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Bai (Lesi)
Bailesi (pseudonym)
Blust, Bob
Blust, R.
Blust, R. A.
Blust, Robert
Blust, Robert A.
Blust, Robert Andrew
Robert Blust (American linguist)
Robert Blust (Amerikaans lexicograaf)
Robert Blust (linguista statunitense)
로버트 블러스트
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Language material
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Related names: 
Adelaar, Alexander K.
Adelaar, K. Alexander (1953-)
Adelaar, Karl Alexander (1953-)
Collins, James T.
Collins, James T. (1946-)
Collins, James Thomas (1946-)
Grace, George William (1921-)
Purwo, Bambang Kaswanti
Schneider, Jürg
The Australian National University (ANU) (Canberra). Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies. Pacific Linguistics
University of Hawaii
University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii) Affiliation (see also from)
Wurm, Stephen Adolphe (1922-....))
Zhong yang yan jiu yuan. Yu yan xue yan jiu suo
Ablaut im Western Borneo
Ablaut in Northwest Borneo
Anomalous liquid : sibilant correspondences in Western Austronesian
Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database: from bioinformatics to lexomics., The
Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database, The : from bioinformatics to lexomics.
Austronesian comparative dictionary
Austronesian languages, The
Austronesian Nasal Substitution: A Survey
Austronesian root theory an essay on the limits of morphology
Between worlds : linguistic papers in memory of David John Prentice
Borneo and iron : Dempwolff's *besi revisited
Ca- Reduplication and Proto-Austronesian Grammar
Chamorro Historical Phonology
Dual divisions in Oceania innovation or retention
'Eye of the day' : a response the Urban (2010)
Greater North Borneo hypothesis, The
Hawu vowel metathesis
Historical linguistics in Indonesia
In Defense of Dempwolff: Austronesian Diphthongs Once Again
In Memoriam, Isidore Dyen, 1913-2008
Is there a Bima-Sumba Subgroup?
Kiput Historical Phonology
Lexicography on the Internet-Austronesian Language Sources
Linguistic Position of Sama-Bajaw, The
Linguistics versus archaeology : early Austronesian terms for metals
Liver and Lungs: A Semantic Dyad in Austronesian Languages
Low-Vowel Fronting in Northern Sarawak
Malaita-Micronesian once again
Malayo-Polynesian: New Stones in the Wall
Malcolm Ross, Andrew Pawley and Meredith Osmond, The lexicon of Proto Oceanic : The culture and environment of ancestral Oceanic society, 1: Material culture (Canberra, 1998)
marsupials strike back, The : a reply to Schapper (2011)
Must sound change be linguistically motivated?
Note on Covert Structure: Ca- Reduplication in Amis, A
note on hypercorrection in Mongondow, A
Note on Monosyllabic Roots in Kavalan, A
Note on the History of Genitive Marking in Austronesian Languages, A
Note on the Thao Patient Focus Perfective, A
Notes on Pazeh Phonology and Morphology
Notes on the Semantics of Proto-Austronesian *-an 'locative'
Oma Longh Historical Phonology
On the historical value of single words
Origin of the Kelabit Voiced Aspirates: A Historical Hypothesis Revisited, The
Palauan Historical Phonology: Whence the Intrusive Velar Nasal?
Papers in Borneo and Western Austronesian linguistics no. 2, 1977 (a.e.)
Penyusunan salasilah bahasa di Malaysia
Phonestheme (eng)- in Austronesian Languages, The
Position of the Languages of Eastern Indonesia: A Reply to Donohue and Grimes, The
Proto-Malayo-Polynesian multiplicative ligature *nga, The
proto-North Sarawak vowel deletion hypothesis, The
Proto-Oceanic *mana Revisited
Proto-Oceanic palatals
Rat Ears, Tree Ears, Ghost Ears and Thunder Ears in Austronesian Languages
Remapping the Austronesian expansion
Seimat Vowel Nasality: A Typological Anomaly
Shao yu ci dian
short morphology, phonology and vocabulary of Kiput, Sarawak, A
Some new proto-Austronesian trisyllables
Telaah komparatif bahasa Nusantara Barat : kumpulan karya
Thao dictionary, 2003:
Thao Triplication
Three Notes on Early Austronesian Morphology
to k: An Austronesian Sound Change Revisited, *t
to k, *t : an Austronesian sound change revisited
world of words revisiting the work of Renward Brandstetter (1860-1942) on Lucerne and Austronesia
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Thesis--University of Hawaii