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Allen, J. A.
Allen, Joel A.
Allen, Joël Asaph
Ioel Asaph Allen
Joel Asaph Allen (American zoologist)
Joel Asaph Allen (Amerikaans conservator (1838-1921))
Joel Asaph Allen (amerikai zoológus, ornitológus)
Joel Asaph Allen (amerykański ornitolog i systematyk)
Joel Asaph Allen (US-amerikanischer Zoologe und Ornithologe)
Joel Asaph Allen (zoologo e ornitologo statunitense)
Джоель Асаф Ален
Джоэл Азаф Аллен
ג'ואל אסף אלן
ജോയെൽ അസഫ് അല്ലെൻ
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American Museum of Natural History
Attwater, Henry Philemon (1854- [from old catalog])
Boas, Franz (1858-1942)
Chapman, Frank M. (1864-1945)
Chapman, Frank Michler (1864-1945)
Coues, Elliott (1842-1899)
Coues, Elliott (1842-1899))
Gill, Theodore Nicholas (1837-)
Gill, Theodore Nicholas (1837-1914))
Granger, Walter (1872-1941)
Lang, Herbert
Sterling, Keir Brooks
United States geological survey of the territories
Wied-Neuwied, Maximilan Alexander Philipp (prinz von, 1782-1867. [from old catalog])
Alleged changes of color in the feathers of birds without molting.
American bisons, living and extinct, The
American Museum Congo expedition collection of bats, The
American ornithologists' union, The
Autobiographical notes and a bibliography of the scientific publications of Joel Asaph Allen.
Biographical memoir
Catalogue of the reptiles and batrachians found in the vicinity of Springfield
check list of mammals of the North American continent, the West Indies and the neighboring seas, A
Contributions to the bibliographical literature of American mammals
Cranial variations in Neotoma micropus due to growth and individual differentiation.
Description of a new mouse from Lake county, California.
Description of a new species of big-eared bat of the genus Histiotus
Descriptions of new American mammals
Descriptions of two new opossums of the genus Metachirus.
Exploration on lake Titicaca
extinct octodont from the island of Porto Rico, West Indies, An
Further notes on Costa Rica mammals
Further notes on Maximilian types of South American birds.
generic names of the Mephitinae., The
History of North American pinnipeds
History of the American bison bison americanus
List of mammals collected by Mr. Clark P. Streator in British Columbia
List of mammals collected in the Black hills region of South Dakota and in western Kansas by Mr. Walter W. Granger
List of the birds collected in Bolivia
Mamíféros de Costa Rica
Mammals collected in the Dutch East Indies by Roy C. Andrews on the cruise of the 'Albatross' in 1909
Mammals from Venezuela collected by Mr. M.A. Carriker, Jr. 1909-1911
masked bob-white (Colinus ridgewayi) of Arizona, and its allies., The
Mem. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.
Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History
Monographs of North American rodentia
North American species of the genus Colaptes, considered with special reference to the relationships of C. auratus and C. cafer., The
North Atlantic right whale and its near allies, The
Note on Macrogeomys cherriei (Allen).
Note on squalodont remains from Charleston, S.C.
Notes of an ornithological reconnoissance of portions of Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.
Notes on a collection of birds from Quito, Ecuador.
Notes on a small collection of West Indian bats, with description of an apparently new species.
Notes on birds observed in western Iowa in the months of July, August and September.
Notes on the synonymy and nomenclature of the smaller spotted cats of tropical America
Notice of some Venezuelan birds
On a further collection of mammals from southeastern Peru
On mammals collected in Bexar county and vicinity, Texas
On mammals from the Santa Cruz mountains, California.
On seasonal variations in color in Sciurus hudsonius.
On the eared seals (Otariadæ), with detailed descriptions of the North Pacific species
On the mammals and winter birds of east Florida., ... : with an examination of certain assumed specific characters in birds, and a sketch of the bird-faunae of eastern North America.
On the names of mammals given by Kerr in his "Animal kingdom,"
On the seasonal change of color in the varying hare
On the species of the genus Reithrodontomys.
Preliminary list of works and papers relating to the mammalian orders Cete and Sirenia. 1974
preliminary study of the North American opossums of the genus Didelphis., A
Remarks on a second collection of mammals from New Brunswick, and on the rediscovery of the genus Neotoma in New York state.
Remarks on individual and seasonable variation in a large series of Elainca from Chapada, Matto Grosso, Brazil, with a revision of the species of the restricted genus Elainea.
Remarks on specimens of Chilonycteris rubiginosus from western Mexico, and on the color phases of Pteronotus davyi Gray.
Review of the South American Sciuridae
revised list of the birds of Massachusetts., A
Selected works of Joel Asaph Allen
Severtzow's classification of the felidae
skeletal characters of Scutisorex Thomas, The
West Indian seal (Monachus tropicalis Gray)., The
Zimmermann's 'Zogeographicæ and 'Geographische geschichte' considered in their relation to mammalian nomenclature.