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Austin Hobart Clark (American entomologist)
Austin Hobart Clark (Amerikaans zoöloog (1880-1954))
Austin Hobart Clark (US-amerikanischer Zoologe)
Clark, Austin
Clark (Austin H.)
Clark, Austin Hobart
Hobart Clark, Austin
Кларк, Остин Хобарт
آستین هوبرت کلارک
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Clark, Ailsa McGown
Clark, Leila Forbes
Collins, Henry B. (1922- ))
Collins, Henry Bascom (1899-1987))
Natural history museum Londres
Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Institution. Johnson Fund
Walker, Egbert H. (1899-1991))
Walker, Egbert Hamilton (1899-1991)
Zoologisches Museum (Berlin, Germany)
Aleutian islands: their people and natural history, The : (with keys for the identification of the birds and plants)
Aleutian islands: their people and natural history (with keys for the identification of the birds and plants), The
Animals alive.
Animals of land and sea
Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Meeresfauna Westafrikas
birds collected and observed during the cruise of the United States fisheries steamer "Albatross" in the north Pacific Ocean, and in the Bering, Okhotsk, Japan and Eastern seas, The
butterflies of Virginia, The
Carnivorous butterflies
crinoids of the Indian Ocean, The
crinoids of the Natural History Museum at Hamburg, The
Descriptions of new species of recent unstalked crinoids from the coasts of northeastern Asia
echinoderms as aberrant arthropods, The
Echinoderms from the islands of Niuafoou and Nukualofa, Tonga archipelago
Echinoderms from the Pearl Islands, bay of Panama, with a revision of the Pacific species of the genus encope ...
Echinoderms of the Smithsonian-Hartford expedition, 1937
Echinoderms (other than holot hurians) collected on the Presidential Cruise of 1938
Echinoderms (other than holothurians) collected on the presidential cruise of 1938
fauna of America., The
gold-banded skipper (Rhabdoides cellus), The
homologies of the arm joints and arm divisions in the recent crinoids of the families of the Comatulida and the Pentacrinitidoe, The
Iceland and Greenland
monograph of the existing crinoids, 1915- :, A
Nature narratives
new classification of animals, A
new evolution, The : zoogenesis
new evolution; zoogenesis, The
new genus of starfishes from Puerto Rico (with one plate), A
Notes on American species of Peripatus, with a list of known forms
Notes on some specimens of a species of Onychophore : (Oroperipatus corradoi) new to the fauna of Panama
Notes on the melitaeid butterfly Euphydryas phaëton (Drury) : with descriptions of a new subspecies and a new variety
Notes on the recent crinoids in the British museum
On a collection of crinoids of the genus Eudiocrinus from Japan, with description of a new species
On the origin of certain types of crinoid stems
Ophiurans of the Philippine seas and adjacent waters
Ophiuroidea of the Hawaiian Islands
phylogenetic study of the recent crinoids, with special reference to the question of specialization through the partial or complete suppression of structural characters, A
Preliminary description of three new birds from St. Vincent, West Indies
present distribution of the Onychophora, a group of terrestrial invertebrates, The
Report of the Canadian Arctic expedition, 1913-18.
Report on a collection of birds made by Pierre Louis Jouy in Korea.
revision of the sea-stars of the genus tethyaster, A
Schizostella, a new genus of brittle-star (Gorgonocephalidae)
Sea-Lilies and Feather-Stars
study of the salinity of the surface water in the North Pacific ocean and in the adjacent enclosed seas, A
swallowtail butterflies, The
Three interesting butterflies from eastern Massachusetts
unstalked crinoids of the Siboga expedition, The
world mechanism, The