfoniceskogo orkestra
Film music [Enregistrement sonore]
Improvisation 4711
Jubilee cantata ; For chorus of mixed voices, baritone solo and large orchestra with transitional passages for a reader
[Library of Congress Music Division concert, 1982-11-17]
Line of Apogee: Part 1
Line of Apogee: Part 2
Line of Apogee: Part 3
Line of Apogee: Part 4
Line of Apogee: Part 5
Line of Apogee: Part 6
Line of Apogee: Part 7
Linear Contrasts (1958)
Master i Margarita simfoniâ-fantaziâ
[Messen (1971)]. -
Metamorphosis (1957)
Missa Brevis (1972): Agnus Dei
Missa Brevis (1972): Benedictus
Missa Brevis (1972): Kyrie
Missa Brevis (1972): Sanctus
Musical imagination in the machine age
No exit. Suite
Of Wood and Brass (1965)
Orchestra music.
Pentagram. Selections
Piece for Tape Recorder
Pieces, computer
Pieces, tape
Poem in cycles and bells. [from old catalog]
[Portland Junior Symphony Orchestra, 50th anniversary retrospective radio series].
Prologue: Enuma Elish (from 3 scenes from The Creation)
Sketches for a computer piece
Sonic contours
Suite from No Exit: Part 1
Suite from No Exit: Part 2
Suite from No Exit: Part 3
Suite from No Exit: Part 4
Suite from No Exit: Part 5
Suite from No Exit: Part 6
Tape music an historic concert
Tape recorder piece
Three Scenes From the Creation (1960, Rev. 1973): I. Prologue: Enuma Elish
Three Scenes From the Creation (1960, Rev. 1973): II. Interlude
Three Scenes From the Creation (1960, Rev. 1973): III. Epilogue: Spell of Creation
Transposition, reverberation, experiment, composition
Two Sketches for a Computer Piece (1971)
Two Sketches for a Computer Piece: Sketch 1
Two Sketches for a Computer Piece: Sketch 2
U.S. composers. live plus pre-recorded
Underwater valse
Underwater Waltz
Vladimir Ussachevsky, 1999:
VOA program #25
Wide wide world
Wireless Fantasy (1960)
Works. Selections
Contributed to or performed: 
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music: Second A-Chronology 1936–2003, An
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
Early Modulations: Vintage Volts
Forbidden Planets, Volume Two: More Music From the Pioneers of Electronic Sound
Incantation for Tape
Masterworks of the 20th Century
Misanthrope Meditation Mix, The
OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music
Pioneers of Electronic Music
Sound Unbound: Excerpts and Allegories From the Sub Rosa Archives
Sounds of New Music
Tape Music An Historic Concert
Tape Recorder Music
Photolithograph of the composer's manuscript
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, 1939