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Adolph Bandelier
Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier
Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (American archaeologist)
Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (Amerikaans antropoloog (1840-1914))
Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (archeologo statunitense)
Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (arqueólogo americano)
Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier (schweizerisch-amerikanischer Archäologe)
Bandelier, A.
Bandelier, A. F.
Bandelier, Ad. F.
Bandelier, Adolf F.
Bandelier, Adolf Francis Alphonse
Bandelier, Adolfo Francisco
Bandelier, Adolph
Bandelier, Adolph F.
Bandelier (Adolph F. A.)
Bandelier, Adolph Francis
Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse
Bandelier, Adolph François
Bandelier, Adolph François Alphonse
Bandelier, Adolphe Francis Alphonse
Bandelier, Adolphe-François
Адольф Бандельер
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Bandelier, Fanny R.
Burrus, Ernest J S.J.
Hackett, Charles Wilson
Hewett, Edgar L. (1865-1946)
Hewett, Edgar Lee (1865-1946)
Morgan, Lewis Henry (1818-1881)
Riley, Carroll L. (1923-...)
Rodack, Madeleine Turrell
Turrel Rodack, Madelene
Turrell Rodack, Madeleine
White, Leslie A.
Aboriginal myths and traditions concerning the island of Titicaca, Bolivia [microform]
Adolph F. Bandelier's the discovery of New Mexico by the franciscan monk Friar Marcos de Niza in 1539
Adolphe-François Bandelier, 1982 (subj.)
Anthropological papers written in honor of Franz Boas
Breve y sumaria relacion de los senores de la nueva espana
Bulletin of the Archaeological institute of America.
Catalogue of the Bandelier collection in the Vatican library, A
Correspondencia de Adolfo F. Bandelier.
Découverte du nouveau-mexique par le moine franciscain frère marcos de nice en 1539
delight makers., The
Estudios de orografia andina;
Final report of investigations among the Indians of the southwestern United States, carried on mainly in the years from 1880 to 1885
gilded man (El Dorado) and other pictures of the Spanish occupancy of America, The
Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition : contributions to the history of the southwestern portion of the United States
Historical documents relating to New Mexico, Nueva Vizcaya and approaches thereto, to 1773
Historical introduction to studies among the sedentary Indians of New Mexico ; Report on the ruins of the Pueblo of Pecos
History of the colonization and of the missions of Sonora, Chihuaha, New Mexico and Arizona until the year 1700
history of the Southwest, A : a study of the civilization and conversion of the indians in Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico from the earliest times to 1700
Indians of the Rio Grande Valley
Islands of titicaca and koati
journal of American ethnology and archæology, 1892:, A
journey of Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca [and his companions from Florida to the Pacific, The : 1528-1536]
México antiguo, 2003
Notes on the bibliography of Yucatan and Central America; comprising Yucatan, Chiapas, Guatemala (the ruins of Palenque, Ocosingo, and Copan), and Osxaca (ruins of Mitla.) A list of some of the writers on this subject from the sixteenth century to the present time.
On the art of war and mode of warfare of the ancient mexicans
Original text and notes in French, 1887, The
outline of the documentary history of the Zuñi Tribe, An
[Phot. du Nouveau-Mexique et de l'Arizona]
Pioneers in American anthropology the Bandelier-Morgan letters, 1873-1883
Report of an archaeological tour in Mexico in 1881
romantic school in American archæology, The
ruins at Tiahuanaco, The
scientist on the trail; travel letters of A. F. Bandelier, 1880-1881, A
southwestern journals of Adolph F. Bandelier, The