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Henri Ayrton
Henry Ireton (Brits politicus (1611-1651))
Henry Ireton (English politician)
Henry Ireton (Freund und Schwiegersohn Oliver Cromwells und General der Parlamentsarmeen im Englischen Bürgerkrieg)
Henry Ireton (generale inglese)
Henry Ireton (personnalité politique britannique)
Ireton, Henry
Ireton, Henry (Commissary-General)
Ireton, Henry (Lord Deputy)
Айртон Генрі
Генри Айртон (английский генерал)
Հենրի Այրտոն
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Corporation of London (England). Court of Common Council
England and Wales. Parliament
Ireland Lord Lieutenant (1650 : Ireton) (see also from)
Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1650 : Ireton)
Jubbes, John
Shirley, Evelyn Philip (1812-1882)
Thorpe, Thomas (1791-1851)
Declaration and prolcamation of the Deputy-General of Ireland
declaration of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland·, A : For the undeceiving of deluded and seduced people, which may be satisfactory to all that doe not wilfully shut their eyes against the light. In answer to certaine late declarations and acts framed by the Irish popish prelates and clergy in a conventicle at Clonmac-Noise. Licensed by the secretary of the army.
Henry Ireton and the English Revolution
Letter from Henry Ireton to permit Colonel John Daniell to leave Ireland, reside in England for six months, then go abroad but not return to Ireland
Propositions approved of and granted by the Deputy-General of Ireland [i.e. H. Ireton] to Colonel Richard Laurence, for the raising in England and transporting into Ireland, a regiment of twelve hundred footmen, for the planting and guarding the city of Waterford, and towns of Ross and Carwick, with other places adjacent. : Die Martis, 25 Februarii, 1650. Ordered by the Parliament, that these propositions, together with the votes of the Parliament thereupon, be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti.
Sad nevves from Ireland : how the Lord hath been pleased to chastize the Parliaments forces by a losse from the rebels, where the souldiers transported in five boats, were afterwards repulsed by the enemy, and all but eight kild and drowned. Where wee lost Major Walker, Cap. Graves, Cap. Whiting, the Lord Deputies ensigne, and divers other precious stout men. With a list of the particulars, and the manner of the fight. Also the taking of the castle in the Weare, and Col. Tuthill and others cashiered for killing some of the Irish after quarter was given them. And the taking of the fort at Limbrick bridge by storm, with other considerable news. Certifyed by a letter from the Lord Deputy Ireton. July 4. 1651. It is thought fit that this letter from the Lord Deputy of Ireland, be forthwith printed and published, to prevent the mis-information of others. Imprimatur Hen. Scobel. Parliamenti.
Sad newes from Ireland
Several proposals for peace & freedom by an agreement of the people : offered unto Commissary General Ireton for the concurrence of the Army by the approbation and consent of many worthy persons of the Common Councel and others of the city of London, on the eleventh of this instant December : to be agreed unto and subscribed by all the inhabitants of England & Wales.