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Robert Hermann Schomburgk (deutscher Forschungsreisender)
Robert Hermann Schomburgk (esploratore tedesco)
Robert Hermann Schomburgk (German explorer)
Robert Schomburgk (Duits ontdekkingsreiziger (1804-1865))
Schomburgh, Robert Hermann
Schomburgk, R. H.
Schomburgk, R. H. (Sir)
Schomburgk, Robert
Schomburgk, Robert H.
Schomburgk, Robert H. (Sir)
Schomburgk, Robert Hermann
Schomburgk, Robert Hermann (Sir)
Робърт Шомбург
Шомбург, Роберт Герман
רוברט הרמן שומבורק (חוקר ארצות גרמני)
روبرت هرمان شمبورك
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
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Cioranescu, Alexandre (1911-1999)
Humboldt, Alexander von (1769-1859))
Lanée (París)
Mendès (18..-18..?)
Raleigh, Walter Sir
Regnier et Dourdet (París)
Rivière, Peter (1934-...)
Schomburgk, Otto (1810-1857)
Schomburgk, Richard (1811-1891)
Asuntos dominicanos en archivos ingleses
Atlas to accompany the case presented on the part of Her Britannic Majesty to the arbitral tribunal between Great Britain and the United States of Venezuela constituted under the provisions of a treaty ratified at Washington on June 14th, 1897...
description of british guiana, geographical and statistical, A : exhibiting its resources and capabilities, together with the present and future condition and prospects of the colony
discovery of the large, rich and beautiful Empire of Guiana
discovery of the large, rich, and beautyful empire of Guiana, with a relation of the great and golden city of Manoa ... performed in the year 1595 by W. Ralegh, The
Ethnological researches in Santo Domingo.
Fishes of British Guiana
Further documents relating to the question of boundary between British Guiana and Venezuela, 1896:
Geographisch-statistische Beschreibung von British Guiana
Guiana travels of Robert Schomburgk 1835-1844
history of Barbados; comprising a geographical and statistical description of the island, a sketch of the historical events since the settlement, and an account of its geology and natural productions., The
Im Lande der Kariben. Reisen deutscher Forscher des 19. Jahrhunderts in Guayana. Alexander von Humboldt, Robert Schomburgk, Richard Schomburgk, Carl Ferdinand Appun.
Karte der Insel Haïti nach den offiziellen Karten Aufnahnen
Map of the settled districts of the Colony of British Guiana, comprising the Counties of Demerara, Essequibo and Berbice, Shewing the Line of Railway on the East Coast of Demerara, and the projected lines on the West and Arabian Coasts
Mapa de la isla de Santo Domingo segun las autenticissimas autoridades, y las numerosas observaciones hechas
Natural history of the fishes of Guiana
Plant lists of R.H. Schomburgk : plant lists of the collections of the first trip to Guiana, 1835-1839, typed from the manuscript lists at Kew.
Question de la frontière entre la Guyane Britannique et le Brésil. Mémoire présenté par le gouvernement de Sa Majesté britannique.
Reisen in Britisch-Guiana in den Jahren 1840-1844
Robert Hermann Schomburgk's Reisen in Guiana und am Orinoko während der Jahre 1835-1839 Nach seinen Berichten und Mittheilungen an die Geographische Gesellschaft in London
Robert Hermann Schomburgks Reisen in Guiana und am Orinoko während der Jahre 1835 - 1839 nach seinen Berichten und Mittheilungen an die Geographische Gesellschaft in London
Sir Robert H. Schomburgk, notas críticas a su obra etnológica en Santo Domingo, 1985.
Sketch Map of British Guiana
topographical map of the island of Barbados based upon Mayo's original survey in 1721, and corrected to the year 1846, A
Travels of His Royal Highness Prince Adalbert of Prussia, in the south of Europe and in Brazil, with a voyage up the Amazon and the Xingú.
Twelve views in the interior of Guiana. -
Versuch einer Fauna und Flora von Britisch-Guiana