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Frederick Roberts
Frederick Roberts, 1:e earl Roberts (brittisk politiker)
Frederick Roberts, 1. Earl Roberts (britischer Generalfeldmarschall und Heerführer des Viktorianischen Zeitalters)
Frederick Roberts, 1. jarl Roberts (britisk politiker)
Frederick Roberts, 1.º Conde Roberts
Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts (recipient of the Victoria Cross)
Frederick Roberts (général britannique)
Frederick Roberts, I conte Roberts (generale britannico)
Frederick Sleigh Roberts
Frederick Sleigh Roberts (Brits politicus)
Kandahar (F. S. R.; 1832-1914)
Kandahar, Frederick Sleigh (lord Roberts of)
Kandahar, Frederick Sleigh Roberts
Kandahar, Frederick Sleigh Roberts (Earl Roberts of)
Kandahar, Frederick Sleigh Roberts Roberts of
Kandahar, Lord Roberts of
Kandahar, Roberts of
Roberts, F. S.
Roberts (F. S.; 1832-1914)
Roberts (F. S. R.; граф; 1832-1914)
Roberts (F. S.; герцог преторийский; 1832-1914)
Roberts (Field Marshal)
Roberts, Fred
Roberts, Frederick
Roberts, Frederick Baron
Roberts, Frederick Slegh
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh (Lord)
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh Roberts
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh Roberts (1st Earl)
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh Roberts (Earl)
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh Roberts (lord)
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh Robets
Roberts, Frederick Sleigh (Sir)
Roberts (Lord)
Roberts of Kandahar
Roberts of Kandahar, Frederick Sleigh (lord)
Roberts of Kandahar, Frederick Sleigh Roberts
Roberts of Kandahar, Frederick Sleigh Roberts (Earl)
Roberts#of Kandahar# (Lord)
Roberts (лорд; 1832-1914)
Робертс Кандагарский (1832-1914)
Робертс (лорд; 1832-1914)
Робертс, Ф. С
Робертс (Ф. С; 1832-1914)
Робертс (Ф. С; герцог преторийский; 1832-1914)
Робертс, Фредерик Слей
Фредерик Робертс
פרדריק רוברטס, רוזן רוברטס הראשון
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Henderson, George Francis Robert
Henderson, George Francis Robert (co-author)
Lovett, Alfred Crowdy (1862-1919))
MacMunn, George Fletcher (1869-1952))
Mills, Elliott Eraus
Murray, Arthur Mordaunt (co-author)
Murray, Stewart L. (co-author)
Pennell, Alice M. (co-author)
Rawlinson, George (co-author)
Ritter von Borosini
Ritter von Borosini (co-author)
Robson, Brian
Skrine, Francis Henry Bennett (1847-1933)
Vibart, Henry Meredith (1839- [from old catalog])
Wessels A (1956- André)
Williams, Basil (1867-1950)
Addiscombe, its heroes and men of note;
ALS from Field Marshal Baron Frederick Sleigh Roberts, when Commander in Chief in Ireland, to 'Dear Sir'
Appeal to British boys and girls What does it mean to be a member of the British Empire ?..., An
armies of India, The
Brief van Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts (1832-1914), geschreven aan William Edward Hartpole Lecky (1838-1903)
British soldier's Bloemfontein: impressions and experiences during the time of the British occupation and Lord Roberts' halt, 13 March - 3 May 1900, The
Correspondence mostling relating to the Irish National Volunteers
Einundvierzig Jahre in Indien. Bd. 1
Einundvierzig Jahre in Indien ; vom subaltern Offizier bis zum Ober-Befehlshaber, von Feldmarshall Lord Roberts of Kandahar... Übersetzung von Dr Ritter von Barosini
eye witness account of the Indian mutiny ... 1983:, An
Fontenoy and Great Britain's share in the war of the Austrian succession, 1741-48
Forty-one years in India from subaltern to commander in chief
Future peace of the Anglo-Saxons, addressed to the working men and their representatives, by major Stewart L. Murray,..., The
Imperial outposts from a strategical and commercial aspect, with special reference to the Japanese alliance, by colonel A. M. Murray. With a preface by field-marshal Earl Roberts,...
Invasion of 1910. -, The
Le Nouveau règlement de cavalerie anglais traduit... par un officier de cavalerie...
Letter from Frederick Sleigh Roberts, Earl Roberts, to Mrs Florence Henniker agreeing to be patron of a hospital for animals
Letter from Frederick Sleigh Roberts, Earl Roberts, to unidentified recipient thanking her for her endowment to the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs
Letters written during the Indian mutiny
Lord Roberts' Campaign speeches, a continuation of "the Message to the nation", by Fieldmarshal Earl Roberts,...
Lord Roberts' Message to the nation, by field-marshal earl Roberts,...
Memoir of Major-general Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson,... by George Rawlinson,... with an introduction by Field-Marshal Lord Roberts of Kandahar,... and a chapter written by Sir Henry Rawlinson, A
Message to the nation
Napoleon's conquest of Prussia. -
nation in arms. Speeches on the requirements of the British Army delivered, A
Official program of the return of Lord Roberts ;
Pennell of the Afghan frontier : the life of Theodore Leighton Pennell,...
rise of Wellington, The
Roberts in India : the military papers of Field Marshall Lord Roberts, 1876-1893
Science of war, a collection of essays and lectures (1892-1903), by the late colonel G. F. R. Henderson,... edited by captain Neill Malcolm, with a memoir of the author, by field marshal earl Roberts,..., The
Speeches and letters of Field Marshal Earl Roberts, K.G. on imperial defence.
supreme duty of the citizen at the present crisis; the last message to his fellow-countrymen, The
War and the arme blanche