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Fairchild, H. L.
Fairchild, Herman L.
Fairchild, Herman Le Roy
Fairchild, Herman LeRoy
Herman LeRoy Fairchild
Herman LeRoy Fairchild (American geologist)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Aldrich, Lewis Cass
Clarke, John Mason (1857-1925)
Cushing, Henry Platt (b. 1860.)
LeConte, Joseph (1823-1901)
Luther, D. D. (1840-1923)
Luther, Daniel Dana (1840-1923)
Peck, William F. (1840-1908)
Peck, William Farley (1840-1908)
Raines, Thomas
Ruedemann, Rudolf (1864-1956)
Smyth, Charles Henry (b. 1866.)
Adventures of a watermol, the autobiography of a molecule of water; a romance of the air, the earth and the sea, H-O-H
Elements of geology; a text-book for colleges and for the general reader
Geologic map and descriptions of the Portage and Nunda quadrangles
geological society of America, 1888-1930, The : a chapter in earth science history
Geology of the Thousand Island regions; a thesis presented to the faculty of the Graduate school of Cornell university for the degree of doctor of philosophy
Geology of the Thousand Islands region; Alexandria Bay, Cape Vincent, Clayton, Grindstone and Theresa quadrangles
Glacial waters in central New York
glacial waters in the black and mohawk valleys, The
history of the New York academy of sciences, A : formerly the Lyceum of natural history
Landmarks of Monroe County, New York ...
N.Y. Times Obit. Index, 1970:
Petrology of the Niagara Gorge sediments, 1936:
Pleistocene geology of New York state;
Pleistocene marine submergence of the Hudson, Champlain and St. Lawrence valleys
Postglacial features of the upper Hudson Valley
Published writings of Herman LeRoy Fairchild, 1877-1932.
Susquehanna River in New York and evolution of western New York drainage, The