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Nurius, P. S.
Nurius, Paula
Nurius, Paula S.
born 1954-07-07
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Brower, Aaron M.
Cormier, L. Sherilyn (1946-)
Cormier, Louise Sherilyn (1946-)
Franklin, Cynthia
Hudson, Walter W.
Nurius, Mike
Osborn, Cynthia J.
University OF MICHIGAN
Adolescent Self-Concept: Possible Selves and Coping Among Street Youth
Assessing and Changing Self-concept : Guidelines from the Memory System
Basic Processes in the Prevention of Mental Disorders
Battered Women's Profiles Associated with Service Help-Seeking Efforts: Illuminating Opportunities for Intervention
changing face of computer utilization in social work settings, The
Classifying software to better support social work practice
cognitive ecological model of response to sexual coercion in dating, A
Community Responses to Partner Abuse: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Work and Feminists
Computer-based practice: future dream or current technology?
Computer literacy in automated assessment: Challenges and future directions.
Computer literacy preparation: conundrums and opportunities for the social work educator
Computerized assessment instruments: Their promise and problems.
Computers and social diagnosis: The client's perspective.
Computers in agencies: a survey baseline and planning implications
Constructivism in practice : methods and challenges
Consumers correspondence directory ... of access to those who influence your life liberty and happiness
Contextualized Assessment with Battered Women: Strategic Safety Planning to Cope with Multiple Harms
Contextualizing Depression and Physical Functioning in Battered Women: Adding Vulnerability and Resources to the Analysis
Controversial issues in social work research
Coping Capacity Among Women with Abusive Partners
Cormier, S. & Nurius, P. S. (2003). Interviewing and change strategies for helpers: Fundamental skills and cognitive-behavioral interventions (5th ed). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole
Critical thinking: a meta-skill for integrating practice and information technology training
Development of a Prototype Expert System for Social Work Practice, The
dynamic view of self-concept and its relation to behavioral self-regulation (self-knowledge, cognition, cognitive-behavioral), A
Effects of Alcohol on Women's Ability to Respond to Sexual Aggression
Emergency psychiatric services: a study of changing utilization patterns and issues.
Enhancing mindfulness in practice prescriptive thinking
Expectations regarding acquaintance sexual aggression among sorority and fraternity members
Gender and Time Variations in Medical Students' Value Development
Heterogeneity Among Violence-Exposed Women: Applying Person-Oriented Research Methods
Human Memory: A Basis for Better Understanding the Elusive Self-Concept
Identity health, stress, and support: Profiles of Transition to motherhood among high risk adolescent girls. In J. Kerpelman and C. Dunkel (Eds.) Possible selves: Theory, research, and application. .
Information structure, information technology, and the human services organizational environment
Interdisciplinary Speaker Series--Fostering Transdisciplinary Research Collaboration
Interfacing Undergraduate and Social Work Doctoral Education
Interpreting and Defensively Responding to Threat: Examining Appraisals and Coping with Acquaintance Sexual Aggression
Interviewing and change strategies for helpers, 2008:
Intimate Partner Survivors' Help-Seeking and Protection Efforts: A Person-Oriented Analysis
Latent Profiles Among Sexual Assault Survivors: Implications for Defensive Coping and Resistance
Latent Profiles Among Sexual Assault Survivors: Understanding Survivors and Their Assault Experiences
Mental Health Implications of Sexual Orientation
Methods of Generalization Used in Empirical Social Work Literature
Person-Oriented Methods in Partner Violence Research: Distinct Biopsychosocial Profiles Among Battered Women
perspective from the field on computer literacy training needs., The
Practice, evaluation, and computers, 1993:
Practicing constructivism: Methods, evidence, and future challenges
Practitioners' perspectives on sound reasoning
Predoctoral Research Training in Prevention of Mental Disorders
Preparation for computer usage in social work: student consumer variables
Preparing computer literate social workers: an integrative approach
Prescriptions, proscriptions, and generalization in social work practice literature
Procedural Knowledge in Education for Direct Practice: Definitions, Baselines, and Recommendations
Reappraisal of the Self-Concept and Implications for Counseling.
Reasoning, Judgment, and Decision-Making in Direct Practice Activities
Reducing onset of habitual smoking among women.
Responding in Their Best Interests: Contextualizing Women's Coping with Acquaintance Sexual Aggression
Response to Sexual Aggression in Dating and Courtship
Rethinking the Bar on Standards of Evidence for Social Work Intervention Research
review of automated assessment., A
self-concept: a social--cognitive update, The
Self-Concept Change Among Abusive Parents
Sexual Activity and Preference: Six Quantifiable Dimensions
short-form scale to measure peer relations dysfunction, A
Social cognition and individual change : current theory and couseling guidelines
Stress: a pervasive dilemma in psychiatric emergency care.
Teaching model for the use of computers in direct practice.
Through Her Eyes: Factors Affecting Women's Perception of and Resistance to Acquaintance Sexual Aggression Threat
Use of Time-Series Analysis in the Evaluation of Change Due to Intervention
Violence, stress, and distress: Integrating research of high-risk youth
When a Date Changes from Fun to Dangerous. Factors Affecting Women's Ability to Distinguish
Women's perception of risk for acquaintance sexual assault: A social cognitive assessment
Women's Situational Coping with Acquaintance Sexual Assault: Applying an Appraisal-Based Model
Workers, Clients, and Computers
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University OF MICHIGAN