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Frankenhaeuser, Marianne
Marianne Frankenhaeuser
Marianne Frankenhaeuser (svensk författare)
Marianne Frankenhaeuser (svensk skribent)
Marianne Frankenhaeuser (Swedish writer)
Marianne Frankenhaeuser (Zweeds schrijfster (1925-2005))
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Language material
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Ekman, Gösta (1920-)
Fröberg, Jan
Gardell, Bertil (1927-1987)
Järpe, Gundla
Lundberg, Ulf
Myrsten, A. L.
Myrsten, Anna-Lisa (1922-)
Pátkai, Paula (1935-)
phil. Uppsala
Post, B.
Post, Birgitta
Anticipation of electric shock
Autonomic indices of habituation to complex and simple stimuli.
Behavioral efficiency as related to adrenaline release.
Bibliography 1965-1975 : Experimental Psychology Research Unit : Swedish medical research council
Biochemical events, stress, and adjustment
Blood lipids as related to cardiovascular and neuroendocrine functions under different conditions in healthy males and females
Catecholamine excretion and personality traits in paratroop trainees
Catecholamine excretion as related to cognitive and emotional reaction patterns.
Catecholamine output during relaxation and anticipation
Counteracting depressant effects of alcohol by psychological stress
Den urtida människan i morgondagens elektroniska värld : ett symposium arrangerat av FArådet och SALFO, Aspen institute of humanistic studies, Wye plantation, Queenstown, Maryland, U.S.A., 17-19 september 1984
Dosage and time effects of cigarette smoking.
Effect of alcohol on short-term memory
effect of electrical stimulation on sensation threshold., The
effect of meprobamate on catecholamine excretion during mental stress., The
Effects of a depressant drug as modified by experimentally-induced expectation
Effects of a moderate dose of alcohol on intellectual functions
Effects of alcohol a modified by tranquilizing drugs
Effects of aseptic meningo-encephalitis on psychological functions.
Effects of gravitational stress on time perception.
Effects of nitrous oxide on subjective and objective variables.
Effects of prolonged radial acceleration on performance.
Effects of punishment on catecholamine release and efficiency of performance
Effects on psychomotor functions of different nitrogen-oxygen gas mixtures at increased ambient pressures
Estimation of time; an experimental study ...
Experimental approaches to the study of psychological stress.
influence of cognitive set on performance and arousal under different noise loads, The
Interactions between heart rate, psychomotor performance, and perceived effort during physical work as influenced by beta- adrenergic blockade
Involvement in four future events as a function of temporal distance
Job demands, health, and wellbeing
Kvinnligt, manligt, stressigt
Leadership style and leadership stress : a study of male and female managers in public dental health care
Man in technological society : stress, adaptation, and tolerance limits
Note on arousing type-A persons by depriving them of work
note on "habit reversal" in the white rat after electroconvulsive treatment., A
Objective and subjective performance as influenced by drug-induced variations in activation level.
On the psychophysiological consequences of understimulation and overstimulation
Physiological and subjective reactions to different physical work loads.
Physiological, behavorial, and subjective indices of activation in habituation experiments
Psychoneuroendocrine sex differences in adaptation to the psychosocial environment
Psychophysiological changes during infusions of adrenaline in various doses
Psychophysiological reactions to noise as modified by personal control over stimulus intensity
Psychophysiological relations in habituation to gravitational stress
Quality of life : criteria for behavioral adjustment
Relations between actual and estimated effects of central nervous system stimulants and depressants.
Seasonal variations in catecholamine output : by Gunn Johansson, Marianne Frankenhaeuser [and] William W. Lambert.
Sex differences in reactions to psychosocial stressors and psychoactive drugs
Stress : en del av livet
Stress, hälsa, arbetsglädje : sammanfattning av forskningsprojekt om stress och psykosocial arbetsmiljö ledda av Marianne Frankenhaeuser.
Stress, health, job satisfaction : a summary of research projects on stress and the psychosocial work environment, led by Marianne Frankenhaeuser.
Stress on and off the job as related to sex and occupational status in white-collar workers
Stress, toleransgränser och livskvalitet
Stressparadoxen : mitt liv och min forskning
Stressprojektet på Trygg-Hansa/SPP : en studie av kvinnliga och manliga chefer och specialister
Subjective intoxication induced by nitrous oxide in various concentrations.
Subjective time scales.
susceptibility of intellectual functions to a depressant drug, The
Synpunkter på forskning om människan i framtidens samhälle.
Task demand as reflected in changes of catecholamine excretion and heart rate
Temporal integration of perceptual response to supraliminal electrical stimulation
Time estimation as affected by barbiturate and metamphetamine.
Time estimation as influenced by certain memory processes
Time relations of objective and subjective reactions to D-Amphetamine and pentobarbotone
total workload of male and female white-collar workers, The : construction of a questionnaire and a scoring system
total workload of men and women as related to occupational level and number and age of children, The
Tvärvetenskapliga studier rörande stress i arbetslivet, särskilt problem sammanhängande med överbelastning, underutnyttjande och bristande egenkontroll
Underload and overload in working life : a multidisciplinary approach
Women, work, and health : stress and opportunities
Diss. phil. Uppsala