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Choum, Genri
Henry Home
Henry Home Kames (schottischer Jurist und Philosoph)
Henry Home, Lord Kames
Henry Home, Lord Kames (antropoloog uit Koninkrijk Groot-Brittannië (1696-1782))
Henry Home, Lord Kames (Scottish lawyer and writer)
Henry Home, Lord Kames (skotsk advokat, dommer, filosof og skribent fra den skotske opplysningstiden)
Henry Home (scrittore scozzese)
Home, Hein
Home, Heinrich
Home, Henry
Home, Henry (Lord Kames)
Home, Henry Lord Kames (Scottish judge and philosopher, 1696-1782)
Home of Kames, Henry
Home of Kames, Henry (Lord)
Houm, Genri
Kaimes, Henry
Kaimes, Henry Home
Kaimes, Henry Home (Lord)
Kaims, Henry
Kaims, Henry Home
Kaims, Henry Home (Lord)
Kames, Henry
Kames, Henry H.
Kames, Henry H. of
Kames (Henry Home)
Kames, Henry Home (Lord)
Kames (Lord)
Lord Kames
Lordi Kames
Хоум, Генри
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Bouchaud, Mathieu-Antoine (co-author)
Buchanan, George (co-author)
Cadell, Thomas (171.?-178.; libraire))
Creech, William (1745-1815))
ebrary, Inc
Great Britain. Court of Session
Harris, James A.
Harris, James Anthony
Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)
Jones, Peter (1935-)
Jones, Peter H. (1935-)
Liberty Fund
Mills, Abraham (1796-1867, [from old catalog])
Moran, Mary Catherine
Murray, John
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Scotland. Court of Session
Thom, Sarah
Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
Tytler, Alexander Fraser (co-author)
Verri, Antonio
Voitle, Robert (co-author)
An appendix to the History of Scotland. Containing, I. A Detection of the Actions of Mary Queen of Scots, concerning the Murder of her Husband, and her Conspiracy, Adultery, and pretended Marriage with Earl Bothwel, and a Defence of the true Lords, Maintainers of the King's Majesty's Action and Authority. II. De Jure Regni apud Scotos : Or, A Discourse concerning the due Privilege of Government in the Kingdom of Scotland By George Buchanan, Author of the said History.
Cardinalismo di Santa Chiesa
Collected works of Henry Home, Lord Kames.
Decisions. 1752-1768
decisions of the Court of Session, from its first institution to the present time. Abridged, and digested under proper heads, in form of a dictionary., The
Elements of criticism [by Henry Home], a new edition
Elements of criticism [by Henry Home]... The 3d edition...
Elements of criticism [by Henry Home]... The 4d edition...
Elements of criticism [by Henry Home]... The 7th edition...
Elucidations respecting the common and statute law of Scotland
Essais historiques sur les loix [par Henry Home], traduits de l'anglois par M. Bouchaud,...
essay on the hereditary and indefeasible right of kings Composed in the year 1745, by Lord Kames, An
Essays on the principles of morality and natural religion in two parts
Essays upon several subjects concerning British antiquities... I. Introduction of the feudal law into Scotland. II. Constitution of Parliament. III. Honour, dignity. IV. Succession or descent, with an appendix upon hereditary and indefeasible right [by Henry Home]... The 2d edition
Essays upon several subjects in law sciz. justertii, beneficium cedendarum actionum, vinco vincentem, prescription
essential principles of the Wealth of nations, illustrated, in opposition to some false doctrines of Adam Smith, and others, The
Gentleman farmer, being an attempt to improve agriculture, by subjecting it to the test of rational principles... [Signé : Henry Home.], The
gentleman farmer Henry Home Kames., The
gentleman farmer, The : being an attempt to improve agriculture by subjecting it to the test of rational principles.
Grundsätze der Kritik ...
Historical law-tracts.
History of the criminal law.
Introduction to the art of thinking.
Laws, etc.
letter from a blacksmith to the ministers and elders of the Church of Scotland. In which the manner of public worship in that church is considered, its inconveniences and defects pointed out, and methods for the removing of them humbly proposed. [Five lines of Scripture texts], A
Loose hints upon education, chiefly concerning the culture of the heart.
Memoirs of the life and writings of... Henry Home of Kames,... containing sketches of the progress of literature and general improvement in Scotland during the greater part of the 18th century...
Memoirs of the life and writings of the Honourable Henry Home of Kames : one of the senators of the College of Justice, and one of the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary in Scotland : containing sketches of the progress of literature and general improvement in Scotland during the greater part of the eighteenth century
Memorial for Lord Kaims and the trustees of Robert Glendinning, and other creditors on the estate of Langton; against the Trustees for the creditors of Provost Brown, and other creditors on the said estate
Osnovaniâ kritiki
poems of Ossian., The
Principles of equity The third edition. In two volumes
Progress of flax-husbandry in Scotland
Sketches of the history of man 1778
Some late opinions concerning the foundation of morality examined, in a letter to a friend.
Statute law of Scotland abridged : with historical notes.
storia dell?ªuomo, La
survey of the strength and opulence of Great Britain wherein is shewn, the progress of its commerce, agriculture, population, &c. before and since the accession of the House of Hanover, A
Untersuchung über die moralischen Gesetze der Gesellschaft aus dem Englischen übersetzt
Unto the Right Honourable, the Lords of Council and Session, the petition of Henry Home of Kaims, Esq; one of the senators of the College of justice, and the other trustees of the estate of the deceast James Murray of Cherry-trees, and of Mr. John Home collector of the land-tax, for the shire of Berwick, ..
Versuche über die Geschichte des Menschen. -
Webster's new biographical dictionary, 1988:
Основания критики, 1977: