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Fothergill, Joannes
Fothergill, John
Ioannes Fothergill
John Fothergill (Brits botanicus (1712-1780))
John Fothergill (englischer Mediziner, Botaniker, Quäker und Philanthrop (1712–1780))
John Fothergill (English physician and plant collector)
Фозергилл, Джон
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Bartram, William (1739-1823)
British Museum (Natural History), Dept. of Botany
Elliot, John Sir, 1736-1786
Fothergill, Samuel (1715-1772)
Logan, James (1674-1751))
Petit-Radel, Philippe (1749-1815))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Stover, Christian
Wynne, William (1692-1765)
Yorke, Charles (1722-1770)
Account of the putrid sore throat
account of the sore throat attended with ulcers a disease which hath of late years appeared in this city, and the parts adjacent. By John Fothergill, M.D, An
Botanical and zoological drawings, 1756-1788 : reproduced from the Fothergill album in the British Museum (Natural History)
brief account of the people called Quakers, A : Their doctrines and discipline; taken from a dictionary of arts and sciences, lately published at Edinburgh.
brief account of the people called Quakers Their doctrines and discipline; taken from a dictionary of arts and sciences, lately published at Edinburgh., A
case of a hydrophobia. By Dr. Fothergill. Reprinted from the fifth volume of Medical observations and inquiries. By a a [sic] society of physicians in London. With additions, The
Chain of friendship; selected letters of Dr. John Fothergill of London, 1735-1780.
complete collection of the medical and pholosophical works of John Fothergill, M.D., F.R.S. and S.A. ..., A
Conseils aux femmes de quarante-cinq a cinquante ans ou conduite à tenir lors de la cessation des règles
Conseils aux femmes sur les moyens de prévenir ou d'arreter les suites facheuses de leur temps critique
Considerations relative to the North American colonies.
Description du mal de gorge, accompagné d'ulcères, qui a paru ces dernières années à Londres.
Diätetik vorzüglich für Studierende vom Pater Feyjoo General des Benedictiner-Ordens aus dem Spanischen ins Englische und aus diesem nun ins Teutsche übersetzt nebst den aus vieljähriger Erfahrung gezogenen Gefundheitsregeln Dr. John Fothergill's und dessen diätetischen Bemerkungen über den idiopathischen firen Kopfschmerz verteutscht und mit Anmerkungen herausgegeben von Christian Friedrich Michaelis Doctor der Heilkunde und Arzt am Johannis-Hospitale zu Leipzig. Mit Churfürstlich Sächsischer gnädigster Freiheit..
english freeholder's address, to his countrymen, An
Experimenta et meletemata de plantarum generatione
Johann Fothergills sämtliche medizinische und philosophische Schriften
John Fothergill, M.D., Daniel Zachary, Thomas How, Devereaux Bowley, Luke Hind, Jacob Hagen, Silvanus Grove, and William Heron, the surviving trustees nominated and appointed by an act of Parliament ... intituled "An act for vesting vertain estates in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey and Maryland belonging to the proprietors of a partnership commonly called the Pennsylvania Land Company in London, in trustees, to be sold, and for other purposes therin mentioned," appellants, Christopher Stover, respondent : the appellants case.
Journal of a voyage to the South Seas
letter to a friend in the country, relative to the intended school, at Ackworth, in Yorkshire, A
Remarques sur l'hydrocéphale interne ou hydropisie des ventricules du cerveau, lues à la Société médicale de Londres
Rules for the preservation of health containing all that has been recommended by the most eminent physicians. With The easiest Prescriptions for most Disorders incident to Mankind, through the Four different Periods of Human Life. Being The Result of many Years Practice, By John Fothergill. Dedicated to the College of Physicians.
Some anecdotes of the late Peter Collinson, Fellow of the Royal Society, and of the Society of Antiquaries, in London, and of the Royal Society of Berlin and Upsal. By the late Dr. John Fothergill. From the original manuscript. In a letter to a friend
Works, edited by J. Coakley Lettsom. Volume II. Use of cortex peruvianus, hemlock, etc. Bills of mortality. Balsams. Consumption. Account of coffee. Lives of P. Collinson and A. Russell, etc.
Works, edited by J. Coakley Lettsom. Volume III. Life of Fothergill. Employment of convicts. Hortus Uptonensis. Correspondence and medical treaties.