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Crafts, Wilbur F.
Crafts, Wilbur Fisk
Wilbur Fisk Crafts
كرفتش، ولبر ف.،
كرفتش، ولبر فيسك،
ولبر فيسك كرفتش،
クラフツ, ウィルバー
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Language material
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Abbott, Lyman (1835-1922. [from old catalog])
Crafts, Wilbur F. Mrs., -1930
Hata, Shōkichi
Hughes, James Laughlin (1846-1935. [from old catalog])
Leitch, Margaret W. ([from old catalog])
Leitch, Mary ([from old catalog])
Naigai Shuppan Kyōkai
Newton, Richard (1813-1887. [from old catalog])
بارودي، بشارة
秦, 庄吉
alcohol fiend:, The
Bankoku kyōdō seisakuron, 1909:
Before the lost arts and other lectures
Bible and the Sunday school., The
Bible in schools plans of many lands; documents, ...
Childhood: the text-book of the age, for parents, pastors, and teachers and all lovers of childhood.
Childhood. W.F. Crafts.
Consecutive reading.
cup of death., The
Essentials of manliness and womanliness
Familiar talks on that boy and girl of yours; sociology from viewpoint of the family
Intoxicating drinks & drugs in all lands and times
Lectures on social progress
Must the Old Testament go?;
Patriotic studies of a quarter century of moral legislation in Congress for men's leagues, young people's societies and civic clubs : including extracts from bills, acts and documents of United States Congress, relating to moral and social reforms, 1888-1911
Practical Christian sociology.
Primer of the science of internationalism.
Protection of native races against intoxicants and opium. [from old catalog]
Rhetoric made racy; or, Laugh and learn. A book of instructive amusement for schools, colleges, reading circles, literary societies, and self-culture.
Sabbath for man, a study of the origin, obligation, history, advantages and present state of Sabbath observance, with special reference to the rights of workingmen, based on scripture, literature, and especially on a symposium of correspondence with persons of all nations and denominations, The
Shinsei no seikōsha oyobi sono seikōdan
Song victories of "the Bliss and Sankey hymns," being a collection of one hundred incidents in regards to the origin and power of the hymns contained in "Gospel hymns and sacred songs."
Successful men of today and what they say of success.
Talks and stories about heroes and holidays.
Talks to boys and girls about Jesus, with Bible links to make a complete and chronological life of Christ for the young.
Ten points of Ingersollville...
Through the eye to the heart;
Trophies of song; articles and incidents on the power of sacred music for preachers, chorister, superintendents, and readers generally, with an introduction by Dr. E. Tourjée
two chains;, The
What the temperance century has made certain in regard to intemperance and other social problems of the Anglo-Saxon nations, with a symposium of suggestions, for the new century.
Why dry? Briefs for prohibition, local, state, national and international
World book of temperance;
الذمم في ما بين الأمم وبهامشه مسائل لأجل المناظرة في المدارس