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Con Tinni Makkatçen
John T. McCutcheon (Cartoonist)
John Tinney Mccutcheon
MacCutcheon, John Tinney
McCutcheon, J. T.
McCutcheon, John T.
Mccutcheon, John Tinney
McCutcheon, John Tinney (American illustrator and cartoonist, 1870-1949)
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Language material
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Ade, George (1866-1944))
Bobbs-Merrill Company
Chicago Tribune (Firm)
Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944))
Meine, Franklin Julius (1896-1968))
Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection (Library of Congress)
Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)
Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)
Roy J. Friedman Mark Twain Collection (Library of Congress)
Updike, Daniel Berkeley (1860-1941)
Army song book [from old catalog]
Artie : and : two novels
Clifford and John's almanack
closing days of the Senate present their customary arguments in favor of a revision of the Senate rules, The
[Clumsy man kicking chair after stepping on man's toes]
[Couple looking at stereographs]
[Courting couple spied on by father]
daily life of Colonel Lindbergh, The
dance habit, The
danger signal, A
Design for a White House suited to present day needs
Drawn from memory : [autobiography] containing many of the author's famous cartoons and sketches.
Europe revised
face at the window, The
fascinating lure of the ragtime dance, The
Favorite sons
foxy Trotzky, The
[Franklin Pierce Adams]
From which will Pres. Coolidge take his inspiration?
[Ghost appearing to farmer with hoe and dog]
Good political economy
Grand masquerade party
Hand-made fables
He arrives in "San Antone" to attend a reunion of the Rough Riders
heir at large; a play in seven scenes, An
heroism of yesterday is the commonplace of today, The
His Master's Voice
If all the farmers took a year's vacation ...
Imperial councils of war at Potsdam
In Africa; hunting adventures in the big game country
Interesting debate on the ship purchase bill which closed in the U.S. Senate last evening
Is that the best he can wish us?
Is the Christian world to be crucified?
island song book, The : being a small collection of our favorite ballads, anthems, lullabies and dirges of this particular section of the Bahama Islands and also such other ditties as have seemed befitting by reason of their piratical, nautical or sentimental appeal. Together with several local and topical lays relating only to Treasure Island. To which is prefix'd an explanatory and historical introduction. To which is added a number of sketches and photographs illustrative of same.
Jim Smiley & his jumping frog
John McCutcheon's book
Lake forest open air horse show
last day of school, The
Lincoln and his contemporaries
Love sonnets of an office boy
[Man in doorway watching party]
[Man on hill raising hand to sky surrounded by golfers]
[Man walking between child and dog in street]
[Man with tall woman dressed in confining clothes]
Misplaced economy
mysterious stranger, The
nervous wreck, A
new members of the Ananias Club are going to issue a statement, The
Next on the waiting list of the Roosevelt club
Notes and reminiscences
Our Chicago aldermen in New York
penalty of being an American statesman of the first magnitude, The
play as the author wrote it, The : the play when the stage manager got through with it
president at the summer White House, The
Prosperity has its penalties
reason Clemenceau said "We are staking the game upon the help of America", The
restless age, The
Revised remarks on Mark Twain
Roughing it de luxe
Saga of a Hoosier boy, 1940:
Scraps of paper
Signing the treaty at Portsmouth
Simultaneous-like he became conscious of the fact that the footlight favorites were no longer worthy of him
Society ladies announce intention to fly -- news item
Somewhere in Fort Sheridan
Stories of the streets and of the town : from the Chicago record, 1893-1900
study in temperaments, A
tactiek van Harry Bacon, De
Tammany farmers -- they offer some constructive suggestions
Tattlings of a retired politician
Their monument
There's great excitement down in Washington these days
There used to be gay doings around the colleges in the old days if we can believe the old songs
They won't flock together very long
Thrills of a bell boy
To California over the Santa Fe Trail, 1904:
tragedy of the draft, A
Underpaid teachers are unlikely to teach conservatism
watchword of the hour, The
What you can do with a few dollars properly invested
When the Navy Department puts doctors in command of the hospital ships
When the Prince of Wales visits Washington
Where the country's morals are molded
Wonders of the wireless age
work of Bruce Rogers, The : Jack of all trades: master of one : a catalogue of an exhibition arranged by the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Grolier Club of New York
Wouldn't the founders of the nation be surprised if they could see how it has grown!