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Old Rough-and-Ready (pseudonym)
Taylor, Zacharie
Taylor, Zachary
Taylor, Zachary (Pres. U.S.)
Zacharias Taylor
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor (12ème président des Etats-Unis de 1849 à 1850 (1784-1850))
Zachary Taylor (12º presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America)
Zachary Taylor (American general and politician, 12th president of the United States (in office from 1849 to 1850))
Zachary Taylor (amerikai hadvezér, politikus, az Amerikai Egyesült Államok 12. elnöke (1849-1850))
Zachary Taylor (amerikansk politikar)
Zachary Taylor (amerikansk politiker)
Zachary Taylor (maika-12 a Presidente ti Estados Unidos iti Amerika)
Zachary Taylor (Pamuntuk ning USA, 1849-50)
Zachary Taylor (político estadounidense)
Zachary Taylor (politicus)
Zachary Taylor (prezydent USA)
Zachary Taylor (US-amerikanischer Politiker, 12. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten (1849–1850))
Zaharijs Teilors
Zakari Teýlor
Ζαχαρίας Τέιλορ (12ος πρόεδρος των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών Αμερικής)
Закари Тейлор
Закари Тейлър
Закари Тејлор
Закарі Тейлор
Закары Тэйлар
Захары Тэйлар
Тейлор, Закари
ზაქარი თეილორი
ზაქარი ტეილორი
זאכרי טיילור
זאקארי טיילאר
زاکری تیلور
زچاری ٹیلر
زكاري تايلور
زكريا تيلور
زکریا تیلور (سیاست‌مدار آمریکایی)
ޒަކަރީ ޓޭއިލޯރ
ዛከሪ ቴለር
ज़ैकरी टेलर
ज्याचरी टेलर
झकॅरी टेलर
জ্যাকারি টেইলার
சக்கரி தைலர்
സാഖറി ടെയ്‌ലർ
แซคารี เทย์เลอร์
ဇက်ခရီ တေလာ
재커리 테일러
ザカリー・テイラー (アメリカ合衆国の政治家)
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Printed Ephemera Collection (Library of Congress)
Scott, Winfield (1786-1866)
Trist, Nicholas Philip (1800-1874)
United States President (1849-1850 : Taylor) (see also from)
United States. Department of State
United States. President (1845-1849 : Polk)
United States. President (1849-1850 : Taylor)
United States. President (1850-1853 : Fillmore)
United States. War Department
Washington, George (1732-1799)
death of the righteous. -, The
devil turn'd casuist. -, The
diswassive from contention. -, A
Gen. Taylor and Gen. Rusk.
Messages of the President of the United States, with the correspondence, therewith communicated, between the Secretary of War and other officers of the government, on the subject of the Mexican War.
Obedience and submission. -
Old Rough and Ready speaks his mind; Zachary Taylor on the conduct of war, a letter to T. Butler, Matamoros, June 19, 1846.
Our army on the Rio Grande. Being a short account of the important events transpiring from the time of the removal of the "Army of occupation" from the Corpus Christi, to the surrender of Matamoros; with descriptions of the battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, the bombardment of Fort Brown, and the ceremonies of the surrender of Fort Brown, and the ceremonies of the surrender of Matamoros: with descriptions of the city, etc., etc.
Popery, superstition, ignorance ... -
Presidential inaugural speeches
Report from the secretary of war, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of the 14th instant, transmitting the official report of the action of the 25th December, 1837, with the Seminole Indians.
Surey impostor. -, The
true Whig sentiment, The : Gen. Taylor's two Al[l]ison letters.
United States. Congress House. Letter from the Mayor of Cincinnati, 1851:
vindication of a late pamphlet. -, The
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Zachary Taylor 1784-1850 [and] Millard Fillmore 1800-1874; chronology, documents, bibliographical aids.
Zachary Taylor papers