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Hopkins, Doctor
Hopkins, Samuel
Samuel Hopkins
Samuel Hopkins (American theologian)
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writer of accompanying material
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Anthony, Susanna (1726-1791)
Chapman, Thomas (Londen)
Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)
Force, Peter (1790-1868)
Ogle, John (Edinburgh)
Rider, J.
Sewall, Samuel (1652-1730))
Vernor, Thomas (Londen)
West, Stephen (1735-1819)
Animadve[r]sions on Mr. Hart's late dialogue : in a letter to a friend
Christian biography : containing the lives of rev. George Whitefield, rev. John Wesley, rev. Augustus Hermann Francke, rev. Jonathan Edwards.
dialogue, concerning the slavery of the Africans; shewing it to be the duty and interest of the American colonies to emancipate all their African slaves: with an address to the owners of such slaves., A
enquiry concerning the promises of the gospel ... containing remarks on two sermons published by Dr. Mayhew of Boston, entitled, Striving to enter in at the strait gate explained and inculcated; and the connection of salvation therewith, proved from the Holy Scripture. Also, A brief enquiry into the use of means, An : showing their necessity in order to salvation ...
importance and necessity of Christians considering Jesus Christ in the extent of his high and glorious character, The : a sermon preached at the South Church in Boston
Inquiry concerning the future state of those who die in their sins
life and character of Miss Susanna Anthony, The : who died, in Newport, (R.I.) June 23, MDCCXCI, in the sixty-fifth year of her age : consisting chiefly in extracts from her writings, with some brief observations on them
Memoirs of the life, experience and character of the late Rev. Jonathan Edwards, A.M.
Memoirs of the life of Mrs. Sarah Osborn : who died at Newport, Rhodeisland, on the second day of August 1796, in the eighty third year of her age
On the necessity of the knowledge of the law of God, in order to the knowledge of sin
Particular and critical inquiry into the cause, nature and means of that change in which men are born of God
Puritans; or, the church, court, and Parliament of England, during*, The
Samuel Hopkins correspondence
Sketches of the life of the late Rev. Samuel Hopkins, D. D., pastor of the First Congregational Church in Newport
Slavery of Africans & Selling of Joseph
system of doctrines, contained in divine revelation, explained and defended, The : showing their consistence and connection with each other : to which is added, A treatise on the millennium
Timely articles on slavery.
treatise on the millennium., A : Shewing from Scripture prophecy, that it is yet to come; when it will come; in what it will consist; and the events which are first to take place, introductory to it.
Two discourses