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George W. Wickersham (American lawyer and Presidential Cabinet Secretary)
George W. Wickersham (Amerikaans advocaat (1858-1936))
George W. Wickersham (politicien américain)
George W. Wickersham (US-amerikanischer Jurist und Politiker)
George Woodward Wickersham (politico statunitense)
Wickersham, George
Wickersham, George W.
Wickersham, George Woodward
Wickersham, Samuel George Woodward
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Garrett, Earle W.
Lemann, Monte M. (n. 1884)
Stati Uniti. National commission on law observance and enforcement
Studio G. L. Manuel frères
Sutherland, George (1862-1942)
United States. Department of justice
United States. Wickersham Commission
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Action brought to test the constitutionality of the newspaper publicity feature of the Post Office appropriation act of 1912.
Addresses by Hon. George W. Wickersham,... at Syracuse (N. Y.), January 19, 1911, Cleveland (Ohio), March 20, 1911, Princeton (N. J.), May 1, 1911
administration's anti-trust record., The
Amendment of the Sherman antitrust law.
America's next step abroad
Authority of President to send militia into a foreign country.
Changing order, essays on government, monopoly and education, written during a period of readjustment, by George W. Wickersham,...
codification of international law, The : an address before the American bar association, delivered at Detroit, September 2nd, 1925
Constitution and prohibition enforcement, The
Data relating to national banks for the use of Congress.
Eight-hour law.
George W. Wickersham correspondence
individual and the community;, The
National Commission on law observance and enforcement... [Report.]
National stability; an address
New states and constitutions.
Notice sur la vie et les travaux de M. Jules Jusserand, 1855-1932
Opinion regarding the rights of Hungary and of certain Hungarian nationals under the treaty of Trianon
Our compulsory arbitration treaties should be amended
problem of law enforcement., The
Prosecution of American tobacco co.
prosecution of the harvester trust., The
[Recueil. Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Jules J.Jusserand]
relation of legal education to governmental problems, The : an address before the Harvard Law School Association
Relation of the federal government to industrial combinations, an address before the American academy of political and social science, by George W. Wickersham, at Philadelphia... February 26, 1914...
Remembrance meeting, fifth anniversary of America's entrance into the World War.
Report on criminal statistics.
Report on prosecution.
Report on the cost of crime.
Reports ...
[Speeches given before the American Institute of Law]
Spring in Morocco and Algiers
Title of the United States to lands in the District of Columbia.
To students of law
United States v. Standard oil co. Letter from the attorney-general, transmitting information to the House of representatives in response to resolution adopted February 7, 1913, relating to indictment returned in the United States court of Texas against Standard oil co. et. al.
What further regulation of interstate commerce is necessary or desirable; an address before the Minnesota state bar association at Duluth, July 19, 1911.
world court; how it began, how it works, what it has done, The