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Charles Valentine Riley (British-born American entomologist and artist)
Charles Valentine Riley (Brits entomoloog (1843-1895))
Charles Valentine Riley (entomologo statunitense)
Charles Valentine Riley (US-amerikanischer Entomologe)
Riley, C. V.
Riley, Charles V.
Riley, Charles Valentine
Riley, Chas. V.
Рейли, Чарльз Валентайн
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Exposition internationale 1889, Section américaine
Howard, L. O. (1857-1950)
Howard, Leland Ossian (1857-1950)
Smith, John Bernhard
Stejneger, Leonhard (1851-1943)
U.S. Department of Agriculture. Division of Entomology
United States National Museum
United States. Army. Signal Corps
Williston, Samuel Wendell (1851-1918))
Woodworth, C. W. (1865-1940) (Charles William))
Woodworth, Charles William (1865- [from old catalog])
World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
(Anthrax parasitic on Cut-Worms, A. hypomelas, Macq)
Beschreibung einer den Birnen schädlichen Gallmücke (Diplosis nigra. Meig.)
butterflies of the eastern United States and Canada, The : with special reference to New England
Catalogue of the exhibit of economic entomology at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago Ill., 1893
Communication de M. Riley. Recherches de M. G. Foex sur le mildew, etc.
Condensed Informationconcerning some of the more important insecticides...
cotton worm summary of its natural history, with an account of its enemies and the best means of controlling it...
Death valley expedition. A biological survey of parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah., The
Descriptions of new species of orthoptera from the death valley expedition
Destructive locusts : a popular consideration of a few of the more injurious locusts (or 'grasshoppers') of the United States, together with the best means of destroying them
Directions for collecting and preserving insects
Entomological papers
Enumeration of the published synopses... and lists of North American insects...
Fifth Annual report on the Noxious, Beneficial, and other insects, of the State of Missouri, made to the State board of agriculture, pursuant to an appropriation for this purpose from the legislature of the state
General index and supplement to the nine reports on the insects of Missouri by Charles V. Riley,...
histoire à méditer. Comment le doryphore envahit l'Amérique (Extrait du mémoire publié par Charles Riley en 1876)
Hop Plant-Louse...
Icerya or Fluted Scale, otherwise known as the cottony cushion-scale...
Imported elm leaf-beetle, its habits and natural history and means of counteracting its injuries. [By C. V. Riley.]
Improved method of spraying trees for protection against insects
Insect life, devoted to the economy and life-habits of insects, especially in their relations to agriculture, edited by C. V. Riley,... and L. O. Howard,...
insectes nuisibles et les insectes utiles aux Etats-Unis, insecticides et modes d'application
insectivorous habits of the English sparrow, The
Jumping seeds and galls
Larval habits of bee-flies (Bombyliidæ)
locust plague in the United States: being more particularly a treatise on the Rocky Mountain locust or so-called grasshopper, as it occurs east of the Rocky Mountains, with practical recommendations for its destruction., The
Mildews of the grape-vine, The : An effectual remedy for Peronospora
New insect injurious to wheat, A
Notes on North American Microgasters, with descriptions of new species
Notes on the Yucca borer (Megathymus Yuccae)
On a new genus in the Lepidopterous family Tineidae with remarks on the fertilization of yucca
Our shade trees and their insect defoliators, being a consideration of the four most injurious species which affect the trees of the capital, with means of destroying them, by C. V. Riley,...
pear Midge or pear Diplosis (Diplosis nigra [2], Meigen), The
periodical cicada, The : an account of Cicada septendecim and its tredecim race, with a chronology of all broods known
Philosophy of the pupation of butterflies and particularly of the Nymphalidæ.
Psyllidae of the United States, The
Recent advances in economic entomology
Remarks on the bag-worm Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis
Report (2d) of the United States entomological commission for the years 1871 and 1879, relating to the Rocky Mountain locust, and the Western cricket, and treating of the best means of subduing the locust in its permanent breeding grounds, with a view of preventinf its migrations into the more fertile portions of the trans-Mississipi country... [By C. V. Riley and A. S. Packard Jr.]
Report of experiments at La Fayette, Indiana
Report of the entomologist
Report of the International polar expedition to Point Barrow, Alaska, in response to the resolution of the [U.S.] House of representatives of December 11, 1884.
Report on a small collection of insects made during the Death Valley expedition...
Report upon cranberry and hop insects, by John B. Smith. - Observations on the Rocky Mountain locust during the summer of 1883, by Lawrence Bruner. - Preliminary report of observations upon insects injurious to cotton, orange and sugar cane in Brazil, by John C. Branner. - Report on the effects of cold upon the scale insects of the orange in Florida, by Joseph Voyle. - Extracts from correspondence. - [Introduction by C. V. Riley.]
Reports of experiments, chiefly with kerosene, upon the insects injuriously affecting the orange tree and the cotton plant
Reports of observations and experiments in the practical work of the Division
Reports on the damage by destructive locusts during the season of 1891...
Riley et l'entomologie agraire aux Etats Unis
Rocky Mountain locust, The : Permanent courses for the Government to adopt to lessen or avert locust injury
Scientific results of the U.S. eclipse expedition to West Africa, 1889-'90. Report on the Insecta, Arachnida, and Myriapoda.
Silk vorm, being a brief manual of instructions for the production of silk... [By C. V. Riley.]
Transactions of the Academy of Sciences of St. Louis
Ueber die dem Weinstock schädliche Insekten die Rebenphylloscera ; Phylloxera vastatrix Planchon
wheat Midge. (Diplosis tritici Kirby.) The American Meromyza (Meromyza americana Fitch.), The