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Bayley, Thomas Haynes
Bayly, Nathaniel Thomas Haynes,
Bayly, T. H.
Bayly, T. Haynes
Bayly, T. Haynes q
Bayly, Thomas
Bayly, Thomas Haynes,
Bayly, Thos. Haynes
Bayly, Thos. Haynes q
Haynes Bayly, Nathaniel Thomas
Haynes Bayly, Thomas,
Q in the corner
T. H. Bayly
Thomas Haynes Bayly
Thomas Haynes Bayly (Brits schrijver (1797-1839))
Thomas Haynes Bayly (English poet, songwriter, dramatist, and writer)
d 1797-1839
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Related names: 
Adam, Andrew
Bishop, Henry R. (1786-1855)
Bishop, Henry Rowley (1786-1855)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Knight, Joseph Philip (1812-1887)
Lee, Alexander (1802-1851)
Sinclair, Mr
Stevenson, John (1761-1833)
Waylett, Harriet (1798-1851)
Waylett, Mrs fl. 18--
Whitaker, John (1776-1847)
Wrangham, Francis (1769-1842)
barrack-room, a musical burletta in 2 a...
barrack room, The : a comic drama in two acts
battle is fought, The
Boarding school
British legion", "The ; and, "The rifle brigade"
[Civil War envelope showing a soldier waving goodbye to people on a porch with message "Soldier's farewell" and verses from a song]
culprit., The
Dark eyed one, dark eyed one sung by Mr. Horn as Sarastro with the most enthusiastic approbation in the opera of the Magic flute
Divertimento for the piano-forte : Hark the convent bells are ringing : from Bayly's Mel.
Erin is my home sung by Mrs. Waylett
Fifty lyrical ballads.
Flowers of loveliness. -
Fly away, pretty moth! a ballad
French air
Gaily the troubadour touched his guitar an admired ballad
gentleman in difficulties: an entirely original farce, in one act., A
Grecian daugther, The : a ballad : sung with the most rapturous applause by Miss Shirrell at her northern concerts
I'd be a butterfly!
I'll hang my harp on a willow tree
I'll twine for thee, the fairest flowers
In happier hours, 183-?:
Je pars demain! il faut quitter Marie
Johnson's new universal cyclopedia, 1881, accessed online via Google Books, Mar. 11, 2015 :
Kate Leslie [a novel]
ladder of love, The : a musical drama in one act
Liberty for me : as sung by Mrs. Keeley in the popular operetta of Why don't she marry
Listen! dear Fanny.
Long, Long Ago in G major
Long, Long Ago (piano accompaniment)
Love of the butterflies.
Miniature lyrics.
missletoe bough, The
Mistletoe hung in the castle hall
Mr. Greenfinch : a farcical comedy in two acts
Musings and prosings:
Oh! ask me not to be your bride : a ballad
Oh leave me to my sorrow : a ballad
Oh merrily one morn I heart the pealing bells
Oh! no, we never mention her a ballad from Bayley's Melodies of various nations
old bachelor, The
On the hills I wander'd early
peasant's bride ballad, The
rose that all are praising, 183-?, The
Rough sketches of Bath : Epistles from Bath ; Parliamentary letters ; The dandies of the present ; The tribute of a friend ; Small talk ; Mournful recollections ; Erin ; Outlines of Edinburgh
She wore wreath of roses : a ballad as sung by Mrs. Wood
Shed not a tear
Sigh not for summer flowers
Soldier's legacy
Soldier's Tear, The
soldiers tear, a ballad. The poëtry by Thomas Haynes Bayly, esq.
Songs, ballads, and other poems
Songs to Rosa.
Spitalfields weaver a comic drama in one act
swiss cottage, The : or, Why don't she marry?
Tell me no more that hearts less warm ballad, sung with great applause by Mr. Braham
Tom Noddy's secret, a farce, in one act.
Toujours gai
turn to thee in time of need, I
vow I'll breathe to thee, The
We met! Ballad ... from the Songs of the boudoir : sung by Miss Paton, Miss H. Cawse & Miss Betts
We met 'twas in a crowd
Weeds of witchery. -
What shall be my theme
will be kind to you A ballad. The poetry & air form Haydn [Symphony No. 99.] by T. H. Bayly.., I
Ye Elders of Israel (Men)
You can't marry your grandmother
Contributed to or performed: 
Hymns (Music Only)
Suzuki Bass School, Volume 1
Suzuki Guitar School, Volume 2
Suzuki Piano School, Volume 1
Suzuki Piano School, Volumes 1 & 2
Suzuki Violin School, Volume 2