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Samuel Marinus Zwemer (American missionary)
Samuel Marinus Zwemer (Amerikaans missionaris (1867-1952))
Samuel Zwemer
Zwemer, S. M.
Zwemer, Samuel
Zwemer, Samuel M.
Zwemer, Samuel Marinus
زويمر، صموئيل
صمويل مارينوس زويمر
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Barton, James L. (1855-1936)
Barton, James Levi (1855-1936)
Boissevain, H.D.J.
Boissevain, Henri Daniël Johannes
Hartford Seminary Foundation
Richter, Julius (1862-1940)
Sommer, Annie van
Tozer, Aiden Wilson (1897-1963))
Vallette, Mina
Warnery, Renée Dr
Wherry, E. M. (1843-1927)
Wherry, Elwood Morris (1843-1927)
Zwemer, Amy E.
Zwemer, Amy E. Wilkes
مرقس، رزق
Across the world of Islam : studies in aspects of the Mohammedan faith and in the present awakening of the Moslem multitudes
Adventures with God
Allgemeiner Ueberblick über die Mohammedanerwelt Eröffnungsansprache auf der Lucknower Konferenz 23. Jan. 1911
Arabia: the cradle of Islam studies in the geography, people and politics of the Peninsula, with an account of Islam and mission-work
Arabian prophet, The : a life of Mohammed from Chinese and Arabic sources
Brief van Samuel Marinus Zwemer (1867-1952) aan Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (1857-1936)
Call to prayer
Childhood in the Moslem world
Christologie des Islams. -, Die
cross above the crescent; the validity, necessity and urgency of missions to Moslems, The
Daylight in the harem : a new era for Moslem women: papers on present-day reform movements, conditions and methods of work among Moslem women, read at the Lucknow conference, 1911
Disintegration of Islam, by Samuel M. Zwemer,...
Dynamic Christianity and the world today
Evangelism today; message not method
fulness of time in the moslem world, or Great Britain's national responsibility face to face with the present opportunity in the mohammedan world, The
Ġawwāṣ wa-al-laʾālī aw Tarǧamat ḥayāt Ḥuǧǧat al-Islām al-Ġazālī, al-
Gesetz wider den Abfall vom Islam
Glory of the cross
golden milestone; reminiscences of pioneer days fifty years ago in Arabia, The
Grande aventure au service de Dieu
Heirs of the prophets; an account of the clergy and priests of Islam, the personnel of the mosque and "holy men,"
influence of animism on Islam; an account of popular superstitions, The
Islam, a challenge to faith studies on the Mohammedan religion and the needs and opportunities of the Mohammedan world from the standpoint of Christian missions
Islam, eine Herausforderung an den Glauben, Der : Studien über die mohammedanische Religion und die Nöte der mohammedanischen Welt vom Standpunkt der christlichen Mission
Islam in China : a neglected problem
Islam, L' : son passé, son présent et son avenir
law of apostasy in Islam, answering the question why there are so few Moslem converts, and giving examples of their moral courage and martyrdom, The
Missionslose Länder Ungelöste Missionsaufgaben
Mohammed or Christ; an account of the rapid spread of Islam in all parts of the globe, the methods employed to obtain proselytes, its immense press, its strongholds, & suggested means to be adopted to counteract the evil
Mohammedan world of to-day; being papers read at the First Missionary Conference on Behalf of the Mohammedan World held at Cairo April 4th-9th, 1906;, The
Moslem doctrine of God an essay on the character and attributes of Allah according to the Koran and orthodox tradition
Moslem seeker after god : showing islam at its best in the life and teaching of al-ghazali mystic and theologian of the 11. century
Moslem World a Christian quarterly review of current events, literature and thought among Mohammedans, The : 5 (1915)
Moslem world (Hartford, Conn.)
moslemische Frauenwelt., Die
Muslim Christ, The
nearer and farther East; outline studies of Moslem lands and of Siam, Burma, and Korea, The
Oproep tot gebed
origin of religion: evolution or revelation, The : based on the Smyth lectures, delivered at Columbia Theological Seminary Decatur, Georgia 1935
Our Moslem sisters a cry of need from lands of darkness interpreted by those who heard it
progress and arrest of Islam in Sumatra, The
pursuit of God, The
Raymund Lull, first missionary to the Moslems
Raymundus Lullus, der erste Mohammedanermissionar
Schets van de Arabische zending
sogenannte Ḥadīt̲ qudsī, Das
solitary throne; addresses given at the Keswick convention on the glory and the uniqueness of the Christian message, The
Sons of Adam; studies of Old Testament characters in New Testament light.
Studies in popular Islam; a collection of papers dealing with the superstitions and beliefs of the common people
Taking hold of God; studies on the nature, need and power of prayer
Uit den cursus van Dr. Zwemer (en Dr. Esser) over het Mohammedanisme : 2e Confer. Lunteren 1923
Unoccupied mission fields of Africa and Asia
Verzameling werkjes in het Arabisch ...
vital forces of christianity and islam, The : six studies by missionaries to moslems ; with an introd. by the rev. S.M. Zwemer ; and a concluding study by Professor Duncan B. MacDonald.
Zigzag journeys in the camel country; Arabia in picture and story
السر العجيب فى فخر الصليب
عيسى أم يسوع : وهى مقالة عن حياة يسوع المسيح وصفاته وتعاليمه حسب القرآن والاحاديث النبوية، عن الانكليزية
كتاب الغواص و اللألى، او، ترجمة حياة حجة الاسلام الغزالى