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Filips, Wendèl
Philips, Wendell
Phillips, Wendell
Vendelis Filipsas
Wendell Phillips (abolitionniste)
Wendell Phillips (American abolitionist, advocate for Native Americans, orator and lawyer)
Wendell Phillips (Amerikaans jurist (1811-1884))
Wendell Phillips (US-amerikanischer Abolitionist und Politiker)
Γουέντελ Φίλιπς
ונדל פיליפס
وندل فیلیپس
フィリップス, ウェンデル
フヰリップス, ウヱンデル
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Catt, Carrie Chapman (1859-1947)
Filler, Louis (1912-....))
Froude, James Anthony (1818-1894)
Griffin, Stephen
Madison, James (1751-1836)
National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection (Library of Congress)
S. Y. S
Susan B. Anthony Collection (Library of Congress)
Whittier, John Greenleaf
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Yerrinton, J. M. W.
Yerrinton, James Manning Winchell
平山, 米三
Abolition Conspiracy to destroy the Union ; or, a Ten Years' Record of the "republican" party. The opinions of William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Abraham Lincoln...
address, delivered in Tremont temple., An
Argument of Wendell Phillips, esq. against the repeal of the personal liberty law
Can abolitionists vote or take office under the United States Constitution?
Constitution a pro-slavery compact; selections from the Madison papers, &c., The
Daniel O'Connell, the Irish patriot;
Disunion : two discourses at Music Hall, on January 20th, and February 17th, 1861
equality of all men before the law claimed and defended;, The
Freedom for women.
Froude's crusade--both sides.
His last battle, and one of his greatest victories;
ʻUmān-- tārīkh lahu judhūr
immediate issue: a speech of Wendell Phillips at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society at Boston. What the black man wants, The : speech of Frederick Douglass at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society at Boston. Suffrage for the Blacks sound political economy : shown in a letter to the "Boston Daily Advertiser" : a letter from William Heighton to George L. Stearns.
Ireland and the Irish. Lectures on Irish history and biography
labor question, The
laws of the Commonwealth--shall they be enforced?, The : speech of Wendell Phillips, Esq. before the legislative committee, February 28, 1865.
Lettersof Lydia Maria Child. With a biographical introduction by John G. Whittier and an appendix by Wendell Phillips
Liberty or order
lost arts, The
No slave-hunting in the old Bay state.
Oration delivered in the Old South Church
people coming to power! Speech of Wendell Phillips, esq., at the Salisbury Beach gathering, September 13, 1871., The
philosophy of the abolition movement., The
Popular life of Daniel O'Connell : including the funeral oration of Padre Ventura at Rome, Father Burke's sermon at Glasnevin, and Wendell Phillips' centennial oration
pulpit: a discourse... at the Music hall, Boston, The
Report of the Commissioners of Lunacy to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, January, 1875.
Review of Lysander Spooner's essay on the unconstitutionality of slavery.
Review of Webster's speech on slavery.
Sabaean inscriptions from Maḥram Bilqîs (Mârib)
scholar in a republic, The : address at the centennial anniversary of the Phi Beta Kappa of Harvard College, June 30, 1881
Shall women have the right to vote? : address by Wendell Phillips at Worcester, Mass, 1851.
Sketch of the life of Mrs. Eliza Garnaut.
Speech of Hon. Wendell Phillips for aid in the preservation of the Old South Meeting-House.
Speech of Wendell Phillips, at the Melodeon, thursday evening, Jan. 27, 1853...
Speech of Wendell Phillips, esq., at the convention held at Worcester, October 15 and 16, 1851.
Speeches, lectures, and letters. Selections
Speeches on rights of women
"Thumping English lies." Froude's slanders on Ireland and Irishmen. A course of lectures delivered by him in Association hall, New York ... 1872.
Toussaint Louverture
Triumph of equal school rights in Boston. Proceedings of the presentation meeting held in Boston, Dec. 17, 1855: including addresses by John T. Hilton, Wm. C. Nell, Charles W. Slack, Wendell Phillips, Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Charles Lenox Remond.
"Truth is stranger than fiction."
Tyusanto Rūvachua : Haichi dokuritsu undō no tōshō
war for the union; a lecture;, The
Wendell Phillips, Esq. on a metropolitan police
Wendell Phillips in Faneuil hall [from old catalog]
Wendell Phillips on civil rights and freedom
Who shall rule us? money, or the people?
Woman's rights commensurate with her capacities and obligations a series of tracts, comprising sixteen articles: essays, addresses, or letters of the prominent advocates of woman's larger sphere of action.
‏عمان-- تاريخ له جذور /‏